► German Heavy Metal! – World of Tanks E-100 & E-75 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-75 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks German Heavy Tanks.

You haven’t see or any other German heavy tanks for quite some time now, on my channel at least, so today we are going to fix that mistake! 🙂
Here are and E-75, German Heavy Metal!



  1. We made it!
    Yet another Friday, so let’s kick this off with some German HEAVY METAL! 🙂
    #EnjoyYourWeekend #MuchLove

    • where did the victory girls go?!

    • hey dez games id like to know when is the exact date for fazing out 183?

    • DezGamez , I nicknamed the “victory girls”, the left one is Rikki, (short for Ricochet), on the right is Penny, (short for Penetration). Both have “skills and perks, Rikki can “bounce” many, many shots, from angles and positions that RNG couldn’t handle. Penny, well, she is “penetration expert”, she can rack your ammo causing High Explosive reaction ,from any range, even “blind shots” So DEZ, we love you, but we all miss our “Victory Girls ” ; )

    • Sleepy .Time he has divorced with them

    • DezGamez do you think it is any usefull to buy e100 when I have maus?

  2. Also could you please say “Jagdpanza E-One Hunza” more often. It’s my favorite.

  3. lol dez 2 days in a row
    fv4005 is now your rival
    what a bounce lolololol

  4. My compliments to the editor for their fine choice in German metal for the intro. Though next time I might suggest an well aged At The Gates, or Kreator selection. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, Destruction goes well with everything.

  5. When everyone is complaining about always bottom tier, Dez said he is not huge fan of being top tier.

  6. The Shitbarn part made me laugh my ass off.

  7. e100 can not compete with current tier 10s it’s weak now!What do you think dez?it needs armor buff!

  8. Just made an insane rush to E100 of 90k+xp during last weekend event of perma-x2. E75 is still a beast, although is weak vs new japanese mammoths and super high pen swedish td’s. I’m keeping it in my garage for crew training 🙂
    Have a nice day Dez!

  9. RAMMSTEIN, you did not disappoint ??

  10. E100 is way better than is7

  11. Love the pan flute….LOL

  12. Dez when you say “I did hit the gun”, you don’t need to say did, you say “damn I hit the bloody gun”

  13. I have 3 marks on e75 for me the best tank in the game ❤

  14. next tank ST-I 🙂 :3

  15. There is no point to play e100 this days. Heat shells shred it to pieces. Miserable german tanks.

  16. I wish the tier IX gun on the E 75 had higher pen, it is god damn fun to play with it! Low alpha but nice dpm and accuracy. If it had a higher pen, it is not even that bad tbh (225 pen), I’d definitively play with it!

  17. Way to bring the heavy metal Dez, thanks…

  18. That ammorack tho

  19. You’re English is really good but if you would like to improve it I would suggest reading a lot of English fiction. It helped me quite a lot 🙂

    • burger5082 true, English fictions would be good. I suggest starting with WG’s fair play policy on the eu server, one of the best works of fiction ever made.

  20. Lol guy from my clan invited Dez to friends haha

  21. You know I’ve been seeing more people of late running the 128mm on the E100. Must be trying to push out more DPM on that whole march of nations hoopla.

  22. It’s lovely to see that even you have games like that first one. Yesterday I had 5 on the row like that. Didn’t hit fully aimed shots or just critical hits.

  23. Love you m8 (no homo).
    Great vid to watch on a friday night, keep up the good work fam 10/10 as always.

  24. This tank is the t10 tank I’m aiming to get first. I’m a f2p player tho… so it’ll take awhile. Currently grinding Tiger 1

  25. I feel like the E-75 is better than the E-100 tier for tier

  26. Happy Friday Dez…..The only decision you need to make now, is bottle or glass 🙂

  27. Dez, please add this phrase to your episodes “get in the chopper” 😀

  28. my VK B is the only German heavy I still play

  29. gotta say as soon as i saw german heavy metal i was like well ok i guess im not sleeping for another half an hour lol

  30. dez pls do more of this intro they are just…..perfect and beautiful

  31. Excellent vid. Love your gameplay w/ sexy voice narrative, you are uniquely brilliant, STAY cheeky 😉

  32. i love your soft accent <3

  33. After you bounced the M40/M43 on the hull I had to go check on tankgg and yeah, the spot you hit is 108mm thick, at that angle it’s about 200-500mm of effective armor. I didn’t know the lower part of the hull of that arty was so thicc. You learn something new everyday!

  34. “couple of premium rounds”
    i bet you were joking.

  35. so besicaly, all germans heavy and td are penable in flat turret with prem rounds.

  36. whole FV4005 scene is hilarious! =D

  37. Dez, you should try do some sort of collab with Boris as he lives in Estonia. It’d be cool to see both of you in a vid.

  38. Well it’s rare that we don’t say Russian bias :p

  39. I think I want to see some Leopard 1 and leopard pta

  40. I hate it when my shots are absorbed by the gun

  41. Jacob Tan Jing Hong

    Feels bad that MM thought a Kranvagn could play the same role as an E100 in the second game

  42. Rammstein??

  43. that bounce on that arty huck r n g

  44. Anirban Chakrabarti

    Let’s say that the T-44-100 had his head full of shit

  45. I wonder how that m4a1 did 160 HE damage on you though

  46. I 3 marked E 100 WITHOUT FIRING HEAT ROUNDS on Xbox One! Just AP and HE!
    “Would the real E100 hero/player pls stand up, pls stand up… “

  47. Good that this arty prevented you from camping. Why the hell you didnt play as active as your tds rushing in your base?

  48. Hah and thats what the game is pay for premium time and premium tanks just so you can fire premium shels in the game.

  49. Premium ammo doesn’t make armour useless Dez, HE does, as that arty, Type 4 and Rev showed, high calibre HE is WAY worse than premium ammo. You can bounce premium ammo and it still needs some aiming, HE is just auto-aim do 500 damage to the thickest armour because why not? HE skill ammo.

  50. Jaaaa rrrrrrrramsteeiiin

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