► EXPERIMENT – How Much Credits In 1 Hour? – World of Tanks Premium Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Experiment, Premium Tank Marathon. World of Tanks Premium Tank Gameplay. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Let’s have a little experiment, what do you say guys? I would like see how many credits I am going to earn in 1 hour of hardcore credit wit tier 8 premium tanks. Non-stop action, pure grind for one hour straight! I have done something like this already actually, few years ago and back then I earned around 5,000 credits. Let’s see if I am able to beat that result or not! 🙂



  1. Almost 1 hour of me, this is MADNESS! 😛
    Anyways, enjoy your weekend awesome people, much love!

  2. wtf most games top tier and gr8 teams…..

  3. i don’t care if you go premium only wane see you make the 12hours tho ; )

  4. Nice, BUT, what will you say that I have nearly all battles for example Lowe with nearly 4-5 tier X some tier IX and flew VIII. Mostly 20-39% win chance. Make that credit with MM which is shit.

  5. Anyone who wants to get a world of tanks account? I have a referral code witch gives you a free T-127 premium light tank 7 days of premium and a free garage slot. If you are interested send me a message.

  6. That poor super P that asked you to follow him and you went the other way so he lost the 1v1 with the 112

  7. gg i hope take all premium tanks you had into your garage !!

  8. wtf why every match top tier

  9. if you have big balls try it without premium lol
    bet you would be lucky to make 100,000. you really have to focus and do massive damage to get anywhere

  10. I would like to see the 12 hour stream?

  11. … imagine how much if you turn on one of your personal reserves? Surprised you didn’t do that…

  12. Genetic Pyrotechnic

    u are stupid pay 2 win player, playing only Defender Scorp G and more fu tanks for losers. ..

  13. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    yes we wil se you stream !!! but only if you do feacererel..
    i think i call .. Dont know .. we wil see how you look like ?? plz and ps then you say x mas in defender you sound like qb !

  14. A whole Hour of content? Dez stop spoiling me! 😀

  15. How about add a reserve(20% more credits)?

  16. ГОТОВ

  17. run 50% credit booster and its like 1million 😛

  18. I made around 10 million with Lowe in about 8 hours

  19. In this episode of “Dez playz” – Watch a tier 8 clubbing mission, a T-44 that doesn’t know it’s time to leave his bush, a Yank and a Brit hold down Dez while a Tiger (P) and and AMX 1375 try to cornh….. a Chinese heavy and a Russian heavy struggle with gun depression over a speed bump, and more.

    Much enjoyed this video, would love to see more. Happy tanking and good luck with the 12hr stream, Dez.

  20. Great job! Have to say, however, that I think 12 hours is about 6 too many.

  21. I’d really like to see a 12 hour stream 🙂

  22. I challenge you to run the panther 8.8, 1 of the weakest t8 prems. dpm only thing it has mostly. curious to see how well you can do in it. looking forward to it

  23. I got some unusual credit reserves, 30x 3h of +100% credits, only used 6 of them so far, but I can get up to 3M credits in those 3 hours with fast games.
    First I take Cromwell B, wait for arty to load first ammo, then rush to their base, rarely end up alive more then 1 minute, but get enough assisted damage to be above 20k credits. Then I take M41 GF and do same.
    After those 2 get stuck in battles, I take Lowe and play to at least do 2k damage if possible, if I survive too long (more then 5 minutes), I push harder to suicide and take next tank…
    Yeah, it might ruin team play and stats, but with over 1M credits per hour, I call it “efficient credit grinding” 😉

  24. What equipment do you suggest for the tortoise?

  25. When you activate a credit boost you can get even more credits

  26. I made 800k profit in 6 games yesterday. Lol.

  27. What’s the mod that shows the WN8 and stuff in the notifications?

  28. it’s interesting to see you all community contributers get such a mm and rng.. man you shoud try play on my acc.. 10 games out of 12 played today woth t8 prem tank i’m in t X battle.. can’t pen a sh1t with my scorpion G.. can’t win a fckin game.. gg wargaming.. i’m a stupid fcking idiot that doesn’t pay a cent for a game so i will be a fckin bot for a life.. more i play without prem acc – more bad i become…

  29. Please talk about the elc and its destruction in this upcoming patch. Thanks Dez bruh!

  30. This was a goot video…:D

  31. What is this MM and can i have it? For real though how did you manage such lucky MM? Not just tier but you never got any mass shit teams.

  32. dez, if you don’t mind, can you or anyone that knows, what’s that mod with all those stats in the garage(recent battles, wn8, xp, credits, etc) called and where to find it?

  33. I watched it on 2x speed to really immerse myself in the sense of urgency

  34. MrSmithwayne Smith

    worst of the bunch was the WZ 111, horrible accuracy.

  35. Wot should make a Japanese tank called Type 21 Yo-Lo

  36. don’t have any tier 8 premium tanks ?????

  37. Gabriel Gronowski

    I was in that battle

  38. where can I get your mod that shows WN8 in notifications

  39. wish i had type59

  40. dez make a guide for every single premium t8 tank 😀

  41. Dez, when (not “if”) you stream, will it be on YouTube or on Twitch?

  42. why do you have a estonian flag on your type 59 pls answer i live in esto.ia

  43. Hey what mod does DezGamez use?

  44. nice playout, as always! Loved to see your type 59?

  45. difference with previously… The earlier episode you did 2k damage then went full yolo and garage asap. here you stay and win your fittest game (epic result btw)

  46. what was the mod by the way.

  47. MarcusHolmberg 03

    Yes pls stream 12 hours straight I’d love that!

  48. Where was the 1000 degree glowing knife?

  49. Stream would be super nice

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