► HE-183 is MAD! – World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

183 Gameplay . Live Gameplay, World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

After a lot of requests from my viewers, from you guys, I decided to give it a go… I am going to take out my favorite in World of Tanks, “FV 215b 183” and I am going to load in HE (High Explosive) ammunition only. Oh boy, this was nasty! 🙂



  1. That tank is just full of RNG

  2. I think dez you have no big experience with derp guns why I think so?
    Because you was aiming at a side of tanks but not where is engine if then
    you would shot there you would have bigger chances to penetrate enemy and
    even set on fire

  3. dez ……. next time ………. More one shots plz ?

  4. u are playing so smart mate!

  5. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    i hav a realy good chalage for you: play IS-4 with the 122mm gunt that has
    175mm pen and be top one on the team by exp(or dmg, as you see fited)

  6. I had an idea for a challenge today:
    Challenge: ambidextrous
    Play a game of WoT (in whichever vehicle you like except SPG’s) while
    switching your mousehand and your keyboardhand around. Finish top on xp and
    damage done.
    Have fun and keep up the good work!!

  7. Wenn you hit a Rudy 5 times blind And kill it in your fv304

  8. dez, when are you streaming on Twitch? Tell me so I know when to come to
    watch you.

  9. Do you think this will work also with JPaz E-100? Can you make a video also
    for that?

  10. I hope that if they do nerf the damage of the 183 they at least increase
    the ammo capacity. I run out quite often.

  11. why dont play with low tier…..we are not all noobs paying for an acc, sry
    for that (noobs) but its true sxome guys think are pro but, dude, u pay 4
    it. xD make something for all players, not only premium, nice vids anyway
    😉 i learn but i want to learn more about tier 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 9 maybe.

  12. how does he get the damage to fly above and fade out above the health bar

  13. On PS4 you can only send a certain amount of the same message before you’re
    blocked for about 5 mins. Love ya vids Dez!! Went and bought that song “I
    remember U” cus you’ve played it a lot and I’ve grown to like it hahaha

  14. Hypocrite in a bush

    ap 183?

  15. 11:45 colonisation squad roll out. :)

  16. I’d really like to see a 183 replay using AP ammo

  17. you are from germany??

  18. And my new load out for fv 183 is…..

  19. You really should get some anti-spam mod to mute butthurt douche bags like
    the e5

  20. Did you see the T34 in second battle? 2 kills with 26 damage done! Must be
    some kind of record :)

  21. Ping yapan arkadaş türk…. -_-

  22. That T34 2 Kills 26 DAMAGE???? LOLOL

  23. satisfaction

  24. nice vid again, still want that fv but the grinding is annoying. whis there
    was another way.

  25. Dang. Can’t wait to get this beast for myself

  26. Love your voice brother.. Great video..

  27. How about the T110E3? Do you have one? I think you would be beast mode in

  28. Black hawk gameing

    omg i want that victory background w girls 😀 id get into so much **** ??

  29. lol I like it

  30. Tor-Henrik “Tigern” Rydningen

    Hey man. Awesome video as always. For next time you see a rage-clicker or
    spammer, just hold control and click their name in chat ?

  31. Always fun videos! love that it’s not the same ol same ol… Thank you DG!

  32. needs a look at this hashtag now lol

  33. How I realy hate those team players that die and start spam the mini map.

  34. Look at this!!!


  36. what kind of noise was that @ 6:28?

  37. when firing that much HE your going for the good old 3x caliber pen over
    match rolls, the rng can either destroy the enemy or you depending on how
    the game wants it.

  38. Imagine those side shots on E75 and T34 with HESH ammo :D

  39. are you estonian

  40. i wonderd are you estonian because you have estonian flag on every tank.

  41. cheaper than HESH, though we lose the Heshgasm.

  42. allahu akbar alalalalala!

    why not fv 4005? fv215 183 is so overrated.

  43. I noticed that when you play 183 you sound like you are high 🙂 I pretty
    much like it more than other times :D

  44. OK next up: AP 183, no kemping, go brawl with teammates like an autoloading
    heavy. It actually works very well since the alpha is similar to 3 rounds
    of 105mm/120mm but you get 310mm of pen that gets +5deg normalization.

  45. please don’t take this the wrong way ….. Caernarvon is pronounced
    can-are-van and not caravan.

  46. Type 5 heavy?

  47. @DezGames: I realy like to see your Crewskills, would be nice to see in one
    of your next FV183B Vids.

  48. RX79G GUNDAM Ground Type

    I should try HE 183 as well since HE is cheaper and profitable :)

  49. Dez, do u speak Spanish? From time to time I hear Spanish expressions in
    your videos like today: “Still nothing, still nada”.

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