► Grille 15 & JagdPanzer E-100, German Power! – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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This I have some German power for you, heavy hitters from Germany – Legendary JagdPanzer E-100 and Grille 15.
You are going to see a little bit more aggressive Grille 15’s battle and well, it is always enjoyable to watch JPZ E-100 in action, isn’t it? 🙂



  1. how many games are like this where no one is spotting that place :))

  2. I am from Croatia 😀

  3. now when I get this matchup in my tier8 ,I just go and drown myself

  4. i think this guy is from Croatia becouse Hrvoje is common name in Croatia

  5. Love the way you say “SIDESCRAPING BAUS” ??

  6. I don’t know that name and I am from Croatia ?!?!
    Can you please write guys name here ?

  7. Actually they both are the most miserable td’s to drive right now. I played shitpanzer e100 myself and after 80ish battles I rage sold it. Never ever gonna miss it nor buy it back. Now I’m happy with my G FT’s with asian girls in them.

  8. Im from Croatia too

  9. Love some JPE content 🙂

  10. The_black_Frank_White

    Moorhuhn 2018 with grille

  11. That was brutal…

  12. Baguette with cheese

    That’s why I’ve chosen the Jaegeroo line 🙂

  13. That second replay…hilarious!!

  14. It was funny, I actually decided to play both the grille and Jpz today, and then your video went out! Super fun.

  15. yes, he is from Croatia, I am also, and I love your vids, BUT you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad at pronouncing his name

  16. You almost got name perfect, not bad for first time 😉
    Keep going with videos, you’re awesome

  17. What I love about dez’s commentary is that I can make dinner but still understand what is good by on. You’re the best dez

  18. Grille 15 after the nerf is just cancerous… literally take a shot cant use mobility (reverse) to get out of harms way… retarded since obj 268 V4 is going faster to both directions and even accelarates faster than grille, could not keep up with it, idiot proof soviet badger like you said, the tank is so retarded like no other, drives to you like a shit head and rapes you without any second toughts.. back to grille, maybe pre buff grille back ? with these op shits like foch B and obj 268 and stuff no ? love your videos especially the beginnig, “welcome back to world of danks” :))

  19. Jg e100 id painfull to play. I struggle to keep above 3k average dmg wich is only in my jg e100. That tank simply has bad rng.

  20. Wow! That sound at the beginning chilled me so Hard. Thx Dez! 😀

  21. Teus Van Hoogevest

    We need the Face-off back!!

  22. NotYourAverageBelgian

    Quite honestly, I am disappointed with my Jageru. I wish they would buff the armor or gun stats, it either can’t hit anything or bounces all day long. I hate playing it because it’s unreliable. Super structure is trash with all these hyper penetration guns of all these new tanks. I’ve had S1’s pen it without needing gold, it used to be good, but in today’s meta it’s so underwhelming

    • NotYourAverageBelgian Yeah i think the same. It is very situational. If your team is good-u can do well. I have JPZ, i love to play with it but most of the time is pure frustration.

  23. Hrvoje gg , croatia ❤

  24. I wonder what that Type in the first battle pulled off. 6k Dmg less but more XP than Grille…

    • Der PdA Grilles actual damage is 10/2 k. So he got xp from 5k worth of damage.
      We don’t see type’s assist but with derp guns you should track alot.

  25. so hard to pronounce that H ?

  26. Armor of E3’s cupola is 350 mm.

  27. Jagerio striked again! 🙂

  28. Thanks for the awesome vid to watch while im sick dez

  29. raw power and elegance 🙂
    tnx dez i ljubi brat

  30. Love youre vids. Im also a quite expirienced player. I own my very own Jagdpanzer e100 the 420 heat pen are so awedome i once penetrated a IS 7 turret -‘y

  31. Fucking annoying when you get hit without sound, can really fuck you up.

  32. Christiaan Carstens

    That enemy team from that jageroo game. They had to be so high,not all of them. That or drunk.

  33. Did WG add 2 spots for Arty to drown themselves?!?

  34. im stupid i thought dez was playing that grille 15 gmae i wa slike damn dez gj lol. also dez i got something for RNGESUS…. i was in my m40m43 and i hit a enemy jagtiger full hp no fire no ammorack and set him on fire it was a pure 2100 hp roll

  35. HazMatt Container

    Lol to the Emil I calling out the JPZ in chat….

  36. Thanks Dez ,

  37. SuperB Dez ! Thanks!!

  38. A Dez vid a day keeps the russian bias away

  39. Srsly. The Grille’s reload time is annoying.

  40. anotherrandomtexan25

    Really dont like how they dumbed down fisherman’s bay but ig thats what we get with tomato farms! XD

  41. Actually, Dez, if you look closely the 110 was indeed blocking the OBJ.367 with his right track, and also notice as soon as the 110 backs off the OBJ.257’s corps slide down the hill indicating that the 110 was making contact with the OBJ.257 and blocking him.

  42. Cool episode, lovin the Jpz ? That position used by Grille in Fishermans bay is imo kinda op. The heavies on the other side have next to no chance to get to the City. Still great work, great episode, made my day?

  43. why is his aiming reticle so delayed

  44. CROATIA! Ty Dez. 🙂

  45. Yes it is Hrvoje is CRO name am from CRO xd

  46. JP Z1000 😉

  47. i wish i would get idiot like that when playing jageroo

  48. Marc-Aurèl Meier

    My Grille actually hit a shit. Thats why I sold it. An no, I am not a bad player (2200-2600 recent wn8)

  49. In the next smallest WoT update that bush, Grille15 used at the begining is going to be removed :))

  50. Holy shit 1.3k likes and only 6 dislikes.

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