► For Them Victory Girls! (L) – TD Special – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Let’s win some battle for them beautiful victory girls, they deserve it for being such an eye candies, right? 😛
I am going to be playing with those tanks that you wanted to see me playing with and I am quite happy over today’s votes. There are some tanks that you have not seen for a very long time, awesome!

Let’s go!

Stay awesome and enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. And here is my main episode today, as promised. 🙂 Few hours later than I wanted, but Sony Vegas decided to pull some tricks on me.
    Anyways, enjoy and of course… FOR THEM VICTORY GIRLS!
    Q: Where can I get that victory screen?
    A: “World of Tanks Sexy Battle Results” – Google it. 🙂

  2. Traumatic_ Success

    My favorite is the left grille dez <3

  3. In the udes game you could have easily killed the T54 light by going up to the lighthouse, just sayin’ 😉

  4. T57 lightweight. there’s a light tank I don’t want to mess with.

  5. I like the looks of the e 25. I need a German premium tank for crew training and money is the cockroach best choice?

  6. 2:22

    Did u say “WHAT???” or “QUACK???”


  7. Dude you should have climbed up top of the light house hill and shot down on him

  8. Sometimes Dez your situational awareness is awful 😛

  9. Hey Dez, I like you :3

  10. intro like big smokes oooooo

  11. anyone knows where can i get this victory girls mod?

  12. your map awarness is shit

  13. Avanded Thiên Phúc

    Hey Dez, I have a challenge for you! It’s called Arty shot gun yolo. After this is the rules:
    Play arty at tier 5+
    Deal at least 2k or 3k damage, Top by expience or damage. And no premium shells.
    Distance must be under 300m or 300m-, can use artillery view (if needed).
    And have fun Dez 😀

  14. 10:00 “M56 Scorpion G” 😀

  15. New Series or Event idea : Dez 1 vs 1 some of your viewers for X$ best 3 of 5 both using same tank ( at the buyer’s choice ) $ goes all to you or 50/50 with a real charity or all for a real charity !
    ( Had the idea after wondering how it would end , my E25 vs your’s ) 😛

  16. what mod is that for the girls on your report after a game? I’ve been trying to find it

  17. vote for ducks :d

  18. JagdPanzer IV and Ikv 65 Alt II is top TD on 6.tier for me 🙂

  19. T57 ligthweight … don’t give wargaming any ideas O.O

  20. gotta love them victories with this girly support ?

  21. like the bush action 😀

  22. just get tundra sniper mod

  23. I actually really like the M56 Scorpion. One of its greatest advantages is its high concealment rating. Naturally, playing on the SEA server, if I do get spotted, people will fire premium APCR at it, despite its 1mm armour.

  24. Dez at 10:01 you said M56 Scorpion G

  25. I wonder, do victory guys also exist for the girl tankers?

  26. 10:00 m56 Skorpion G lol….

  27. Nice battle bro! I luv the M56 Scorpion although I don’t have MoE xD. I want you to get Naydin’s Medal in that tank ^-^ I already got it so why can’t you? :]

  28. eveytime 14 sec ads…

  29. sebastianmagnus

    your mistake in the scorpion play, was lack of map awareness and aiming

  30. evryone vote for m4a1 rev

  31. Rastislav Gafrik

    wat mod pack do you use looks nice

  32. e25 spoils the game.

  33. a tousand is the right way to say it 😉

  34. no FT AC, disliek

  35. The hull armour on Scorpion is just OP :p

  36. Is it a mod?

  37. Andrei Niculaita

    what is that pro mod thing in the top left corner?

  38. It’s weird how the tank icons are glitched.

  39. Love your videos keep it up man

  40. You are doing very high quality videos…. Thanks for that!

  41. lol dat troll vote..

  42. DezGamez, there is other ways to get to lighthouse on cliff map, not only the 2 roads…

  43. i want to vote next tank for you, but you dont have France TD – S35CA its super TD i V tier battle. Enjoy 🙂

  44. t57light.. almost got a kolobanov 😉

  45. well this game is over but

  46. Which are you using

  47. word thanks yo

  48. flightmaster 10

    thumbnail for scientific research?

  49. 3,700 dpm on my SU-122-44

    E-25 aint got shit

  50. Really lacking in situational awareness in the end of that first game…

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