► Faith in Community Restored… A little :P – World of Tanks Skorpion G Gameplay

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World of Skorpion G Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Skorpion G, Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer.

Today I am going to show you a little bit different episode… That is not going to be about my gameplay or about any other’s personal action in it… It is going to be about one special act, that 6 random people did together, which restored my faith in this community… a little bit!


  1. What is up, ladies and gentlemen… How is it going? 😛
    Forgot to say that. 😛

    • Very please to see this still happens I’ve asked in the past while playing never had the luck of anyone giving the kill up.
      I’ve noticed definitely in the last few weeks playing the chat has got far worse ( can’t we all just get along) what film was that from?

    • sup Dez you fkn champion!! love your work

    • Q: you said you spent 8 million credits on equipment??. Did you not get equipment before buying the tanks? I buy them in advance of getting the tanks. So I have about 56 tank gun rammer fitted and about 3 or 4 in my depot, same with bino’s, vents, camo and so on. (the most used stuff anyways) True I only have like 100 tanks not 250+ like you and a lot of my low tier stuff has no equipment fitted anymore, because I hardly play them.
      My credit grinds usually go 50% (up to 10 million to consumables) 25% to equipment, upgrades, camo, etc and 25% to buying new tanks…

    • DezGamez I also always give away the kill when I see a guy who has 5 kills. So you are not alone Dez 🙂

    • Comes from a press conference by Ronnie King, during the riots in LA

  2. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Nice and all but it baffles me why people care so much about getting a top gun other than getting more credits/xp from the kill. I could understand if it gave you some sort of reward, like completing a campaign mission but otherwise I have never cared about medals, although you do get bonds for them now. I’ve actually been offered the kill for a TG a few times but I always say if I get it I’ll earn it.

  3. What modpack you are using?

  4. Man i wish i was happy to get top guns. But 150+ top guns later i just dont care anymore :/ great to see the teamwork tho

  5. Best thing about this video is you actually participating in battle without masturbating in a bush in red line. Wish most TD players would play like u

  6. Bringbackallchat

  7. Well, this was SUPER rare. It reminds me my yesterday experience: driving my LTG I putted on carry pants and what looked like completely lost battle on Live Oaks, I managed to turn over with 7 kills, 3k dmg, rolling to claim the last one with big chat support of my team such as “go for Radlys” “let him have the Radlys” “let him have the 8th kill!” And of course split second before my shot reached the target my last living team mate, fcking arta denied my 8th kill. The same fcking arta which I managed to save 2 minutes ago and half of the team was asking him to let me have the well deserver 8th kill. This is more likely scenario of daily WoT.

  8. Happend to me too some times. But what is more awesome, I had 9 kills, and there were 4 of us left and a 100 hp tier 9 WT. I could take a shot from him, and my team mates started saying, let the Grille take it, (I was Grille:)) and all pushed the affirmative button. It was one of my best games ever. 10 Kills, 11k DMG.

  9. This video made my day! Thank you, Dez

  10. That would NEVER happen at SEA server.

  11. So much love at the end! If this is SEA….. Tortoise would be dead instead.

  12. Yea… yesterday I needed extra 100 dmg/assist for an LT15 mission, asked the team politely in chat to let me get one more shot at 2 remaining arties as I was on the other side of the map after successfull base defense.
    Guess what happened?
    The only tank left on the team beside me and spgs (is7) run straight into the nest and got those 2 arties before I made it there.
    A pathetic statpadder who only did 2k dmg for an entire game had to get those extra 2 shots to not look like a total scrub on the score board.

  13. The medals aren’t worth crap anyway, so let him get it, instead of making this such a huge deal in this comment section.
    The only one that is nice to have is the Kolobanovs and you can’t ask others to give it to you 😉

  14. Nice message to the community Dez✌️?

  15. Imo everyone has the right to ask for shit like this, but i don’t have to agree. Best part is when the one asking gets salty faced with “no”.

