► Face Off, Hate/Love, Patreon… WHAT’S UP? – World of Tanks Gameplay / Updates

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Source: DezGamez

World of Object 430 and T95 Gameplay Review. Update, News, Plans, Future.

In today's “What's Up?” episode let's talk about the future of my channel, old series ideas that are coming back and also problems with them… And, after days filled with thinking, I finally made my own page as well. Your support towards it in one of my episodes was simply mind-blowing and it gave me that final, much needed push to make it happen. Why exactly I did it? Everything is in today's video.

Thank you for your amazing support and please, stay awesome! 🙂

►Music used:
– Ehrling – You And Me
– Ehrling – Tease
– Ehrling – Mood
– Ehrling – Sommar
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  1. What I learned about myself today was… I can talk about different topics for HOURS! I actually had to delete around 30 minutes of me talking… Oh god. :S
    But, today’s episode was really big and important episode for me and I feel like I really need this “What’s Up?” series, to get a lot of things off my chest, thank you for listening. 🙂
    But you guys, please never change, let’s keep this show rolling with even better/higher quality than ever before!
    #muchlove #stayawesome #notificationsquad

    • Totally agree, eating chips whilst playing arty, vacuuming in TD, shat my pants funny! 🙂

    • SHIP….Great segment, keep it up, the aspect many do not know about is what you experience; lessons are out there and what happens internally, many do not yet know; before you get into bed with YT, folks need to know about.
      ++for your community contribution.
      In my impression, YT has gotten too big for their own pants; any chance they have now to hinder or ham-string someones source of income, I am sure they will do that! Face it, they are buying other companies, they made the move to separate themselves from individuals and have become Corporate…that means stepping on people.

      So, over the 7 years we’ve known each other, your segments never fail…NEVER!
      Continue the part that you enjoy.
      Broaden your impressions to expand your options. Historically, Patreon has been an option that people have hacked and compromised accounts. Ensure your account is set correctly.
      I know HF-15 did experience troubles and even to this day, I miss him; both of you brought me up.

      The truth is, you have a skill and talent and you have cut your teeth, you have grown and come of age.
      You already know my voice, you have my support and you have options to express for yourself.

      As for segments, where to pay attention, this tier, that tier, we want you to play this tank, that tank, blah blah.
      Your segments historically show the fun or tragedy of games on-line.
      You are missing out alot with the stupid nuances of YT without any real devotion of them to resolve what is misunderstood, misrepresented or lost options for revenue; you definitely earn it each week.

      Perhaps a stereotype segment about YT would be a good video!?…like a poke in the eye for old times sake?! LOL
      I could see you working collectively with Jingles on that one!

      As always,

    • Hey Dez, i know that I am watching your video later, but I started doing that cause of your youtube problem. I watch your vids with, at least, 24h late from your upload for you to receive your hard worked money!
      Hope it helps and I want to know, 24h is enough? maybe a little more?
      Ohhh… and your voice is awesome, dont change the way you speak or anything cause of youtube!

    • DezGamez how about the old bc 12t vs the new elc even for 15 vs 15

  2. DeHavilland Vampire

    Very happy to hear! Btw, in Faceoff, can’t you make a 30v30 Faceoff on Grand battles map? Might be fun.

  3. your the GOAT..dont change plz dez..that would’nd be you..and judging somebody on his accent is a form of discrimination in my country..maybe a voice reformer like lt lickme use the watcher or anonymus 😉 keep up the good work man..and enjoy

  4. Keep up the good work and your accent helps make you even more unique and in the YouTube world unique is a good thing!

  5. Hey dez in some videos I’ve seen captions set by the creator, I’m not certain but it might solve the problem with your accent

  6. I don’t care what they say dez, i think your English is pretty good, and understandable.

  7. Someone have him do a high caliber GC challenge. Or gore metal GC challenge.

  8. Hi Dez,

    one of the reasons why your videos get demonetized I guess could be your accent. Take a look at your “TACTICAL NUKE INBOUND! – World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay” video at 0m25s with auto subtitles on. Just look what filty words are picked up by the subtitle auto-generating algorithm.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best.

  9. Lol get flagged for shitty English?!

  10. Nice. Now I can support you by watching your video’s AND giving you money! Keep being you Dez!
    Also that’s kinda sad really that this shitty YouTube bot flags you because of your accent. The bot’s CLEARLY not working and YouTube should go back to using real people to double check the bot while it’s verifying videos.

    Lol that end. What can I say man. 5 years later and your better then ever and knowing people can see that? That’s made being one of your older subs happy that other people can see your talent today and what I saw all those years ago.

  11. Internet isn’t a safe space but since this is your channel you can do whatever you want lol

  12. Dez your english is better then mine do not change , great channel , great content ,

  13. This series should be named: Discourse with Dez

  14. You’re the only world of tanks youtuber I still watch. I watch even when I’m on a break from tanks. Glad you setup a patreon, just pledged. Keep being awesome.

  15. Frenchies support your work dez! You are the best

  16. *wg plzzzzzz show love to IS-4 line*

  17. Face reveal dez!!!

  18. Signed up to Patreon. I think you will need to tag your upcoming videos as available there so that you get the word out. Keep up the good work.

