► ELC EVEN 90 & FV217 Badger Details Preview – World of Tanks 9.21 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of ELC EVEN 90, French Premium Light Tank. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Update Preview – FV217 Badger, New Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks AT 15 Gameplay.

Few days ago confirmed that FV215b 183 is going to be replaced by “The Badger”, FV217 Badger is going to replace our much loved Death Star!
If you have 183 in your garage already then do not worry, you are going to keep it as a “Special” vehicle, but if you don't… Then what are you waiting for? :O

I am also going to take my at WG's new, upcoming tier 8 premium French light tank “ELC EVEN 90”. This is going to be with that much-loved auto-loading system, that you all love so much, right? 😛
I have some pictures and first details about that ELC EVEN 90 and I am going to share them with you today. 🙂

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


  1. I just want my old AMX elc back

  2. The dpm is bad even for autoloader. Look at the B-C 12 t you wouldn’t say that it’s particularly great but that’s over 1.5k dpm that’s without anything to boost it

    Its funny the T71 DA dpm is 1,800. The 13 75 Dpm is 1,620. WG really just make this shite up as they go.

  3. They make the elc amx terrible and make the only good replacement premium ?

  4. LOL the ELC EVEN 90 looks like something from the star wars universe

  5. Lower plate looks like fv 215b

  6. This is freaking exciting for me! All I need to say is that I’m in a clan called E_L_C and also that I commented before watching the video?

  7. I don’t understand why they need to make the FV 183 inaccessible. Its historical, and is fine in game. I can understand the Fake heavy tank variant being removed, since its fake. But replacing tanks for the sake of replacing them is bad. They should just add the Badger to the end of the tree, then people can choose which one they grind first from the tortoise.

    • or they could make it accessible through the conqueror, since fv215b and 183 are conqueror variants in real life, and thus meaning the 183 is a heavy tank. Note that real name of the 183 is fv215b in real life and the fv215b we have in game is fantasy tank wg created, damn they messed up alot.

    • SenHai yeah I agree

    • Or they can be like the the console version where we have all the Op variations of all tanks including the infamous waffen E 100 (six shot version btw) and grille 15 at the end of the tech tree’s and nobody complained and only the smart shoot premium when they need to cause 80% of the players are to stupid to realize that you can change currency ?

  8. so no firepower (660) no pen (175) no ammo (45*220= 9900) no view range (380) no armor (15/10) just small tank and speed…
    do we get it …. NO

  9. Badger is going to get nerfed in less than a week armor wise

  10. ELC EVEN 90 looks like an awesome scout, but it probably won’t have much ammo…

  11. Badger, great hull armour, lower glacis made of cheese.

  12. elc 90 gun is trash. dpm and clip are terrible

  13. Good riddance fv183. Thing ruined tier X games since it was first introduced.

  14. So the ELC Even 90 is the tier 7 american scorpion with a closed turret and an auto loader? There has to be week spots on the badger or it will be impossible to kill on city maps without a derp or hesh beast on your team.

  15. Talk about overpowered. The not only is the frontal armor 355 mm, it’s sloped at a 45 degree angle. Combine the with the highest dpm in the game.. come on, some tank destroyers don’t have 350 mm of pen on their premium rounds. Wtf is wg smoking? That think is gonna ruin games on himmelsdorf

    • Spencer Meunier and all other city maps and open maps camping from the back, and pinning you down with constant barrages round after round and u can’t see him, and when you finally see him, ‘that one didn’t go through!’

  16. I like the victory girls!!!

  17. Looking at the early ELC Even stats and that got hit with the nerf bat like it was a baby seal.

  18. Keep up the good work brother-man!

  19. Omg cool I subed

  20. Doesn’t the elc even 90 look like a Wall-E but with a gun?

  21. How about the HD models Dez? Seeing the ST-1 makes me wonder a bit about it.

  22. So, they removed the T-50-2 and made it into a French tier 8 premie ~~ LOL GGWG

  23. SU-122-44 + xanax + food = badger

  24. When do you think the test server is opening?

  25. I hope it had double dislike button or such

  26. Yep 1300 DPM then 175 pen makes it 0 or 200 a minute most games

  27. So the amx 13 57 has a better clip dmg potential, faster reload times and almost same hp at lower tier than the elc even 90.

  28. The buff to the T95’s speed basically meant I never played my T110E3 anymore… the FV217 makes me question why I still own the T110E3

  29. WALL-ELC-90.

  30. RIP I don’t even have the Churchill GC. time to stop grinding I guess. not even going to try 800k xp in a month, may as well switch to IS4 grind before that is replaced

  31. Is the frenchi remote controled ? XD and remove 183 next Seat plz

  32. Is the frenchi remote controled ? XD and remove 183 next year plz

  33. That new ELC…WG stop smoking weed!

  34. WALL-E ?!

  35. They fucked the elc amx and now they are bringing another elc just to piss us off


  37. ELC EVEN 90 looks a bit like Wall-E

  38. Wargaming tried so hard and got so far ….
    But in the end, it doesn’t EVEN matter …

  39. Is that the ELC Even 90 tank? That looks like it came out of the Star War’s “the phantom menace” as a droid army tank……..dang! Gotta say that photo had me rolling in my seat………..

  40. *sees ELC EVEN 90*
    “E.T. is that you?”

  41. Finally, the LTG has a friend.

  42. Wargaming just add this French light into tech tree France needs more prems in tech tree

  43. Turn of the dynamic camera, that tank is moving weird.

  44. The 38.8% Camo can’t be correct… other T8 light tanks have between 15 and 18%.
    38,8% would just be insane… just imagine: With Camo Crew Skill + Paint + Vents + BiA you would get over 80% camouflage rating … ON THE MOVE!
    You could drive by the entire enemy team on an open field in less than 100m distance without being spotted.
    Half of that (19.4%) would be kind of realistic… just a little bit better, than the best T8 light tank at the moment with 18.35%.

  45. why does wg keep releasing super well armored tanks? people are just gonna shoot apcr at it anyways.

  46. Dez always hitting us up with the latest leaks!

  47. its like someone stepped on the turret.

  48. The DPS will fuck up the tank repair cost, also people will struggle to pick up the target ? due to its slow speed and eventually led them in low to mid order for damage done.

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