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Source: DezGamez

G.W. E-100 Gameplay . , Tier 10 Artillery / SPG. / SPG Gameplay.

Do you have you tin foil hat ready? Because you are going to need it!
Take a look how “Askaloth” going to carry his team to victory, with his tier 10 “G. W. E-100” artillery from Germany.

This is not something you see every day. 😛

PS! Don’t hate the player, hate the game! 🙂

Player: Askaloth

Music from: https://player.epidemicsound.com/
Barbarians – Johannes Bornlöf



  1. Something different today, hehehe…
    PS! Don’t hate the player, hate the game! 😛 (If you want to hate something)

  2. 4 Games like this and your t25 P1 mission of today is done 😛

  3. I like how some people think this is a usual game in artillery, when it’s really one of those one in a million matches.

  4. just another reason to hate arty the way it is atm

  5. legendary comments Dez, Gratz!! you made my day!

  6. that t57 heavy has been spamming heat and failing vs the type 5 and the lowe. so bad.

  7. I love you Dez, but I can’t watch the sky-cancer ruin people games, no hard feelings I hope!!!

  8. that happens when stars line up ones in 10000000 years

  9. Dez always seems to have the best topics for videos and good editing, but he just sounds so dumb when commentating on games. oh well, still tricked me into watching the whole thing

  10. I wasn’t prepared for this boner…

  11. Gw-EBOLA 100%

  12. No wonder the player base is declining

  13. The only reason the player base I’d declining is because of more and more people playing arty

  14. If you got less than 3000 wn8 arty is too hard 4U.When you miss a shot you only do more dmg than a direct hit from a grille 15 gun! How ultra hardcore hard is it !?!?!

  15. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    when you want epic cutscenes at the beginning but its just a fucking clicker sitting at the end of the map…

  16. hello DezGamez. Can you Show me how you can change “Sniper mode” of SPG plz :(( I dont know how
    Thank you!

  17. I normally like your content but this was just bollocks. Please don’t encourage such a dreadful game mechanic that only ruins the game.

  18. Yo Dez, I just want to let you know that you are by far my favorite world of tanks content creator, and there are a lot of good ones. I can really tell that you put a lot of work into every one of your videos, and it makes a good show

  19. I come from a time… a time way back, when no one raged and bitched about arty, when Arty still had 2.5 second aim time and 0.4 accuracy. And people still didn’t rage. I remember hitting a T-62A for 1940 two minutes into the game, and even the guy driving said “nice shot dude”. The problem started when more and more players came to the game and well they all played arty, because… its the easiest class, no one can deny that, I myself played loads of Artillery because it was fairly easy compared to e.g. mediums. So you had games with 24 Arties, 12 each team, and thats where the rage started and Arty became more and more hated.
    Now I don’t say that Arty wasn’t very, if not to powerful back then, I don’t say that it isn’t broken now, and I certanly would be lying if I said I wouldn’t get pissed of if I get pinned down by Arty again and again and again, but theres always two sides. If you stand in the open field, well its your fault aswell. Magical, Magnetic Shots? Not exclusively an Arty-Thing, every tank gets them, but then everyone is just like “daaaaaaamn son, nice shot” if it happens to an Arty its “kurwa f*** noob, go die”….
    again, I dont say there is no problem with Arty, but consider what I’ve said, EVERY gun works with RNG, if yours wont behave we won’t see such games, no matter if you drive mediums, heavies or arties, sometimes you have pinpoint acciracy shooting out of a crooked lead pipe and sometimes the best laser cannons can’t hit a barn from the inside

  20. Spartan b312 noble

    that is a lot of rebalancing

  21. First game I played with arty after ~2 years was with this thing, had it unlocked for a while but never bothered to buy it…and in that game got, Ace tanker ~7K damaaz and Top gun…(always knew I was a master of arty ?)

  22. nothing special, I had games like this 3 or 4 times…

  23. nice video but it’s still disgusting

  24. only Dez can make a arty game entertaining.

  25. this hurts my eyes
    its sky cancer

  26. arty Tipicaly OP 🙂

  27. wow look at all these players who have never played arty in their life hating. I suggest you all try playing arty and see how rare it is for arty to land fully aimed shots on none moving targets. I bet if you watch this E-100’s 5 previous games and the subsequence 5 games after he would have probably only done 2K damage in each match. the average hit to miss ratio is about 1 hit per 4-5 shots fired I worked out from my own experience. but once a month WG turn on your accuracy for a single match allowing you to have an epic game. because of this I don’t record my matches, which is a pity as I got 9 kills in my Grille on Prokhorovka with a win after a 1 arty Vs 3 tanks. then I went back to doing the usual 600-1K battles.
    I don’t know how others feel but I’m looking forward to the arty nerf of halving its damage because they will be giving us better accuracy. I would sooner do splash damage with every shot than miss with a long reload. it will also stop the arty hate as it will be TD’s and Derp guns 1 shotting you instead (they do already, but its easier for you to hate arty).

  28. In battle I’m like “Anyone Have an umbrella?” When I see 4 arty

  29. Come on with the fucking artillery bullshit Dez, for fuck sakes! Now more no skill fucks are going to sit in corners the whole game, yet have a disproportionate outcome on the game.

  30. jan kristian mari Dia

    lol, i wish i had that “wola!” mod that instantly reloads arti 😛

  31. the t57 at the end was firering Heat in to the lover’s track.

  32. Wow this guy is op

  33. that moment when a t57 heavy bounces its entire magazine off a Lowe……since I am on the t55a arty15 mission, I wish I could get these kind of special tomato teammates(cant do damage but do stay alive)..i only get the normal kind who cant do any damage or stay alive

  34. when he do 2005 DMG u all want to hear the voice and expression of dezgame

  35. It was funny because the t57 heavy was firing Heat straight at the track

  36. TheProcrastinator

    SPG-cancer from the sky

  37. Arty did so much damage to the FV215b that the next tank he loads up and battles with will take damage from it.

  38. Once I killed IS-7 by single shot with my G.W. E-100 🙂

  39. Violin and piano should accompany every kill in the game, built in.

  40. Yes. Fair and Balanced gameplay for everyone.

    Arty needs a rework. Destroy the accuaracy and drop the damage to a quarter (or remove the ability to penetrate armor). Triple the splash radius and increase RoF, add in the crew-stun mechanic.

  41. Your arty videos are the best, you make them exciting and entertaining. Keep it up just don’t post to many of them :^)

  42. Whelp. I’m……just gonna go cut my eyes out now. This replay has robbed my will to live even with Dez’s awesome commentary on it.

  43. It’s so painful to watch…

    And clickers are still complaining that arty needs to be nerfed. FEw days ago I read on WOT forum that “shots above 800 dmg are rare” and “one-shots are simply miracles” :/

  44. Thumbs down. Good commentary but sry Dez, but I HATE arty. and I hate these new OP premium tanks. I unloaded a clip from my t10 tvp into the side of a defender yesterday and not one pen. he in turn hit me three times with over a crest snap shots. I seriously despise where this game has ended up. I refuse to watch any vid featuring any of these prems. I tried this one tho and it made me sick.

  45. Dude, good job with editing the replay. Made it way more interesting!

  46. an arty battle cant be an epic battle.

  47. Good thing arty will be changed drastically and these ridiculous alpha shots will go.

    Looked like a very active and hard battle………oh wait….

  48. This tank have freakin twice the accuracy of my GW Tiger! fully aimed shot’s often go at edges of aiming circle! almost 2 100% skill on all crew too.

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