► FV4202 – When It Was Tier 10 Beast! – World of Tanks Past #14

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FV4202, Tier 10 British Medium Tank Epic . World of Tanks Old Replays.

Today I am back with another World of Tanks: From The episode, and as promised in my previous video with Waffentrager Auf. E-100, I am going to show you “FV4202” in action… But when it was tier 10 British medium tank in the tree! Let's go back in time and let's see one of my older favorites in crazy action!

► Played by: Slon_of_War



  1. no hesh used -_-

  2. My fav t10 med. really liked it.

  3. Devill RedSpy TH

    AT2 tier5 TD tank pls

  4. You cannot drown yourself on this map… Believe me, I tried a few times LOL

  5. i just miss the global chat 🙁

  6. From the past: KV-1S

  7. T110E4 before armor nerf, T34 and T30 before moving to premiums/destroyers, FOCH 155 before nerf, when he was cleaning the flanks and maps.

  8. 2 year old game… we still have the same graphics!

  9. old T30

  10. Dez, the gun sounds back then sounded great on the higher tier vehicles. The new sounds sound all the same to me now . What do you think?

  11. does the advertisement have to be a horror movie cuz i hate those

  12. KV-1S AT TIER 6

  13. Mr. Canteatberries

    This isn’t a real 4202 replay. Because u gotta load hesh the whole time

  14. Slon of war means an Elephant of war in my language 😀

  15. TheUnoriginalGamer

    still love my tier 8 fv

  16. FV is in new update armor again X tier:)

  17. From the past.. Global chat?

  18. Whos here befor 1k likes

  19. 4202 hesh was op. It had mad dpm with hesh

  20. What about some replays from old LT?

  21. ComputingAxe Gaming

    Please use my favourite tank- the pancake of all pancakes; the E25 or use the dicker max because it’s amazing

  22. You should try and do T-50-2 replay

  23. If the fv4202 when it was moved to tier 8 didn’t lose any nfrontal armour
    You know im just saying 300 mm effective armour would be … just a little bit OP?
    So thats why it lost its frontal armour

  24. I’m missing this tank, I believe it was one of my 2nd tier10 medium. You didn’t mention those glorious HESH rounds 🙂

  25. The best was this gold hesh round… Over 200 pen He Shell.

  26. The thing that made the 4202 good was the fact that even if it was sorta slow… it could go 40kph EVERYWHERE, even up most hills. I miss this tank.

  27. T10 FV4202 was my fav. T10 back in the day. I had my highest win-rate in it for a T10, as well (58% from mostly solo play). I was super disappointed with the change to the Action X and I still think the Action X is worse than the old FV4202. I loved it’s auto-bounce hull and, while the turret was weak when on flat ground, any small hull-down angle advantage made the turret pretty good a bouncing and ricocheting, as well.

  28. I’m looking forward to the – hopefully – upcoming armor buffs on the FV4202P.
    I’ll actually play it again.

  29. Thanks Dez,
    Dragon ridge?

  30. Ammo capacity really is awesome on Cent 7/1 and AX, you can shoot whole game and still have enough ammo to clutch of needed.

  31. old times…

  32. * Sips tea * Actually Dez, the nominal hull armor is 121mm. You’re mistaking it with the turret that has 196mm.

  33. What about something like tier 10 T30, tier 9 T34 or IS-8?

  34. gursangeet chana

    In war thunder this tank can be penned on its front by a 122mm or a 100mm. It’s not even top tier.

  35. Play my Tier VIII premium version and although I don’t always get good results, the fact that it’s a tank that requires me to be on the top of my game always gives me more pleasure when it goes well.

  36. why does he have gunmarks?

  37. I love this tank in tier 10. Now they give us Centurion Action Shit.. Yeah more good stats on AX but not my play style..FV is the best for me

  38. My first tier 10 tank but definitely prefer the Cent AX, faster, slightly better gun handling, HEAT round and better turret.

  39. Chaffe on tier V and afukl. panther lol 😀

  40. AlaribonGames TV

    slon means elephant in serbian

  41. “Caravan”, lol

  42. Slon means elephant on Serbian 🙂 you are welcome 🙂

  43. the last time i played it was when the russian tech tree was added

  44. Pls some campania map action

  45. From the past: T-22 Medium

  46. Svetlin Koldamov

    What about the bt7art? This tank have around 35 hp/t ratio and have 51 kmh max speed

  47. When I see this good old game .. 🙁 When artys had a worthy shot dealing damage! 🙁 I cry everytime 🙁 Why did they remove artillery support from the game 🙁

  48. what about when the T56 was an arty and not a TD and the T18 was a TD and not an arty

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