► Fighting Till The Last Breath! – World of Tanks T-44-100 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-44-100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T-44-100 Epic Battle. World of Tanks Tier 8 Russian Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays.


After more than a week, I believe it is time to show you some epic action as well, instead on new things from .1 update… Altho this is pretty and huge!
Today you are going to see how “UniqueNoob_” is trying to carry his to victory, with tier 8 Soviet/Russian premium medium tank “T-44-100”. He is fighting till his last breath, going to leave everything on battlfield.

►Played by: UniqueNoob_
Replay: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com//13381/uniquenoob_t44_100_30k_wn8_heartbreak



  1. Wow amazing player…If u consider that he is playing with 20-30fps that is just a good player mate 🙂

  2. and that is why you only ever carry one he round. for cap resets.

  3. good job buddy, sucks that you lost man

  4. Dez is my favorite

  5. This guy play same like me when im drunk.

  6. Miss your epickk World of Warships vids bro. 🙁

  7. heartbreaking

  8. he should’ve hit the tracks with one of the he shells, but I guess his heart was going to explode so he couldn’t think of anything (I have never seen 7k dmg in a tier 8 nedium)

  9. hahahhah to bre balkanac “jedi govna”

  10. 1 more reason for load load max 2 HE and premium food.

  11. Another epic replay…Thx Dez. You the man!!!

  12. That why, you dont need 5 HE. Never. Max 3. 🙂

  13. what a heartbreak 🙁 good game though

  14. ahhhhhhh 1 more shot i feel for him

  15. dammit now im nevver gonna get topgun on this tank XD highest dmg i got is 4,6k 🙁

  16. Hi Dez. Nice video, but can I suggest you switch the team lists to tank type instead of player name? I, for one, prefer it that way. Keep up the good work!

  17. good battle but he did not conserve ammo wisely

  18. Oh man, great replay. What a heartbreaker lol. 2 days ago I had a similar battle in the e25 – 9’kills, 4.5k dmg. Last guy killed me while we were both 1 shots and it seemingly came down to ping, I clicked to shoot but his shot registered before mine AND we lost the battle even tho I got my first Radley Walters. That was a heartbreaker just like this one

  19. “jedi govna” means eat shit lol

  20. Hahahahahahahha, the FCM said “Eat $h1t” in Serbian 😀

  21. Hey Dez, where are you from? I just can’t pinpoint your accent. It’s been driving me nutz! (got the drift huh?)

  22. Unfortunate ending. All he had to do is keep calm and shoot the tracks and ass (Most american tanks have really shitty rear armor that you can easily pen with HE) to have won this game.

  23. That fcm say on serbian when hi kill coromwell-jedi govna and that mean eat shit 8:12 minut XD

  24. He’s wasting a lot of APCR. And he miss too many………

  25. what is a great mod for world of tanks? I want something that shows your wn8 for each game, would be nice if it showed how many credits you will make also but not necessary. But wn8 of all players in a match in a necessity. right now I have xvm but it doesn’t have the wn8 per match counter

  26. I got a 35k wn8 in my elc on a loss

  27. Please 15 T57 heavy vs 15 T110E5 🙂

  28. That’s why I never run HE in a medium.

  29. Amazing battle. Thanks DezGamez

  30. Way too much autoaiming when it was not needed. Good positioning, good avareness, just lazy shooting 😉 If he aimed his earlier shots he wouldn’t be left only with HE at the end…and he should have kept his distance in the end too.

  31. Right in the feels Dez :*(

  32. Oh ffs … i hate heartbreaks

  33. sort of sad ending huh

  34. Wot Gameplay and replays

    Hahahah the guy who rammed cromwell tell him “jedi govna”
    That is like ur full of shit in english or something like that

  35. Epic!! No other words…

  36. I feel so sorry for this guy. and ibe more thing. ISU 152 top gun is BL 10 and obj 704 top gun is BL 10

  37. oh come on, this battle is impossible to watch. so many stupid mistakes, that it hurts.. shooting while not fully aimed, shooting while turning the tank.. and so much more

  38. INTENSE !!!!

  39. Good Game!
    But the end?

  40. What a F**king shame game!!!!!!!! Dang poet and don’t know it…..make it rhym every time!!! Loved the gameplay but like you said he threw away to many shots. I see so many video’s where the player doesn’t let the crosshairs settle. Great video my friend, thank you!! Take care, flea

  41. KnightsOfTheWicked-minecraft and world of tanks

    W8 stay doesn’t matter. Quickybaby proved that already :3

  42. LMAO! Nothing Unique about him, he’s just a noob!

  43. sooooo close. But we all know he could have done it with 1 more she’ll like you said.

  44. FACE REVEAL AT 150k subs!!

  45. Anyone know how to increase font size in WoT? I had a bigger font size yesterday but my game crashed and it started itself up again and the font size was alot smaller and I don’t like the smaller font size. Please help, thanks!

  46. lol, what a game… gg t44

  47. A nice allrounder tank and a fantastic round. Shame about the end tho :/
    He really should have aimed his shots fully because that’s kinda what cost him this match.

  48. Who cares for WN8?

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