► HE-50M – Full HE E-50M – World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. World Tanks E-50 Ausf M, Tier 10 German Medium Tank.

My good friend Skill4ltu is back on my channel, with yet another super and crazy battle. This time his chat voted for E-50M, with full HE ammunition load-out… What next, right? 😀



  1. I accidentally used full HE on IS using the 100mm gun but the result is quite impressive..

  2. 4 a.m. and im watching Dez <3

  3. another great video my dude, gonna be a fan 4 life.

  4. Dez, I would love if you give me a heart
    I <3 your videos, never stop

  5. i watch hentai

  6. guillem fuster adrover

    Skill is not only an exceptional player, he is actually pretty cool guy, almost enjoying every game, having fun, love to watch his streams when I have the chance

    • guillem fuster adrover Hearing he speaking English with his Russian accent is also funny :))

    • Thịnh Lê he’s lithuanian…

    • Unfortunately he tends to spam heat like there’s no tomorrow when three marking tanks but yea otherwise he is great to watch

    • @guillem fuster adrover He truly is. His calm and analytic approach to the game, even when RNGeus is not at his side, tough me a lot and helped me to not get pissed and actually start enjoying the game again. “Everything is fine, I´m feeling good”

  7. Boi, you are early! 5 o’clock in my hometown! But I will watch this episode because DezGamez:)

    Edit: That intro tho was cool as well :p

  8. Take derp t49 and go full heat

  9. I can’t do that with regular ammo D:

  10. Dez, I challenge you to do arty in td mode and do at least 2k

  11. He 50m new meta

  12. who suggested this??? E50M is already have awful dpm, why make it worse with non penetrating HE??? why!!!!

  13. can next vid be He-rpes???

  14. Man your introductions are so damn nice!!!keep it up my friend…:))

  15. Well, fuck… This video was supposed to go live in about 12h, but oh well…
    At least it gives you something to watch today, this early in the morning as well! 🙂
    #muchlove #staystrong

    • I wish I could get advanced equipment. I only been playing for about a month and finally got my tier 10 object 430. my fisrt tier 10 vehicle. but I noticed that everyones view range is better then mine and I have a decent crew. but I only managed to get about 200 bonds so how do I get more bonds I need 15,000 bonds for my equipment. I feel really saddened by this fact. please help me

    • Devvan Butler Grand battles help a lot. So does aiming for those shiny medals. Currently averaging about 8 bonds per game in my 13 90 just from shiny medals. Best of luck grinding out those bonds. 🙂

    • At the risk of being called a grouch, shouldnt this get a thumbs down in principle ? Just to get the message across that good sportsmanship is preferable to showboating, trolling, fan challenge etc ? Can unicums do what they like in pubs because “hey, i carry” ? How many failed attempts did this “amazing” outcome require ? How many unfavourable matchmaking fails are we not seeing ? A regular 9-5 worker with a spare moment between commitments sits down to have their evening potentirally fucked over by an attention seeker throwing matches cos they can’t pen when required ? Forget that damage done in this game. I wanna know how many losses this game took.

    • Hey Dez what’s the name of the song at the beginning?

    • Not as fun as watching it with skills reactions.

  16. Early upload? Awesome !

  17. do a T110HE3/4/5

  18. I can’t tell who’s more dezicated. You on getting him the viewers or him on those gun marks.

  19. I miss his baboonface above the chat 😛 also randoms are for trolling … you have alot of fun at cost at others fun … hmm no he is not even playing SPG’s

  20. I thought you were on holidays?

  21. Thanks for the vids, while on vacation.. Shows true dedication to your subscribers….

  22. Magnús Már Magnússon

    What? Is that the Icelandic flag on the side of the E50M turret?

  23. Full HE type 5 heavy please….

  24. Love all those people that called skill a noob in jingles video because he fired prem

    • Yeah, me too, it was so tempting to start arguing with them, but I somehow resisted to keep calm and silent. No point arguing with those envy ppl. 🙂

  25. AMX 50 B full HE loadout, maybe? Call it the AMX 50 Boom.

  26. Can’t put a like, no ramming action in E-50M

  27. skill4ltu has been featured 3x in a week

  28. You forget that this guy has three marked over 300 tanks

  29. Nice one, he is good so good it’s scary

  30. He 50m dpm?

  31. The secret? Skill is god of WOT

  32. I saw him play this live. He proves there are no bad tanks, just bad players.

  33. llosing tanks cause TOP tier in iddle is doing shit for team support….

    I hate dudes like this, doing his solo think and lettin the team be slaughtered in the process

    then show off for monster game, no this is terrible for all team mates

    • Rohit Maddali you completely missing the point. Do you sincerelly think this kind of play style is ammusing for the rest of his team? or helpful to the team mates?

    • Oh and he’s no muppet, he has over 90k games, a 64% WR and has 3 marked every single tank in the game. Probably one of if not the best players in WoT. Highly recommend you to checkout his twitch before you form negative opinions.

    • And I did not miss the point, “How many games sid he throw to get this one?think…..” is what you said, to which my reply was the abovementioned.

    • You’re just jelly that you don’t have the skills to pull this off

    • Also don’t forget it s a game: if i wanna join a match with HE, i can do it whenever i want, and you must shut up. The real issue with wot is the toxicity behind it, that let us forget it’s a fucking game. And i’m a toxic unicum here.

      Also, the player in this video is literally the best random player in all servers, having 3marked every single tank in the game, finishing now the last.

  34. new meta, HE only?

  35. Lel nice battle

  36. As soon as i saw the title i was like. Omfg dez…

  37. Skill really likes full HE loadouts…

  38. Thanks Dez. Still sick as fuck but I’m thankful for the laugh at least.


  39. Full HE T-29 with stock turret and 76mm gun 😀

  40. E50M is weak tho

  41. Yes, this guy is so chillest and I still can hear that ironic laugh still in my head 😀 Good luck with kitchen 😉

  42. wow. This was a pretty epic game. So fun to watch.

  43. Well, a good reason for me to use HESH in Tortoise.
    *looking at ammo cost*

  44. Ever a pleasure to see skill…

  45. Dez can you please put the music used in the dezzcription?

  46. I respect skill. Skill has a lot of skill. Hence, I respect Skill.


  47. everithing is ok bois 😉
    p.s. bought lorr 40t 😀 it is lot of fun 😉

  48. Full M3 Lee He 🙂

  49. With this kind of RNG luck, might as well play lotto.

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