► FV217 Badger First Details, 183’s Replacement – World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV217 Badger Preview, First Details – FV215b 183 Replaced. World of Tanks Patch .1+ Update News.

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Today I am back with some more exciting news about the upcoming replacement of the legendary Deathstar, FV215b 183. This vehicle finally has a name – “FV217 Badger”. In this episode I am going take my first look up the first specs, details of this new upcoming tier 10 British tank destroyer. Let’s welcome our new DPM God – FV217 Badger!

What do you think?


►Player: Kulinar_54_rus


  1. hmm bizarre replay, the only tier X in the game, slauthering mostly Tier VII Tanks it will never meet, really shows its potential.

  2. That T49 was motherfucking Jesus… holy shit he got so lucky so many times…

  3. StopAskingYoutube I'mNotChangingMyName

    this guy is cancerbad

  4. New OP tank? OK WG:)

  5. So if you have the death Star do you have to spend credits to get this or do you have to have a empty garage slot or do they give it to you?

  6. That T49 though…

    But yeah I like the sound of the Badger as long as they do the FV as special status tank like foch 155 and FV 215b as it is an OG wot vehicle.

  7. This guy is so bad at shooting mobile targets

  8. 420 dmg for shell is too low

  9. Says wt auf e100 (im coming….!)

  10. wg are horrible, just move everything a tier up from the AT5 onwards, put the Valiant at tier 5 and youre done

  11. Tyngchinchilla Chang


  12. Who was playing that tort!? The last several minutes were like watching a newb aiming and firing behind a moving target! Lol

  13. Just seems another tank that has little or no weak spots so you you need to spam gold 100%.. td is a massive credit sink nothing more and with so few maps and minimal firing lines its same old same old tanks facing off with each other or a massive overmatch nothing more.

    Also Dez a tier 7 game top tier replay..looks impressive.. NOT

  14. richard Van Den Bor

    I just LOVE that new intro!

  15. Its incredible how some players need to be hit 4x in a row to even notice that a Tortoise is unleashing its DPM on them.

  16. Does anyone knows if we are going to be able to keep the Death Star?

  17. Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger

    Mushroom Mushroom!

  18. hmm Tier 7 tanks in a Tier 10 game confused here? sure its not a Tier 9? just saying

  19. Maybe FV217 is going to eat our HP, but 183 is going to eat FV217’s crew members.

  20. bert van TWESER-G YouTube

    no fun play tier 8 now . so even les White this tier 10 tanks . make f -1 +1 mm

  21. This replacement sucks. Atleast they should give it the 183 mm gun instead if it doesn’t have more armor like that.

  22. +DezGamez are u going to do some motovlogs with ur kawasaki?? 😀

  23. Has there been any word on getting those removed vehicles if you don’t already have them? Are they going to be rewards, Clan Wars specials, or if you don’t get them they are truly gone (cough Mutant cough).

  24. OP aiming skills in last minutes of match.

  25. this tank is sucked according to what u mentioned, wg should leave 183 alone, b4 they took away my WT E100 now my 183 wtf is going there?

  26. Holy shit, that accuracy! That reload!

  27. Well what can I say.
    Mobility and frontal armor seem to be ok, but penn and alfa are a disppointment.
    272 penn with regular and only 320 with premium? And just 420 to maybe 490 alfa?
    Compare it to the recent Chinese TD’s and see – the Chinese Tier VIII already has 271 to 340 penn – and with 560 alfa.
    The Chinese Tier X TD has 295 penn on regular rounds and 395 with prem! And 750 alfa.
    DPM is nice, but taking a third or even half of yr enemy health of in one shot is better.
    The upcoming buffs to the British turreted TD line are much more interesting.

  28. Wargaming and thier “New ideas” are the worst ideas you can imagine.

  29. That t49 is pissing me off


  31. Jezus that tank looked like the su122-44 and the tortoise had a baby

  32. Anyone else notice it was listed as a tier 9 on the side panel fighting tier 7s?

  33. Man I can’t for this tank. I love the fv 183, and I am lucky that I have it in my garage so I get to keep it. But I also can’t wait for this TD. Have you noticed there is no hatch on the top? I don’t know if I missed it or not but what is the gun traverse angle going to be like?

  34. if it’s like on the line of Tortoise, it should have a cupola as well…

  35. i won,t be able to grind 183 im at the tier 2 of it im never gonna make that and i can,t buy gold aswell.

  36. I have not checked, but is APDS new type of ammunition or is there some tanks already shooting it? I thought that APCR, HE, HEAT, HESH, and AP are only types… 😐

  37. Yep, just delete all the weakspots, and by the way nerf Germans some more… FUWG

  38. Make 15 jg pz e 100 vs fv 4005.I really want to know wich is better

  39. Alpha on the HESH rounds seems a way too low for 123mm gun no ?
    And if tank is so so slow you must have a better lower plate. That weak lower plate is not possible on slow tank like this.
    I have a very bad feeling about this tank. You will not want to push too far into the battle. That weak lower plate will mean poof you are gone very fast.

  40. No time to grind for the FV215b 183 now. And after the dismal grind for FV213, that Churchill and BP ffs, I’m not sure I would bother. So now no chance to own FV213b 183, instead get this ugly POS. WG is not improving with these updates…

  41. its one thing that they buff the shit out of the fv4005, the deathstar could be getting replaced.

    EDIT: did someone say can easily boost up to 4,300 dpm? count me in.

    I’m so done.
    If my deathstar gets replaced with a tank that can’t do that monstrous alpha damage and it wont satisfy me I’m going to have to farm the fv4005 techline.

    you know what I’m going to start farming the fv4005 tech-tree right now just in case.
    for fuck sake wargaming you made me go from my lovely WTF AUF E-100 to a grille from grille to a deathstar now from deathstar to a fv4005, kmsadladlakdada im done

  42. Well I have to admit that this vehicle makes way more sense than the 183. After the fast Alecto at tier 4 every folowing tank was slow, had good armor and a fast firing, high DPM gun.

  43. Badger, Badger, Bagder, Badger….MUSHROOM!

  44. Don’t have time to watch vid.. Im grinding to 183, does this mean I won’t be able to get it anymore once the patch comes out?

  45. Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger

  46. They’re fucking up by replacing all these cool tier 10 tanks I don’t understand what they’re doing

  47. Nooooo I’m not don with the deathstar

  48. Wait,APDS? Like Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot? WHAAAAATT?!?!!

  49. YESSSS give me this honey badger!!

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