► FROM FRANCE, WITH PERFECTION! – World of Tanks French Tanks Edition

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Source: DezGamez

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Exactly 10 days ago it was really special day for all my US aka viewers, but today all about my French crowd! Today the 14th of July and France celebrating it’s National Day. In France, it formally called “la Fête nationale” (The National Celebration) and commonly and legally “le 14 juillet” (the fourteenth of July).
To make this day a little bit more special, I am going to play with French vehicles only… So, it is time to jump into action and let’s see what happens! 🙂



  1. I can speak le france ajjahahaha
    you need to speak more in french on your video i love it 🙂

  2. i’m french too, ty dez for the shout out to us french plebs 😛 love you <3

  3. Bonsoir DezGamez. Merci pour cette awesome vidéo ! Tu es mon WOT youtuber preferé <3. Tu es booo 😀 😉

  4. Of course you have French viewers/subscribers ! Tu es le meilleur YouTuber WOT 🙂 We all support you <3 (Btw this is really cool and funny to hear you talking some French ahah)

  5. 1972 Ere du stup

    Do not underestimate the power of the frenchside

  6. 1972 Ere du stup

    You’re truly awesome Dez, thanks for that shout out you’re giving us

  7. I never win 🙁 lol 😉 still love ur vid keep it up

  8. Teus Van Hoogevest

    Having the wedding of my cousin today now 3:35 just arrived at the hotel with da party bus and now i am going to watch this vid 😛

  9. probably one of your funniest!

  10. SchwarzenRegenGaming

    0:49 reported for nudity, i see a massive wang in your video! How dare you
    Not on my good Christian app


  12. Pour la France

  13. where are you from then?

  14. 1:52 is that quack farting?

  15. Gabriel Santa Cruz

    Dezgames can you please give me a scorpion g for me to have

  16. Dez, I was laughing my ass off at your French accent. I don’t speak French, but my wife does very well. Every time I try to speak it, she laughs at my accent as well. Yours reminded me of how I sound. LOL
    Glad to see you play CDC on the last battle. That Patton was too aggressive. He thought CDC was going to be an “easy kill.” He didn’t realize Dez was driving it, and totally fucked himself up. That was intense! GG 😉

  17. thanks for this video dez, all french fans support you and me as well 😉
    ( Beautiful accent)

  18. Merci dez ! On apprécie toujours autant tes vidéos ! Continues !!
    We love you, from France 😉

  19. I had my funny little Bastille Day occurrence in my Lorr 155 51 when I scored 1500 damage, 2,400 detracking, and 2,700 stunning, a Confederate medal and top place by xp in a tier 10 game. That team gelled like crazy, it was beautiful.

  20. I only know one word in French and its “croissant” and it tastes good!

  21. Fap Fap fap 🙂

  22. Je suis un etudiant americain, j’etudiais le francais pendant quatre annees, et je vais etudier en france pour une annee! Vive la France et bon quatorze juillet!

  23. Must be nice to drive tanks around that have 4 crew skills a piece and with a trained level of 121%. Man WG really knows how to milk players. If you want to do good you MUST have skills that high…buy buy buy…. nope not me it’s the wrong buy. For it’s bye bye bye WG and WoT!

  24. at the 52 second mark is it just me or does that look like a dick

  25. and its a french thanks dude ? +1

  26. Дима Горбунов

    е25 please

  27. DezGamez I hope that I will get my czech shirt aswell 😉

  28. While watching this episode i get great idea. They should make map For every nation. We need more maps so….. Just thinking

  29. BlackEagleGaming BlackEagleGaming

    Play with amx fosh b

  30. Viva la france! too bad you missed the swedish national day on the 6th of June, maybe next year! 🙂 Greetings from the north

  31. batchat 12t killsteals sheridan in the second battle as well!

  32. Tom's Game Replays

    Good stuff Dez good stuff,congratz to all the winners i was too late for competion,but i still enjoy my m4rev.alot which i won here 🙂

  33. Les Français valident ta vidéo ?

  34. Ahahah DezGamez…You translated la fete nationale on Google Translate….

  35. How is the mod called that u can see when youre spotted?

  36. French tanks are missińg something….

    I know! A button that allows you to deploy the white flag!

  37. Guillaume Lainey

    I’m French!

  38. 4th of july was my birthday not american indipendence

  39. For the pronuciation of “beau” or “idiot” you have to say ‘eau’ and ‘o’ like when you say 1- o- 4

  40. LopiSonic GAMΣR

    You want post this video the day of national day?

  41. im laughing so hard???

  42. cant wait for japan *kappa*

  43. Super d’avoir pensé aux français Dez !!! 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  44. Big UP fromage France vive la France !

  45. I’m from France ! and i lové you accent when you speak french :,)
    I really like your video, you are funny and interresting to whatch !
    Have a good day ( bonne journée)

  46. Fabriqué en France… Thanks for the vid

  47. this is like watching a video with commentary by Inspector Clouseau. “zis is not my minkey”

  48. Benjamin Coltish

    Did you do Australia Day video/can you do an Australia Day next year on 26 January?

  49. So the importend Question is, will you make a video for the next german national day(“Tag der deutschen Einheit”)?
    Nice video as always ;D

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