► From USA, With Everything! – World of Tanks USA Tier 10 Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Gameplay. . . World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Have a beautiful weekend everybody!
And to make it even better, let’s start off with some live gameplay action. Going to take out USA tier 10 tanks – , and .



  1. tokameltotem alpha


  2. I don’t play it all the time.. but that T110E5 is a hell of a tank!

  3. Estonia flag?

  4. hi Dez, why are you using always Estonian flag on the side of turret? Not
    problem to me because I love my homeland flag, just asking

  5. you like the X Patton?

  6. Great commentary and great show of how powerful the E5 is in town

  7. 1 dislike. Wow nice

  8. now you have to play other countries !
    (from UK! with everything !) etc etc

  9. T57 has weak turret armor doesn’t it?

  10. i want a tier 10 q.q my highest is a tier 7

  11. are u estonian u had a estonian flag in ur 2 tank what u used

  12. ?lol…”You Dick! Go down!”

  13. omg , arti missed!!!

    your curse has been broken.

  14. Giveaway or not. Still here for the amazing content! Happy new year Dez

  15. great job dez .

  16. what do you think about the new Swedish heavy tank line?

  17. Estonia flag spotted btw im half estonian

  18. we need a Raashhaa special now =D

  19. Dez should be more popular than quickybaby .. #Dez_Is_Da_Best .

  20. Jason Moreland (Digitalrecline)

    great replays

  21. with a minor eye surgery… I am not able to play WOT Orange even watch
    your videos… only hearing thrm is his enough :(

  22. u r bad

  23. Showing off your American Muscle eh Dez? I don’t blame ya.

  24. does keeping you tank moving increase the chances of a round to bounce?

  25. Nice to see some live replay again Dez!
    Allways enjoying watching your rollercoaster ride ::D

  26. what is about that SERB thing on KV2. I’m serbian, so tell me?

  27. Do this again with other nations? Please…

  28. 7:10 how do you have battle result in game?

  29. just need level 5 paint for my snowitzer, and three decorations for tier 10
    new year tree and tank.

  30. Do JP2 or Tiger 2 video?

  31. 777 likes, 7dislikes lol

  32. DezGames is from Estonia?

  33. You forgot to play with T110E4!!


  35. 4:01 Yay! Estonia ;)

  36. Challenge, get some sweet air off a new swede flatback on the enemy team…

  37. I love the helmet’s description.

  38. how is the m48a1 im going for it? and im not sure about it so far

  39. I actually hate T110E5 because it gets easily penetrated by gold spammers
    so I prefer IS7 it has kinda trolish armour and OP turret btw keep up the
    good work

  40. epic file of SerBs…

  41. Are you Estonia DEZ in Estonian and this would make my day if you are

  42. Tom's Game Replays

    Hi Dez how are you.Im still grinding towards E5 and T57 heavy now at T29
    and the T49 :)Nice video thank you enjoy the weekend and as allways good
    job Dez good job:)

  43. Dez, why aren’t you accepting friend requests? You make me cry evry tim.

  44. With your chill voice it’s quite satisfying to watch while having something
    to eat as well.

  45. what do you hink about the obj.140?

  46. DEZ!! You should make your very own mod pack. I think it would be a
    fantastic idea. Don’t you think??

  47. i’m trying to enjoy cant play cuz i’m in My granny I have shitty laptop
    with Me but don’t know how can I enjoy meaby I can if I try.

  48. What is so special about t110e5?

  49. When I get 4 useless lvl 5 decorations… Pretty much frustrating… Hope
    I’ll get a 5th one to merge them them into one lvl 6.. Or can we ? :(

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