► For The DERP Nation! – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. Gameplay. Tanks. Live Gameplay Series.

My today’s live gameplay episode dedicated to The Derp Nation! Decided to clean up some of my derp cannons and let’s have some fun! Today also the first time I am playing with “new” tier 9 ”, it is going to be interesting!

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. Love the DERPs for pure fun, Dez could you play some of the low tier Derps ??

  2. Playing KV2 with anything but HE loaded? OH MY JIMMIES.

  3. I got my KV-2s gun to 19.8 sec reload on WOT blitz

  4. Frederick Burkert

    Dez’s voice reminds me of the ‘Derpinator’ movies. Asta la vista!

  5. SurpriseBatchesWOT

    Dez do you not have access to the sandbox server was surprised you haven’t posted anything on it, love the content as always?

  6. everyone say #FreeFoch

  7. “I’m going to play it super safe….. Conway is pointing his gun right at me… Ram kill!….” You are the best 🙂

  8. Christopher Stringer

    Hey dez what is best site to look at all tanks and stats

  9. we need some more Heshgasm action

  10. Hey anyone want to do a 5 man platoon? Ohh wait it’s pc I forgot

  11. I dont aim my Kv-2 shoots,because Stalin is leading them

  12. love watching the durp action

  13. Totemicleek MaseWero

    You thought I was going to say something about Foch didn’t you?

    You still thought I would did you? Fine (#FreeFoch)

  14. type 5 is king of derp now

  15. Your victory girls are over dressed.

  16. Embrace the derp. <3

  17. All Hail Derp…#FreeFoch

  18. Bismarck Der Teufel

    Derp is life!!! #FreeFoch

  19. Day after Dez was promote the 10 most credits makers and the T26E5/Patriot was the first place, WG put it on sale again l. Just weird.

  20. You should check my replay form your replay site where i on shotted O-I with KV-2, no really the biggest enemy 😀

  21. ever thought about taking subscriber submitted games where you critique their game play?

  22. how about playing all the derp guns, like Hetzer and the derp on the Cromwell and so on

  23. Here’s to the victory girls! If you’re ever having a bad day in WoT the KV-2 is always a great idea

  24. Johan Holmqvist

    have you tried the Cruiser II, 350dmg at tier III…
    Best Regards Digger007[GL0B]

  25. i got kamikaze yesterday playing with t28 prot. and i rammed batchat 25t ??

  26. why the hell are you saying #FreeFoch

  27. what does it supossed to mean

  28. Hey Dez, how do you get victory girls?

  29. Marien Passenier


  30. derp for days

  31. but the real derp, the P2W derp is missing – Type 5 Heavy

  32. su 100 y

  33. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    Playing Tier 8 heavy tank isn’t enjoyable anymore most games of mine are either tier 9 or 10 and filled with super heavies and to pen I have to use gold ammo or bounce for ever and maybe get a lucky shot in! It’s bullshit!

  34. Why no explosion effects in the video?

  35. Laurens van Kammen

    Where is the cruiser 2?

  36. the worst i’ve been in with the KV2 was that i was the only tier6, their team had 5 tier7s 10 tier8s, my team had 7 tier7s 7 tier8s.

    managed to do 5k dam tho, and got accused of hacking… on an xbox 360…

  37. im new in derping 🙂 and derping in kv2, sherman jumbo and OI 🙂 super diferent kind of game. and yes. its lot of fun 🙂
    lick o/

  38. More this videos!!!!

  39. tepasebastian20 x

    How can I get free camera mod?

  40. what about the Death star?

  41. That’s why I use binoculars on my kv2 lol

  42. Yea, derp 🙂

  43. Here is a new challenge for you: Get top dmg and top EXP in an SPG, but with no ammo loaded at start of game. 😉

  44. Conway hits you with an AP round for only 376???? Lucky

  45. I have to ask. Did you learn English from British or American sources because most of your cursing and invective is most definitely British?

  46. Dez how old are You?

  47. Grow up and act like an adult. I wouldn’t keep a foul mouthed angry little man that mother fucked my company for over a minute. Sorry but I have no sympathy for him. #dontbitethehandthatfeeds

  48. How is this DERP nation? There is only one KV-2… my clan did tank company battles with full DERP… the only reason there was an O-I was that one member did not have a KV-2 *SHAME*

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