► Finally Buffed Tier 8 Premiums! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update

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of Tanks 9, T-34-3, 59-Patton, FV4202 Buff Review. of Tanks 9.20.1 Update – Tier 8 Premium Tank Buffs.

of Tanks 9.20.1 update brings us some more buffs to some older premium medium tanks, including 9! And once FV4202 is also in this list… They simply keep buffing in with almost every single patch! 😀 But most of those upgrades and boosts are quite healthy for all of them, so let’s see how to fit top the game now.



  1. The profile of T 34-3 is a joke with the machine gun pointing up in the air, not straight forwards like the rest..good luck hiding that 🙂 But it looks good after HD otherwise. What about the new T-71, single shot tank? not a lot of news regarding that from WG?

  2. gun depression change regards the depression over the back of the tank of the t-34-3

  3. IS-6 needs some pen buffs 😛

  4. Why do people hype this up as if it’s something people are looking for? They’re buffing average tanks to become good tanks, but they leave the bad tanks in the garbage…

  5. Now then, since there are so many so called OP premiums now in the game, you guys need to convince the WG/WOT staff to begin selling the Type again. There is no point in not selling it now since there are good tanks that can take care of the Type, they way it needs to be.

  6. I read the comments and read everything about tanks that have actual armor or close to something that resembles armor. The M4A1 Rev has none. Not a single stitch of armor. Tier 3’s can pen it. You get raped by HE. You can’t hull down and can’t get away very quick. Every other prem can at least hull down to a point.

  7. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    Buff superpershings super weak turret and plate!

  8. Is the fv4202 op now?

  9. I got a challenge idea for you Dez: play full-HE with the tank with the lowest HE pen above tier 5

  10. Type 59: 181 pen and facing tier 9s and Defenders all The time…FAIR!! Also a ****** ammo bay with 30+ shells.

  11. Quick buff the Type-59, I want 6+ of them in every game!!! Just like before!

  12. People who are complaining about the IS-6 have never played the Jagdtiger 88. It is truly abysmal, even with the most recent buffs… I can’t see the tank being competitive unless it got A LOT more DPM than it already has. (match it with the E-50 + 88mm) and its armor was also sad, like the Tiger 2’s.

  13. even after all these buffs the FV is still worse than the Swedish Centurion

  14. T32 is a complete shit now.

    Not even bother to play it in my garage.Having a 198mm penn when you have to fight Tier X tank is not fun.

  15. Razed In A New Division Of Agony

    Easily your best intro song yet!

  16. Just get rid of these strict 3/5/7, etc. templates. Give us back the random MM +2/-2 with a few balancing factor tweaks.

  17. Still no KV5 buff

  18. Kanonenjagdpanzer is still underpowered as fuck, Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager is still in the top 5 worst performing tanks in the game, IS-6 and 112/WZ-111 are crap, KV-5 still has a tier 6 gun, Lowe and T34 still have bottom of the barrel DPM and paper hull armor, VK 45.03 has worse DPM and armor than half of the equal tier mediums, Mutz was one of the best, now it is shit compared to most other tier 8 meds. WG need to fix the old premium tanks instead of introducing more power creep ones.

  19. Glad that the Type has a good gun handling buff, for a fast medium the way that the gun handled made it really difficult to use in it’s supposed role. Painful. I might start using mine again after this!

  20. Legends said that Maus with 10.000 engine power shall rule the world. Buff the Maus top speed to 200mile per hour. Like if u agree. Comment if you disagree.

  21. They must buff the TOG’s speed. It should do 80 kph. Why? Reasons … >_>;

    … Ok ok I just want to pull some drift turns with it. It would look funny as hell.

  22. how about t26e4

  23. Oh btw did anyone realise that you always low roll on fv4202 when you hit Russian Bias?? Wargaming little secret here…

  24. Really enjoy your channel good info and very entertaining
    keep it up 07

  25. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 has to wait the same 3s to aim… and it’s accuracy is far worse than other vehicles until the first 2.5 s

  26. Löwe is still a dead weight to any team. WG should buff it with 390 damage!

  27. Load the Skill rounds

    Finally t-34-3 in HD one of the most expensive mediums premiums about time. I think the pen is fine as you do not see tier 10

  28. E-100 – no point in driving it in pub matches with the buffs to other TX HT’s

  29. Still no IS-6 buff? So sad.

  30. Best way to buff T8 tanks? Stop putting them in T10 games every game!

  31. Give the FCM 50t some love

  32. God I need that type 59 :'(

  33. Any words abt the painfull to play ole T26E4 which is slower than the slower heavies. that tank needs a serius speed buff!

  34. Pz. 58 Mutz turret buff plz

  35. The WZ 111 with 175 pen needs a buff. There are tier 6 tanks with more pen.

  36. The t-34-3 buffs are nowhere near enough for me to consider playing it again. Especially with how OP the new age premiums are

  37. Wow but they didn’t buffed the suppershing engine or just give it so damn good ground resistances on all the terrain maby not all but some they got the gun buffed which is now workable with out using so many Prem shots but if they don’t buff it doesn’t matter superpershing will steal be a great tank 4me ???????????

  38. Type 59 buffs not enough, needs at least 20% increase to engine power.

  39. hah~WG has missed T-34-2 for many times~ XD

  40. Last 4 years just watching reviews not playing game such a nice feeling 🙂

  41. damn it….59-Patton…what about the KV-5, the IS-6, which are much older and need some penetration buff…they are buffing the same tanks over and over again

  42. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    T54 mod 1 could use* a penetration buff since it has to face tier 10s

  43. Guys, not just WG, but even you forget about someone. The Type 62. It never was an OP tank, but it was playable, but now its completely useless. Rediculous pen, slow projectiles, slow speed compared to the other lights and even tier 5 tanks can penetrate its turret front. Show her some love and give her some speedbuf and a decent gun pls.

  44. Where the fuck is IS 6? fuck WG

  45. Damn it Dez! I was drinking my Soda and your “Intro” played. Do you know how much cola burns when you choke/vomit from laughing?

  46. is6 needs love! if only a penetration buff so it can compete against new op premium heavy tanks

  47. They should’ve buffed the T-34-3 gun stats, the 175 pen is useless vs tier 8 and above.

  48. They need to buff Toldi!!!

  49. I actually like the Patton 59 the best. I mean that tumor on top is bad but everything else is really nice.

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