► “Heavy Tank” E-50 Leading The Battle – World of Tanks E-50 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

E-50 Gameplay . Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Replays.

Once again, let’s kick-off this upcoming weekend with some sexy and aggressive action. Today I am going to show you good old tier 9 “E-50″… This replay shows exactly why I love my E-50 and E-50M… You can do stuff that you can not in other mediums.

►Played by: SneakySchaky
Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/10813/sneakyschaky_e50_heavy_tank_d



  1. why did the guy have 1 right beside his username at the start of the
    game??(in the tabular team spreadsheet)

  2. 0:24 WTF? the battle begin, the guys had already 1 kill. broken shit WG? or
    pure hax?

  3. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    sombody knows why i cant connect to common test??
    pls react

  4. that Emil II lol If I was playing with that Emil II then I would some how
    get better position and Use the richline there

  5. This tank needs a buff because?


  7. Dez do you know that common test is avabile?

  8. Will u continue your challanges series? :D

  9. E-50 IS WEAK!

  10. E-50 is weak.

  11. You know… German engeneering :D

  12. Dez should they buff su 122 44 accuracy???

  13. Yo,what do you think about the light tank shitfest?I think it’s a bad idea
    and the lights should have been left alone.

  14. I love when a top tier heavy tanks hides in the back of the map…. When on
    the enemy team!

  15. 6 rings of Fire on Sneaky Shacky barrel perfect !

  16. Aimbot and premium ammo
    Geeeeee.. Wonder why he had such a good game?!?. Lol

  17. I enjoy more 1 vs ?? … but this kind of videos are still enjoyable…
    chill video :)

  18. Hah! I got my E-50 today <3

  19. E50 is my fav Tonk :)

  20. Does someone else has problems with Public test?

  21. And it is receiving 8 degrees gun depression at the front buff in 9.17.1.
    My E50 will love it.

  22. Henrique Cardoso (_Shooterman_)

    ok, now i’m interested in the E50, should have grinded for it instead of
    t-54, that tank make me waste lots of credits

  23. Awesomeness video. Many thanks.

  24. Darren Adams-Beutel

    E-50 and E-50M getting a gun depression buff in 9.17.1 too! Even more of a

  25. top tier E50 So many hold spamed + chocolate….just pro play

  26. Muhd Bazil Hakim Bin Muhd Azli

    yep always help teammates

  27. I didn’t saw anywhere that e-50m will be hd, it only say e-50 on patch
    note. And I doubt it will make the tank any better.

  28. E-50 turret is pretty troll if it’s moving constantly cos that big
    gun-mantlet area is invincible. So if an E-50 is not stationary, every tank
    has a 50-50 chance of hitting the weak turret cheeks or the mantlet. ie.
    50% invincibility is pretty good. :)

  29. plizzzz dont do like this at home like emil II noob & useless..haha

  30. DPM is not the best… The DPM on my E50 is close to 2900 and I think thats

  31. People play this game like they live, those that help their team probably
    carry that into their real lives, those that don’t do the same. Its a game,
    its easy to sacrifice for your team and people still don’t, tells you alot
    about mankind, what a shame.

  32. Hey there, guys.
    Did WG nerfed arty accuracy lately?
    I haven’t played arty in a while and I started playing again a few days
    ago, but it’s ridiculously innacurate now. About 2 or 3 out of 10 shells
    goes where I FULLY aim, the rest not even near, and that’s not in one game
    only, it’s in about 30 games in several days.
    Or it’s only in GW Panther’s case? It’s the only arty I have, I know it’s
    not very accurate and I’m an average arty player (I really think I’m over
    the noob status with arty), but still… in the last game 2 out of 13
    shells went where I aimed, the rest landed miles away.

  33. bet that emil 2 got soooooo much hate for that

  34. welcome to Word Of Tanks.

  35. #DezGamez It’s better to live on your feet than die on your knees !

  36. no clicker game is the best match making.

  37. Emil probably used paid services to bot their way to that tier

  38. Dez please reply I know you can reply

  39. i wish wg can add map effects like snowstorms and sandstorms,rain and
    thunder or even put planes fighting in the sky ik its already in the game
    but its not really planes fighting its just them flying over head, and they
    can drop bombs but they dont do damage, like only throw a bunch of dirt in
    the air from the explosion.

  40. Sweet gamplay Dez!!! Ass kicking video as well my friend. Take care, flea

  41. dude KMT’s and Tank Killers attack to HE

  42. wooohoooo 999th like :)

  43. I dont like the look of the panther IIs schmalturm turret

  44. Yes stupid Emil II; no point being the only tank alive with full hp when
    all your teams are dead.

  45. Great playing by him! Way to much gold ammo tho :/

  46. Come on mate…. For so many players is world of campers….. Even in
    medium and light tanks

  47. Love seeing these videos of the E50 – makes the horribly boring grind of
    the panther2 a lot easier.

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