► Grille 15 – Crazy RNG, Deadly City Sniper! – World of Tanks Grille 15 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. 15, Tier 10 .

► Why You HESH to be mad?

What up everyone? Today I have one crazy battle with Grille 15, filled with RNG… Some of the moments in this battle are just unbelievable! So fasten your seat belt and take a look what “T_A_N_K_I_S_T_Toha” was able to do with his tier 10 German tank destroyer “Grille 15”!

Player: T_A_N_K_I_S_T_Toha



  1. Grilling season is on? I think it is! 🙂
    Check out this CRAZY RNG filled battle with Grille 15, some of those moments are just… Well, take a look! 🙂

  2. grille 15 the worst tanke ever i wanna back wt e100

  3. Takes grille 15 to city map. Call me Lee Harvey Oswald.

  4. n1 gg

  5. Alexander Agustine

    That Grille, 666 and 777 !

  6. Anton Anktonkovich

    Double trips?! 1488?!?!?!? WHAT ARE THESE RNG ROLLS!!!

  7. Love this TD. Got TD-15 (T55-A) yesterday with it

  8. He must have spacebar as the fire extinguisher key. But that was a awesome battle where RNG gave and took.

  9. Most Bullshit ending I’ve ever seen ……. 1hp !!!!!!!! RNG BS

  10. I think his game crashed, same thing happened to me twice since 9.19

  11. Lol my cat enjoyed watching this almost as much as me

  12. nem mondom meg barni

    1HP….? the reason i stopped playing wot

  13. I’m sorry for him really

  14. The_black_Frank_White

    He reacts too fast with the fired. ! Maybe playing with mod?!

  15. Legends say that, if you comment Dez 3 times he will reply…


    Hope this will work…

  16. Let’s the honest, why would you play the 183 over the Grille 15? Because of the premium ammo over the gun handling? Because of the somewhat usable turret armor versus the mobility? Lel, imo the 183 needs a little armor buff and better gun handling, albeit only a little aim time

  17. Hey dez! just got back from vacation, I’ll have to catch up on all the vids, this one is amazing! keep it up man, your commentary rocks!!

  18. that VK is in my opinion, a difficult heavy tank to run. I’ve been grinding on that shot for a while, but when you get the armor angled right, it’s really satisfying. then a type 5 heavy shows me who’s boss.

  19. I was waiting for him to get blindshotted at the start :/

  20. Reminds me a bit to my Locust match… I done 1.350 DMG and wkth my last shell on a T-28 I rolled nearly as low as you are able to roll and he survived with 1HP too and also killed me… Damn RNG I hate it

  21. kv4 not 5. Fv4202 where’s the p. when is this from

  22. automatic fire extinguisher mod

  23. Today is my birthday and this was a good present, thanks

  24. Good Old KV4 at third place in enemy team, nice for a Tier VIII in a Tier X game.

  25. this was insane :)))

  26. What is the name of the pin up girl mod he is using for the post battle stats?

  27. what a nailbiter 😉

  28. Oğuzhan akova wanted


  29. Matthieu Antoine

    Yo dez any updates on the whenist the STG would arrive?

  30. Rusty Shackleford

    >German TD
    >1488 ammo rack
    Oh boy…

  31. Fu RNG just fu

  32. The RNG is stronk in this one LOL

    Wow what a game!
    I still hat this map 🙂

  33. Camp to win – 404 skill not found. If everyone played like him, it would be everyone watching the grass grow. NO respect for that playstyle whatsoever. Call back once you actually try to attack. I AM a skilled play with 33% light tank gameplay. This game is camp to win (especially with arty). If people don’t mind watching the grass grow – gg, was not close. Not worth my time.

  34. Btw Dez, he shot heat into that KV-4. Wake up man.

  35. He Hot enough luck this Match i think so Jesus he earned no pool im Glad of it

  36. 1488 roll kills a russian tank

    Illuminati gonfirm

  37. lol he use a mod for fire so quick no way

  38. KV-13

  39. nice illegal mod for extinguisher

  40. People here are complaining on his reaction time on manual extinguisher. What if he has a gaming mouse with buttons on it’s side?

  41. lol it seems to be a common occurrence getting ammoracked by grille 15, i myself have experienced that 2 times.

  42. Vaping Saves Lives

    Pool’s medal denied in T10 match by 1hp on tier 8 heavy…. that’s when I would be on the market for a new pc tower, new monitor, New keyboard to replace the one sticking out of the old monitor…

  43. yaya…of course…the guy is bloddy amaizing hacker…
    u cannot use that fire extinguisor so fast dude…just try it…it’s impossible to be stock ext. and use it so fast because u need some time ’till it actionate..

  44. Td players. Not much different from arty players in my book.

  45. this moment when you are happy about 10 kills in wot and you make 12 kills with 13 rounds in one battle and in the next battle 20 kills

  46. Hey DezGamez what crosshair mod are you using? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that or used it.

    I use KISS or J1mbo’s crosshair but I never seen that.

  47. He was living on borrowed time, so him losing the Pool’s was no big heartbreak. He should have been dead a long time ago. LOL

  48. Damn. Talk about some God level luck in this match. great watch as always Dez!

  49. Ilegal mod for auto fire extinguisher for sure.

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