  16. still the SEXIEST voice on youtube

  17. *Nice to see people behaving like humans*

  18. you should have trapped the arty and gave a little tour around the map… (Lowe behind and both TDs on the side) coz you know, arty never leaves base, so they don’t know what lies beyond the piggy pens in the corner of the map 😉

  19. Medals are earned not given.

  20. Hi DG nice video and I’m happy to see 6 ppl including you to give up a kiln for team mate. When I ask that it happen very rare, yes Isn’t a rule but I see many ppl really don’t care to others and feel sad for that. Also I play today many battle with my premium TD including the Skorpion G to get a mission TD-8 if I’m correct need 4 time the total damage of your hit point. Well I was close but often ppl still my target lol. Always nice to see your reviews and news from wot. Thank you for your effort!
    Ittogami NA server

  21. good game, gentlemanly team mates

  22. A couple months ago, i was doing my jagdpzIV missions. I had to do 1000 dmg. I literally had 989 dmg done. 1 enemy left, our guys capping…why. I asked for the dmg in chat. Ignored. Cap 100%. Win. I was pretty disapointed… :/ I would love to be in this kind of teamwork situation you showed once.

  23. At least once a week I receive a message from a well wisher hoping I die of cancer/and or being a complete waste of space. Lovely huh?

  24. I really don’t care about kills. So much that i hate missions where you have to do X amount of kills, because i end the game and only then i realize that i did 0-1-2-3 kills. Glad to see such players still exist and hope to see more.

  25. Hey Dez, a lot of peeps have been saying they would love to see this as a series. Maybe shellshine and cannonbows? I dunno. Just happy clips or collections every so often.

  26. It does happen that you have players that are gracious, and will allow other players to get an achievement. Hell, I have done so as well.

  27. The way ppl get bent out of shape over a video game makes me laugh. They’ll tell players to “get gud”, lol, get good at real life I always say. I guess I’m old in my late 30’s. Relax it’s a game, fellows.

  28. Can you play the Supermarine Swift in World of Warplanes

  29. Ahh…there are a few nice people playing. Claus and Dez included!

  30. plays scorpion *get shot by m103* HE WAS ABLE TO PENETRATE ME!

  31. reminds from old days when it was asked constantly. 4 years ago thought this community cant get more salty, now public chats removed lol 😀

  32. And they waited that long for a slow tortoise.

  33. Lets get real, this happened to me ONCE in my 5 years of playing this PTW game. The rest of the times, either I got team killed or made fun of and blah blah blah bitching from my own team….oo well, you better keep this video Dez as this may not happen again!

  34. Always need a little luck. It never hurts!

  35. Thank you for this replay!… WOT players really need to stop being keyboard warriors…or Wargaming must remove chat and may limit Ping to 2. Just my opinion. Like you said ( Dez ) its toxic and frankly horrible, just horrible. I am not a very good player but i love the game and your channel.

  36. The wot problem isnt the community but the developers with their unbalanced “balance patch” .

  37. World of tanks is so toxic and i find it really werid seeing as most wot players are in their late 20s or older and yet its probably one of the most toxic communities in gaming.

  38. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  39. Your team effectively defends arty and that flank, more wins that way it seems. Good to see a group work together, multiple evidence of this here ; )

  40. Haha! That is why I disable chat in game. To get rid of the toxiciti you were referring to. Anyways big respect to the team and gg!

  41. “will be ur kill by 100 %” – there is still a clicker in ur team, remember that :p

  42. Anyone who asks to be allowed for any medal is not an ‘earned’ medal. They are the same type of people who have a trophy case FULL of trophies that they BOUGHT at flea markets and garage sales. They were NOT earned either.

  43. Nice Vid Dez as always but I especially love the theme. It feel much better to play when tankers are a bit more civilized.

  44. whats the name of the mod that shows which tanks had been spotted and which hadn’t?

  45. There’s always hope in humanity never give up. That’s how I got 10 pools medal 😀

  46. Hugoboss26 WoTBlitz

    That’s really good to see

  47. I always try to give the guy a top gun, even when I’m in arty and waiting for him to kill him. Sometimes, I’m not looking at tank count and will get his 6th skill, but I always message that person and say sorry. The response I get is always positive. Powerage13

  48. Wot to work on prohibite modes, because they spoil game..

  49. Spreading peace and love with killing machines ?? PATHETIC.

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