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Gameplay and . , Tier Premium . + Update News.

Time to take a little bit deeper look into upcoming tier 8 premium light tank – “ELC EVEN 90”. I made a little preview episode about this tank couple months ago, but now I can actually show you some gameplay action as well.
As my first battle, I was able to get such a good result in it, that I think it going to stay as my best for quite some time! 🙂
But let’s see what it has to offer… It is cute, but anything else?



  1. So, how many boxes did you check in my little survey? 😛
    Hope you enjoy today’s episode!

    • SHIP…Even I (!!!!) won’t buy this tank!!!!!!!!!

    • SergejK – Every time you shoot, the tank should jump 10m in the other direction…

      This thing look like WALL-E

    • i think wg is trying a little marketing switch here 🙂 …..it’s the second prem tk that isn’t OP from the start….it’s that marketing thing when you make a sh…y offer and then you improve it a little and the client thinks he negotiated for a better deal when ACTUALLY 😉 😛 you gave him what you wanted….no problem with thi on my behalf because i agree with the ideea of prem tks beeing a little underpowerd… ( THE BEST EXAMPLE IS MATILDA IV – tier V, the best model of prem tk with lower stats than same tier . maybe do a episode on it , pleeeeease 😀 )

    • oh…..how about a face off death star vs badger ….muhahahahahah >:D

    • thx good content as always i never miss a video from you Dez, keep up the good work

  2. What does this tank and a hippie girl have in common? They both can’t evennn…..haha

  3. What is it with WG releasing garbage premiums lately? The Vk. 168, the Loza, and now this little pile of garbage.

  4. WG isn’t havving good times with tier 8 premiums lately. First the Mauerbrecher then this.

  5. you can hug a lot of tanks that won’t be able to aim down in you

  6. The Frenchies that are inside this tenk, have had their legs removed just to fit inside nice and snug!

  7. As far as I now this none of the AMX Even tanks were supposed so have more than 2 crewmembers – due to lack of space

  8. I miss my old SPIC

  9. North Atlantic Terror Organization

    Op plz nerf

  10. I can understand why they are so conservative with the stats on this tank as it’s so extreme on the scale of camo and size it could easily end up broken, but from what I’ve seen it really feels like they’ve been a bit too conservative. But the real question is, how do they fit 3 crew memers into that thing?

  11. that tank looks like E.T. ? a little E.T. Tank

  12. Instead of this half-hearted autoloader with horrible gun handling, give this little alien tank a normal gun with better handling..

    At least if this thing gonna miss (quite possible its whole clip), it’d be easier to correct the shot with a non-autoloader gun..

  13. Stupid T-150 moron. “Let’s advance where my team mate won’t be able to provide any support any time soon.”

  14. Are people really complaining about a premium tank that is not crazy OP?

  15. Thanks to community reviewers like you Dez, they will take notice and buff. Just like T92LT

  16. I love the bush.

  17. The old SP 1C had the same autoloader with a 12 sec reload

  18. Holy shit Dez nice game!

  19. it looks like it fell off a cliff.Somewhere in the world there is a verry drunk person,who decided to put a half turret somewhere on a law mower for no fkn reason and then ppl complain it aint shooting straight.Meanwile on the other side of the story ,, ppl acualy making money whit that , Might aswell named the tank WALL.E and have a yellow camo standard and bam you would have had one awesome epic premium , but this is a joke right ?

  20. Great video Dez, and so we see why your channel is the best as you are the best, who else can make a mediocre , crappy tank look so good? So the power creep and OP premium days are over, now we get worst in class everything, not buying this garbage!!!

  21. The name makes sense to me.

    “I’ll be happy if I get even 90 damage done.”

  22. Needs better reload

  23. when does it come out?

  24. It’s better if they put this tank at tier 1

  25. isn’t this the same battle at the beginning.

  26. Holy shit that reload….

  27. This really needs to be a tier 7 😉

  28. Light tank great scout really fast gray camouflage. It won’t suppose to have a great gun cmn stop complaining about every single light tank that doesn’t have a great gun is a fkn light tank. I’m sure we all have been kill by a light tank when playing with a heavy or tank destroyer

  29. I shot one with 152mm derp SU-152 and watched all of it’s itty bitty parts blow away. It’s turret is still in orbit I believe.

  30. This thing is a tampon of an LT due to the worthless gun.

  31. The softstats on the Leo 1 are even worse lol

  32. I mean really…
    Introduce op tanks so everyone buys them, breaking the game balance and making it have a p2w flavour.
    Stop because you realiza what you are doing and sell normal premiums.
    Nobody buys them for the above reason.
    Realize the game is fucked beyond repair.
    Die in the Russian Winter.

  33. How does a tank the size of my mini cooper carry more 90mm shells than the 13 90 wg logic on point

  34. This thing is such garbage, I hope they rebalance it before its released. Give it good gun handling lower the clip reload OR drop it down to tier 6

  35. First i read “you Like shitting in a Bush?”

  36. this tank is good cause its EVEN


  37. if wall e was a tank

  38. They expect people to *buy* this? And use it?

    It’s so bad it might as well be a tier 8 gimmie tank like all those tier three garage slot donations.

  39. and now…. the next tier 8 light…. let the russian bias comance… t44lt will be good, who’s with me on this?

  40. Amx 1357f please this is a f…. Frans lt, realy most maps u dont cant play lt. Rol

  41. It is a fly tank made to spot and annoy other tanks

  42. Holy crap it’s tiny

  43. Sorry, but judging this tank by its firepower is like judging an SPG by its survivability.
    This thing is MADE for sneaky spotting and nothing else… 22% base camo is not “not bad”, it is extremely good… BY FAR the best of all T8 Light tanks (The best up until now was the BC-12t with 18%).

  44. Glad I got the 13 57 when it first went on sale – I’m not EVEN impressed with this one 😉

  45. This tank needs the gun handling of the Bc12t and at least 1600 DPM, but to ideally balance it both this tank and the Bc12t should get 2000 DPM base.

  46. So this thing will see Japanese heavies in even the best possible matchmaking and they can all nuke it from full hp? Gonna be fun running around in Stalincrap and Hitlersdorf 😀

  47. Why even waste money on it?

  48. Wait are you telling me that 3 ppl fit inside of that Tank?

  49. It was quite decent when it was the first supertest version.
    5 shots in autoloader, better accuracy, better aimtime.
    The only serious flaw was it had 2 crew members, one in the hull and one in the turret.
    Now it has nothing but camo. And where the hell did WG squeeze a gunner in this tank? LOL

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