► GoodBye BL-10 on ISU-152! – More Interesting Reworks! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Review – Tank Rework/Rebalancing, New Chinese Tank Destroyers, New 30 vs 30 Grand Battle Game Mode, and More. World of Tanks T-54 First Prototype Gameplay. World of Tanks T-44 Gameplay. World of Tanks ISU-152 Gameplay.

update test server is up and running and as promised, I am already there, to provide you some HOT content about all the new things that are going to be here with this update. We are getting a lot of reworks or rebalancing, new Chinese tank destroyer, new features and game mode and a lot more…

Today I am back with some more interesting reworks, because you really enjoyed my previous episode about AMX 30B, M48 Patton and IS-7.
This time I am going to focus on 8 Russian tanks – T-54 First Prototype, T-44 and ISU-152… really interesting and strong changes!

Stay tuned for more videos and information about World of Tanks Update 9.20!

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  1. Goooood evening. 🙂
    Later upload than usual, had a busy day… But wacca think about these changes?
    Goodbye BL-10 Boomstick on ISU-152… But it was a little bit too much for a tier 8 anyway, no? 🙂

  2. this is fuckin disgusting. how can you say its better?

  3. Why don’t WG just delete all other nation tech tree, so we could just all play USSR tank tree?

  4. StefannoTheConqueror

    They should buff the is4s’ upper plate

  5. I like the look of the new gun for the ISU-152 🙂 it seems like a longer version of the tier6 derp gun on the SU-152

  6. WG “rework/rebalance” model: buff armor + nerf penetration = more premium ammo use

  7. ok, so question: if you currently have between 176.500 and 192.500 xp on the ISU-152 when the patch hits what will happen? forced to use gold to get rid of it? turned into free xp for free?
    thanks for the video, i found it very educational

  8. Yup, this was needed…The precious premium tanks couldn’t handle it, so something had to be done. Oh and the Russian mediums also needed the buff, they were too bad before… OK, sarcasm off. WOT is a really good game as a concept, but not as it is implemented by WG – some other company must take the command.

  9. “I didn’t need those 10 hps anyway so take it and go.”

  10. LOL @ all the noobs whining about the BL-10, 260 pen is more than enough on tier 8, especially with that silly level of alpha damage. 286 was always too much, really they should have nerfed alpha as well, you’ll just have a to get a bit closer and hit more weakspots instead of camping in base.

  11. Not sure t-44 is worse per se, on par I reckon, gun handling/DPM etc. are almost the same so you are basically trading mobility for armour, T-54 protos armour is very very good now for a tier 8 medium.

  12. So when will I be able to get my money back for the kv5 i bought a few years ago when it was good or trade it for a new prem?

  13. people still play this shit?

  14. t54 mod 1 needed a pen buf. happy with all others buffs but pen buf its something i was waiting for a looong time;]

  15. Captain_Jack_Sparrow_69

    Isu has 1010 not 1210 hp

  16. take away the VK 28 01’s tier IV 105 derp gun, now this. F Y WG

  17. Player base: “We want more/better maps!”
    WG: “Ok, we will make 10 more OP premiums, over buff the super heavies, over nerf the ‘OP’ tanks and nerf tanks that don’t need nerfing!”
    Player base: *facepalm*

  18. Dez you know I stoped playing world of tank because I am free to play players and this game is now and going to be even more pay to win because of stupid bafs on tanks where Amnormal shell can’t pen the armor but gold can so now there is no more point for me paying me this game and like that world of tanks for me is boring for watching.Sorry for saying that but I love your videos but WOT is no more for me th completly destroyed the game because of there greedy pockets so bb…..

  19. I dont care about the isu but fuck wankgaming anyhow!

  20. I have ISU 152 and BL10, but not object 704. Does this mean i have to research BL 10 again if i get Object 704 after 9:20 goes live????? I used gold for last 18000xp on BL10. Do I get refund (not likely as we are talking about WG)

  21. Does WG think that it’s not “a new OP premium tank” if they just buff an existing premium tank to the point where it is OP?

  22. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    Yeah sure fucking ebolas buffing t54mod roof.still cant buf is3 roof armor. Stupidity.

  23. Wanna hear a joke. Type 5 270 weak spot armor. Type 4 240-250 armor. WEll thanks goodness that tier 7 and 8 tanks have 240-250 pen! Oh wait they don’t.

  24. they are fucking up the game

  25. Roflmao, all those YouTubers are too afraid to say when something is blatantly overpowered, including DezGamez. Instead, they say: “This tank is amazing”. And only when Wargaming themselves say it was too strong, they have the guts to say it was overpowered or way too strong. So incredibly annoying (WT auf E100 springs to mind. There were almost no YouTubers except for SirFoch perhaps, who said it was imbalanced. I vividly remember that.)

  26. Glad isu finally gets some nerf on that op troll gun.

  27. whats the point of the change of the BL-10 getting removed when we get the exact same gun just with a different skin and name but with less pen

  28. ISU-152 has now 1010 hp, not 1210 ?

  29. So glad I have the mod1. It was a money drain because of the pen and ammo capacity…hopefully will be a money maker now.

  30. also t44 penetration is getting buffed from 183 to 190 , its still not enough but its better than 183

  31. WoT is dead to me. >:(

  32. Know one plays the ISU-152 for the extra 26 pen. People play it for that awesome 750 alpha! Why wouldn’t you want to 2 or 3 shot every tank you come across?

  33. And where you leave my T-44-100?

  34. And what about buffing middle tier tanks 5,6,7,8 the only thing that WG is doing with this new rebalance is making even bigger the gap between mid tier and top tier

  35. Is it just me? but the ISU 152 had only 1010 hp. What does this mean for it’s HP pool? The pen nerf on the ISU doesn’t bother me much, as it is still insane DPM and alpha.

    Much love for tier 8 RU meds. I’m wary about the AMX 30 changes but I will be open to try them out.

  36. WOW what awesome info Dez and what a mouth full as well!!!!!! May God Bless you with 100k more subs!!! Thank you, flea

  37. Christopher Labedzski

    If the gun going to change or removed i will sell it,

  38. Btw, Lenin cat DOES NOT APPROVE of these changes. Russian bias must be maintained!

  39. Fu wg pay to win dumbasses

  40. The BL10 was a retarded gun on a tier 8 tank, but its so iconic now that im against removing it… WG is trying so hard to screw their game is insane.

  41. What a load of crap…taking away the BL-10 is yet another money grab…just shoot premium ammo until you have no more credits and have to buy credits to play WHAT A SHIT MOVE wargayming!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. They are trying so hard to break the game it’s not even funny. I’m getting closer and closer to uninstall

  43. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    I only spam APCR on the ISU-152 on PC anyways for lolz

  44. Nice to see the love in the 1st prot.. I might have to re-buy the T44 again! Liked it before but – faster aim time & 122mm might be nice, will have to see,. maybe.

  45. The ISU was my second tier 8 tank and my favorite… how dare they!

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