► FULL HE LÖWE MADNESS! – World of Tanks Löwe Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Löwe, Tier German Premium Heavy Tank.

In today’s episode you are going to see yet another battle from of my favorite streamers I like to watch, “skill4ltu”! He accidentally went into the battle with tier 8 German premium heavy tank “Löwe”, while nothing BUT High-Explosive ammunition, check it out!



  1. Screw world peace, I want some pizza

    leopard tier 5 light tank (with autoloader) full HE

  2. I R Baboon!!

  3. i watched the stream. he had forgotten to change the loadout.

  4. I have a challenge for you, Dez. T29 with 76mm gun. Finish in the top 5 by damage and xp

  5. Löwe it’s a noob to play HE.

  6. do a m41 walker bulldog full he please

  7. Dez do JP E100 full he rounds. And be number 1 by damage done and number 1 with xp

  8. Challenge, go behind enemy lines to their spawn, and flank them and shoot them from behind, survive the game, top DMG and EXP

  9. DezGamez,did you played this round or someone played this round?

  10. Looks like he didn’t get the 9.18 update.

  11. Not DezGamez because he gets the 9.18 update.

  12. this video isn’t epic, this video is legendary

  13. If Heat ammo doesn’t pen you because of spaced armor or tracks it doesn’t show on hitlog.

  14. when shells penetrate spaced armor plates but dont hit the main tank hull, it doesnt count as a block or bounce but as a miss. unless it critically hits something, then it counts as absorb, which again doesnt count up to blocked dmg.

  15. AlexanderVonTroll

    No gold noob, no unicum guide, just pure durp!

  16. HE love !

  17. full HE skorpion G

  18. Any autoloader full HE

  19. i don’t understand why german tanks get engine dmg from the front… their engines were on the back like other vehicles…

  20. My hardest challenge:

    Full auto HE on Skoda T25 and deal 2k of dmg.

  21. Why do you feature this retarded shit? Now all the shitter pubbies that watch your videos are going to do this.

  22. panther full retard HE ahahhaha ?

  23. Maybe Jagdpanzer E 100 only He

  24. I do HE loadouts just for laughs sometimes with varying results. lol.
    Epic video!!

  25. Frederick Burkert

    This will encourage others to try a gimmicky loading:(

  26. Tier 10 patton with 105 derp gun, only HE! It would be epic

  27. tepasebastian20 x


  28. francis romasanta

    isu152…? full HE…?

  29. typical skill replay..full troll loadout, casually aces this tank. he once played the obj. 430 and said the tank was shit and casually did somewhat close to 8k dmg

  30. tortoise full he

  31. Itz Dirty J69 ! ! !

    no dez scorpion has the weakest armor mid tier in the game

  32. A link to the mode you use?

  33. here’s a challange for you: full HE amx ELC!

  34. TOG II full HE

  35. Because of inevitable death of AP and other types of ammo in arty, maybe make full AP arty episode?

  36. When you’re so cheap you won’t even shell out for the slightly more expensive AP rounds…

  37. This sounds like something circon would do

  38. HE – Ace tanker, are you kidding me

  39. I would love the see a Grille 15, 15 shells HE only. That or a HELC AMX game played aggressively.

  40. e25 he load xdxdxdxd

  41. Challenge: T49 only with HEAT ammo
    Be the top by DMG and EXP

  42. Thx Dez thx to you people think loading HE only is good 😉

  43. nice dez!

  44. World of Tanks Replays

    great game

  45. Dez, got a challenge for you, the idea given from this video.  Take a tank of your choosing and in a battle kill the entire crew of a enemy tank (fully disabling it with a dead crew) without destroying the tank it self.  Is it possible?  Great video.

  46. Been using HE since KV3
    Never looked back…


  48. use the 30.01 (P) with the 75mm using only HE and score 1000 dmg for ur next challenge xD it’ll be impossible bacicly

  49. well nobody noticed that on the top of the screen scorebord is 0:1 in first 10 sec of the game

  50. 5:35 *The Baboon king special*

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