  19. No Dez, Don’t change your accent! Your voice is what initially drew me to your videos in the first place. My girlfriend isn’t even a gamer, but she loves when I watch your videos because she likes hearing your voice too. Keep up the great work, we Love you!!!

  20. Dez, as I guy living in Northern, Wi, USA, don’t put yourself down over your English or your accent. You speak better English, and more clearly, than half of the people I run into around town.

  21. At certain point in your WoT experience you don’t care about lower tiers any more, so top10 LT list was OK for me, unless I’m grinding a new line or farming credits with premiums I don’t play lower tiers these days anyway.

  22. I just bought the hellcat again I missed it next up the mighty duck

  23. There’s nothing I don’t like about your videos, or your accent.

  24. I dont know why somebody hates your voice.. i love it. Its one of the reasons i am watching you, bcs the style of your speech is just wonderful.

  25. Man don’t worry about what people are saying about your voice. It’s beautiful!
    Support from megaBOOMstick

  26. There are so many Youtubers i am watching that get screwed over by the demonetization. Youtube is retarded

  27. Try to deal 2.5k dmg aiming only with the arrow keys. Any tank is allowed

  28. If you DO talk about some random sht during gameplay, stop gameplay vid during that, we missed some action there ffs. Last few mins, how did the opponent TD die lol?

  29. The Legendary Sandwich

    I think you’ve got a sexy voice my guy 😉

  30. You are doing nothing wrong Dez – accent is loved. Content is great. You are the oracle of all things tank related but pls more tier 7 n 8 games

    My only concern is that we grinding players dont get real feedback on how a line is to grind through a line … before a tank gets removed while trying to save free xp from mid tier and up so we can avoid rolling out with stock – so painful to go through an improved Carnarvon fully loaded even if the mm favors you with no tier tens and a few premium rounds. All tech trees are long term goals but all are subject to the goal posts moving. Some players might feel like coughing up some cash while many others will see this is a warning and never pay or worse, never play again. …….. bit of feedback from the daily grinder 😛

    Lovinitall n tyvm for what you do

  31. Please dont change your voice or accent, I love it so much and its part of the reason I come to your videos. Its nice and relaxing 🙂 yes you have an accent but its really easy to understand :p youtube is silly

  32. Your accent is awesome! Please don’t take English lessons, we love the accent, especially when you are angry ? lol.

  33. your accent made me subscribe, goot goot. you def. got a supporter here.
    Edit: Done, supported DEZTRAIN choo choo muhfuckas

  34. TFW you may or may not be one of the lucky 95%

  35. Face reveal?

  36. I ain’t gonna lie, I don’t know you for long, but as long I watch you, I keep liking you more and more. Your accent is really enjoyable. And I know, that there are dumb people looking for every con to hate someone for. Like they would be perfect 😛 Keep it up, can’t really support you w/ money, but when I finally go to work (only two months of high school and finally can begin working ;w;), I may look at your patreon.

    Also, ever thought about face… r e v e a l? :3

  37. Hi from Czech Republic. English is not my national language, so have a little problem with some english speaking replays and youtubers generally. But your channel impressed me, beacause of your beautiful pronunciation. If anyone told you, that you have a bad english or pronunciation, its a lie. Thumbs up man, im really enjoing your videos. But its true, that you can do some lower tiers.
    Anyway.. Dez rulez!!!

    (btw. Czech Republic is that country, where the olympic snowboarder can win gold medal in olympic super-g alpine skiing 🙂

  38. Oooh you evil bar steward Dez! I had that 430 replay lined up for my video tomorrow – guess I’d better think again 😀

  39. Gotta say this video is amazing just cause of the zoom in at the start. I try doing editing things like that but I can’t be bothered dealing with sony vegas’ bs on the daily so props for you doing daily videos regardlyess of the program you use 😀

  40. Suggestion. Please add $1/month patron option, I think a greater percentage of your 158k subscribers will be able to contribute. Not suggesting your work is low standard, on the contrary trying to think of options for others to help you with limited income streams.

  41. Hey man, I just wanted to say I’ve always enjoyed your videos. You mentioned your accent and poor English several times in this video, but I seriously don’t see an issue with it. Yes, you have an accent, but it’s really not bad at all. Many native English speakers have much more difficult to understand accents. As for not always putting the words together correctly or pronouncing it quite right, you do much better than many. Keep on doing what you’re doing and forget the haters.

  42. love u dez 😀

  43. Dez dude! No english lessons pls, you are SUPER easy to understand, your english is better than many people who live here (I live in UK – South Yorkshire, only Yorkshire can understand Yorkshire 😉 and your accent is unique and AMAZING!!! You’re by far my fav WoT youtuber. Keep up good work mate. Ok I’m off to see your Patreon.

  44. are you looking for volunteers for face off? how about have you ever thought about having a clan? let me know.
    thanks for all the videos

  45. I always look for your reviews/rants/opinions first and foremost most entertaining …keep up the awesome work!

  46. What you really should do is start streaming on Twitch maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

  47. All the important links are in the Dez-Cription!
    I had to make this joke, because that’s what I heard when you talked about it at the end of the episode. Hahaha

  48. i just see this video and i can say that i enjoy your videos ant your first face off was my first video from you XD

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