► FV4005 Stage II, MOBILE HESHBARN – World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Stage II Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. Stage II, Tier British Tank Destroyer.

In today’s episode, I am going to show you kind of a Dejavu battle with “FV4005 Stage II”, aka “Shitbarn”, aka “Mobile Heshbarn”, aka many more things… Check out how “_Yves_Elaine_Austin_” is trying his hardest, to carry his team to victory, with some really amazing shots!

Player: _Yves_Elaine_Austin_



  1. Shit-barn cannon.

  2. hehe could try to go cap

  3. Tundra and Xray folks.

  4. gotta love pubbies

  5. He could’ve placed that last shot in the engine/tanks to at least cause a fire

  6. working my way up the conway trying to get this tank, should have taken the fv215b 183 line cause after patch 9.18 this tank sadly is gonna be bad, gonna be the worst tier 10. what happens after the reload time when u got no more round left if you can wait that long?

  7. Jonathan Krumsieg

    That was a terrible aimed shot at the end 🙁

  8. noooooooooooooo :/ 🙁

  9. Yeah man. Your intro’s are my fav. Not loud and obnoxious, cool tunes, cinematic… Well done.

  10. 1:36 “Gooooooot eeeeeeeeeem” LMAO

  11. If I had not have seen this replay myself…I would have yelled AIMBOT!!! LOL

  12. Dez go check out new mode Frontline in Sandbox

  13. dez pin me and youll get a 10k dmg battle whit t49

  14. i would have waited more for that shot, also the turrets of the maus line are very well armored. i would have shot at the back of his turret or at the side 90°. even tho spaced armor would have blocked some penetration i think it might be worked

  15. Epic gameplay as you said, good lead of the shots. I’m also on my way to this so called a shit barn, conway is a long grind…..

  16. that Gun is to op.. but good Gameplay

  17. This is how u know…. VK is OP

  18. Anyone knows what sever dezgamez is in? And what is his highest dmg game ever?

  19. this is worst tank ever in wot

  20. His last shot was his mistake-
    he shot at its turret–

  21. never suicide, its just a low act.

  22. After a result like this Would you a)keep playing or b) go to the garage for a joint or c) kick the cat go to the garage then keep playing?

  23. T-54 player really well.
    “I can’t pen him omg, therefore i will sit here and get shot twice instead of waitin for my teammate to force the other guy to turn his back to me”

  24. if he choce to shot only vk 2 shots her team probably win

  25. BorisTheBulletdodger J

    I don’t want to say that this shots was not great, well done man! But again I say what is difference from artillery, he was camping bush and wait for a short.

  26. CriticallyObnoxious

    You got HESH’d in the wrong neighbourhood.

  27. it needs 15 shells wargaming… at least 14 someone maybe
    wants to get a rosainis medal in that

  28. Erick RJ. Cross C.E.


  29. it srsly needs an ammo buff

  30. This guys shot’s seems to actually go where he aims, this never happens to me in my 183, fully aims, misses horribly.

  31. Perfect Imperfections


  32. if that T-54 just dont rush into the open area and try to sneak from the corner maybe they can win the battle 🙁

  33. He did well but ruined the last shot. He should shoot the side.

  34. Heartbrake

  35. Loved the Rich Piana reference 😀

  36. I just noticed, this is a fairly recent replay…ON THE ASIAN SERVER! The friendly Bat Chat (User00 some numbers idk) is a Korean player, and the Korean server was merged with the SEA server to create the Asia/Oceania server.

  37. I think he have the Tundra Mod. (second shot)

  38. HESH shells are perfect!

    Perfectly fucked up….

  39. he could’ve capped it out?

  40. Yves Saint Laurent with some godly shitbarn memes man…

  41. Why he took the last shot at the angled turret instead of the side armor I do not know

  42. If ads werent 5-6 of them, maybe i’d disable my adblock 🙁

  43. If I am that IS-3 player…

  44. Guys this guy has tundra mod…

  45. He should’ve went for the side-hull shot on the VK100.01 P as it would’ve penetrated and he would’ve won. 130mm <<< 170mm-ish at a steep angle. Still Gg though

  46. Still a suicidal scumbag

  47. Sad very sad brother. Great gameplay and commentary as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. that was so sad :'(
    T-54 was a shitbag

  49. Donkey T54 🙁

  50. Hey, in your comments you have messed up AP and HESH ammo order, first is AP second slot HESH.
    Su kommentaarid ja video ei klapi omavahel, sul on sassi aetud AP ja HESH ammo järjekord, esimene on AP , teine HESH.

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