► HOLD THE DOOR, JagdTiger! – World of Tanks JagdTiger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks JagdTiger, Tier 9 Germany Tank Destroyer.

We all have had battles where you find yourself thinking: “Am I the only ally tank in this battle?”
Our hero today, “Hothy”, has the same question. He has to “HOLD THE DOOR” vs many really dangerous enemy tanks and he is doing that mainly alone!

Player: Hothy



  1. 135K subs and dez still talks to people in the comment section.
    Much respect for dez 07

  2. i would be reall pissed if i was the jag, missed what 5 shots on the Wt.Pz4

  3. No he said 360 lol and he even read it

  4. Good battle? Yes. But epic battle? Definitely NO. It starts with him camping the base as a Toptier, goes on with him having no clue where to aim and what ammunition/targets to shoot and ends with him loosing because of the mistakes he made earlier. In my opinion, there isn’t much skill involved in this battle, he just had luck with the enemy team and the MM.

  5. Valentin Kovachev

    Dez, why did you pick this gameplay for the video ? I mean… it wasn’t that interesting to watch, i bet not that interesting to comentate on too. So was there any other reason ? Maybe to point out the tracking (which i agree is a main point of aim when shooting at enemies.

  6. Dem unlucky shots at the WT.. that guy had a forcefield.

  7. I think he aimed at ammorack of T54 mod1

  8. So much tunnel vision this game…

  9. Once you get that last gun the Jagdtiger is a real beast 😀


  11. When i seen them leave the cap i though “Really, again this game when 1 guy hugs corner and all come 1 by 1”. Good to see that some players in the enemy team actually got brain and realized that come in front of JT in this place is just suicide and WP to the enemy WT… nice idea to load HE, what are the chance he pens JTs super structure under those angles even with APCR.
    How often you see ppl in heavily armored tanks survive with fraction of HP and bouncing shots left/right/center just cos no1 bothers to load HE with some higher caliber guns

  12. Yiğitcan Pıçakçıoğlu


  13. You don’t need that many APCR with the top gun in the JgTiger

  14. That waffenT was so fucking lucky, I think he consumed the entire provision of luck for both teams for a month. He wasn’t smart, he was actually kind of shit and only got to live because of stupid rng. In 999 battles out of 1,000, crossing field like that would get you killed, every single time, huge risk doesn’t even starts to cover it.

    Second mistake was to leave the corner on the right, after he killed the VK, he could have provided beautiful side shots through that gap in the ridge.

  15. Too soon Dez, too soon :'(

  16. Newmulti2k uploaded the same battle the same day as Dez 😀

  17. Located in the USA; I wake up, have my coffee and watch a fresh DesGamez WoT video. A Perfect morning!

  18. love the title hold the door

  19. I want a Ferdinand gameplay I have been hearing lately that its a really bad tank please tell me I didn’t waste my research points and I should have researched the Jpanther 3

  20. Please no Hodor Jokes…

  21. To be fair when you play those really slow heavy tier 9s they can very easily do 0 damage. They are so vulnerable becaus they aren’t quite as tough as the tier 10 super heavies but they are still as slow.

  22. retard on OP position nothing more

  23. 9:40 Dez knows how to rap!

  24. Sacreligious Sausage

    I feel Dez and Jingles are my favorite YouTubers. And I follow a lot of YouTubers. His humour and entertainment value never fail to keep me hooked in every video. Not had a boring vid by Dez yet, funniest had to be Arty Steriotypes… crying at the loud click, super high damage and he is all “Good job me… good job.” like he did something super hard ?? I can’t even find a video idea to suggest because everything he makes is fun to watch.

  25. Great intro, great videos

  26. Dislike. Summary a video; camping TD loses game after doing a lot of Nonrelevant damage.

  27. love your vids dez

  28. Oh man, heroes will never be forgotten. Dies with honour, valiance and courage. Good job man, made by day!

  29. EJ Wilkins Honorico

    Dez I am grinding my way up to JgPzE100 and still in my Jagpanther, which should I buy next, the Jagpanther 2 or the Ferdinand?

  30. i forgot the guys name but whoever we were watching inst a good player hes so bad in Jtiger like honestly he just got really lucky the entire game

  31. Another important lesson: Always let your gun fully aim, if at all possible. He missed waaaay too many important shots, especially the two on the waffenträger, when it was out in the open. Had he killed the WfT then, he might have been able to keep the VK 100.01 alive for a while longer and the game could have been a win, as the WfT was definitely the best player on the enemy team.

  32. How many fkin close distance shots at WT can you miss in one battle, good sir? Geez, cringe fest.

  33. what happened to the new video?

  34. He can shoot HE at WT as well and more dmg and still take its tracks.

  35. było u multiego :(((

  36. “Shoot the tracks Hotty” 😉

  37. Hey Dez. I hear of a new German Tier 8 Premium TD named the Jagdtiger (H). Have you heard anything of it?

  38. I cant understand whats good about this replay, he only farmed dmg to boost his win8. 0 help to his team and 0 desire to win this game.

  39. “Enemy wt pz 4 played it extremely well” the only reason he was still alive is because the jagdtiger missed FOUR shots at him

  40. What if you are in a Cromwell shooting a Defender and tracking takes 94 shots

  41. Emir Furkan Sayar

    sad 🙁

  42. he deserved to die by that waf4, he missed so many easy shots on it. well maybe he learned that aiming carefully is important too.

  43. Really enjoyed watching this replay. I love the Jagdtiger. Have had some incredible games in it. The tank is a beast if you play it correctly. Thanks for sharing it.

  44. MrSmithwayne Smith

    I am like this guy, under pressure I have a hard time aiming for spots on a tank in a zoom in and fire mode. Not everyone has the capability to aim fast and fire at weak spots under pressure.

  45. Something tells me that the t54 mod1 wouldn’t have felt bad even if he tracked him.

  46. dez is high “its damage is 360 (looks at 560 alpha) yep its 360 damage”

  47. To be honest, I wouldn’t take my Jagdtiger there… I would have taken it heavy alley…

  48. always aim at tracks? heat spammers rip

  49. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Jadgtiger is just a beast piling up damage. In Himmelsdorf I had a game where my team abandoned meand I fought by myself vs 3 tiers 8 and 2 tiers 9…in the end it was 7300 damage, absolutely preposterous battle, the dpm of this monster is insane and it bounces A LOT if you know how to angle and hide your hull. The super structure is rather nice with 250 mm armor.

  50. Dez…please please please more of those long videos again. They are like box office movies…..

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