► FV217 Badger – 4,800 DPM MONSTER! – World of Tanks FV217 Badger – 9.21 Update Test Server

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Source: DezGamez

FV217 Badger Gameplay Review, New Tier 10 Destroyer. World of Tanks Patch 9.21 Test Server Review.

Wohoo, ladies and gents… patch 9.21 test server is finally here, up and running, so I am here to bring you some gameplay and review action with new tanks. In this episode I am going to focus on the newest tier 10 destroyer “FV217 Badger”. This tank pushes Tortoise off from the best DPM in World of Tanks position. So let’s welcome our new DPM KING, with 4,800 potential Damage Per Minute!

In my next episode I am going to focus on the new french line, with tier 10 French heavy “AMX M4 mle. 54”!

But what do you think about this beast?


  1. Too much reliance on armor lately. The non-turreted TD line could have instead been given view range and hull traverse to make them more playable. Apart from not having a frontal weakspot, the badger seems like an interesting addition, though I still insist that all of these replacements have not actually solved any real problem.

  2. Badger is not exciting fv was something special something different

  3. Well, lower plate is sad.

  4. amazing intro

  5. That into ???

  6. God dammit Dez! Show us the French Heavies!!!

  7. 6 minutes of fire at best rof…enemy team might not last that long lol.

  8. So happy they remove the shetty fv for this

  9. begin of this video its epic, you fucking nail this, thats why i subscribe, , another awesome vid. from dezgamez

  10. Also plz give us the new amx line

  11. what will be the best arty to destroy this tank

  12. Too op. This game is messed up

  13. oh man.. like what i can say.. you are epic and awesome.. you music choice and presentation is always best love it… i got so much time for this.!

  14. I can’t wait for my badger!

  15. When IT Will be relised?

  16. ???Man that dpm is over broke. Impenable frontal hull 4800 dpm!!!!??? This td is super broken. Seriously WG wtf nerf it right now!!! ???

  17. I’m on my grind to fv183 aka deathstar but damn if I’m not gonna make it… Then grinding to this beast isn’t bad at all

  18. The notification squad says:Stronk tenk

  19. Dez you should do one of those line ups 15 Maus and one Badger and see how much and how fast the damage it can cause before it runs out of ammunition

  20. this intro made me laugh. thanks Man!

  21. seems I left this game in the right time

  22. 4500 dpm seems legit. Very well balanced. Well done WG 🙂

  23. OP has became the new normal ?

  24. FV217 Badger…Son of Tortoise and T95 what is on steroids.

  25. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain

    When patch 9.21 goes live.
    Cue up The Badger song.

  26. Superb intro!
    Damn. Not even a teeny-tiny weak-spot aka view port next to gun?
    Also WG is crossing 0.3 accuracy threshold lately to often .. combined with THAT DPM(!) boring and unfair games ahead
    At least it has slow reverse speed and tank traverse .. should be kill-able for LTs and MTs from close ( not like Chinese “Fake Tank” with great front armor and sick traverse at 43.8 deg/sec)
    P.S. To WG: weak-spot should be some small area that is penetrable without premium ammo – weak is important ingredient of “weak-spot”

  27. So, with the highest DPM possible, assuming you could pen and somehow miraculously get the highest roll every time with the standard AP rounds, you would be killing 2 Mauses a minute

  28. They take out a epic tank and replace it with a no interes/nothing diferent/ordinary tank.
    Can wait to see wats next 🙂

  29. How to farm damage like a boss ??? Buy FV217 Badger XD

  30. Nedoshius Žaidžia

    FV215 (183) Still Better !!!! I Miss FV215b (183) Good Bye :'(

  31. For some tanks like this one, they think the balancing factor is a bit slower speed, and for some tanks like st.emil its a lot slower speed, no armor, view range, dpm… Its like some tanks get only one small weakness and some get only one small strong point.

  32. One more super OP TD. Thats what the game needs. It is now officialy World of TDs, game of invisible yet super armored insane accuracy super dpm vehicles. DISGUSTING.

  33. Good job Dez, showing every way to boost the dpm of what you already know is NOT a balanced vehicle….
    yes, they might change things, but I don’t expect too much from that, from the experience we have with WG.
    lower plate should definitely be nerfed.

  34. That intro gave me goose bumps. You’re on the right track when ur triggering someone emotionally with you’re editing. Well done buddy. You have a great skill there, not just your beast mode.

  35. I played this on half speed for the first few minutes without knowing it… I assumed dez was making a joke about it being slow lol.

  36. you guys always become over critical of WG when they are introducing new tanks. have you ever taken in to account that manny people dont know how to play against these tanks yet and this is why you are felling that these tanks are over powered.

  37. OK, I’m not playing anything above tier 7 anymore. WG just want to make this game gold spamming fest.
    I am FTP player and I don’t use gold ammo and don’t want to play against tanks that don’t have weak spots.
    FU WG

  38. The fv217 badger…because playing tier 8s with unreliable 2k dpm is fair against super reliable 4.5k dpm. WIth this tank added playing tier 8s becomes so cancerous I seriously hope they’re considering the move to 1 tier spread mm already.

  39. What do you choose ? : Death Star or Badger ?

  40. I see.. Another tank that World Of Tanks created.. Well whatever Gooodjob DezGamez

  41. so it has better firepower than the strv in siege mode? and way better armor. just no mobility. and 250 mm lower plate armor? wow

  42. Hea ülevaade (Y)

  43. It’s bouncing gold, alleluhja, it’s bouncing gold…
    it’s balanced. Rear so weak. WG should release it like this, they ‘ll make a huge amount of money on gold wasted on this tank… 😉

  44. nice Intro DEZ….

  45. Broken shieet

  46. Looks quite stronk. Could need a nerf in traverse time and weaker lower plate armor so T8 can still penetrate its “weakpoint”! Only imo!

  47. Nerf this shit cancer tank and stop add armor on this fucking game

  48. did you remember the times where 0.3 dispersion on e-50m looked like nevermiss gun?

    few more patches and deathstar would have 0.15 dispersion 🙁

  49. this intro guys <3

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