► HOLY SH*T, What a Battle! – Dual View – World of Tanks M46 Patton, Emil II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. Review. and Emil II Epic Battle. Best Replays.

Let’s start this weekend with something different – 1 battle, 2 perspectives. In today’s epic battle episode you are going to see something super awesome, crazy, insane and… I am running out of words how to describe it… So many ridiculous things are going to happen over here… So just sit back and enjoy!

►M46 Patton played by: Spiele_Spieler
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3237938#stats

►Emil II played by: EsatoQL
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3237946#stats

►Music used:

“Ehrling – You and Me”
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  1. DezGames its a german nickname, so we sometimes pronounce s like sh at
    beginning, like in this case. Just for you for info :)

  2. This was amazing :-)

  3. if that was my game and arty snapshotted me like that at the end I’d would
    yell at that computer screen!

  4. I loved this video dez,would like to watch more like this.
    By the way Super pershing wrote ”WHY DİDNT YOU COVER ME” at 13:54 :)

  5. Stop posting fucking aim booters look better again this video 😉 look just
    patton at 13: 14 how to move the fucking sight

  6. 45%er bot borsig says it all-disgusting!

  7. again same thing News a dual battel I really like every time that New
    things really nice work dez games :D

  8. heavy vs medium tank

  9. Nubbly “the” slime

    Im so mad now

  10. really nice idea! dual concept are interesting!

  11. dez, love the little music when the tanks are movimg from spawn. keep up
    the awesome content

  12. Dang, was hoping this was going to be a game that I submitted. Right tank
    (M46) and right Map. Even went against an Emil in mine as I recall. Great
    video still! EDIT: I really wish I could smack that JT driver, no clue how
    to use that TD.

  13. M40/M43
    Aim Time (sec)
    Dispersion (m)
    … moving
    … tank traverse
    … turret traverse

    Snaps and hits
    Balanced . Not stupid at all .

  14. Love the new intro’s for these. Epic job Dez!

  15. I’m glad the emil won because he deserved it, sad because the patton didn’t
    win because he deserved it more, and funking angry because the borsig also
    got to win by doing jack fucking shit.

  16. Ha ha ha.. @DezGamez that sarcasm at the end.
    good commentary great vid Spierless must be a happy camper..

  17. this is not a good example , i give you a better one . a bat chat 25 t
    hiding behind a grille 15 at the start at the battle

  18. Wow that was a great video Ship, thanks for sharing 🙂 I have never seen a
    Patton do that much damage! Well played to both those guys o/

  19. what a game. But it’s bad that rng decided the win.

  20. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    did the Emil 2 get Ace !??

  21. Arty fair and balanced. Seriously nearly 12k damage and still a defeat?
    Those two TDs did not deserve the win, they let down their team so much.

  22. Love blueberry and fruits

    1.Never seen these.Its either 1 pro on 1 side and all noobs,or vice
    versa.this is just awesome
    2.M46 patton is one of the best for snapshots

  23. a heart breaker

  24. Would love to see more of these 2 perspective vids in the future. Would
    also look forward to seeing more of your own live gameplay vids, perhaps
    featuring the TIX-TX tanks that don’t get as much love.

    Also, last thing. T110E3 vs T110E4 face off (or double gameplay like you
    did with T30 and T95 a while back) maybe? Aside from the turret, the gun
    stats are only marginally different. Could be very interesting. Maybe 3-way
    with E5 for extra funs.
    Fv215b vs A/X could be interesting face-off too. :)

  25. Truly an epic battle – omg rng

  26. As i say to my friends, Borshing players are the most idiots and trollers
    in WoT

  27. That M40 43 shot was 100% luck, absolutely no skill at all. Completely no
    skill required. Wargamming must have been rigging this match for the emil 2
    team’s favour. Because the chances of that shot happening was 1 in 50


  29. Love this replay, love the great new idea for replays, dual mode. i don’t
    think anybody else is doing this, you really got the scoop! Good on you,

  30. Awesome job! One of the best replays I’ve watched. More please.

  31. I like the new intro to the videos.

  32. Love you new intro video and music

  33. This was an interesting video. Did both of them just happen to send in
    their replays not knowing eachother?

  34. nice ending

  35. I love this tank

  36. Conqueror = Conquéro
    Full Spanish Dez xD

  37. President Donald Trump

    Oh man the quality!

  38. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    I know stuff like this take more time, but this episode was awesome and sad
    (Awesome stuff, but sadely for Patton, he really deserves to win, but it’s
    World of Tanks). I hope to see more awesome work like this video, this
    episode is amazing to see it from two perspectives.

  39. Please Dez! Do more videos like that!

  40. Tom's Game Replays

    Borsig thought it was standard battle :)going to enemy base or he thought
    he was playing world of hide and seek ?:)new game mode ?:)

  41. See, this is the reason arty is really fucking BULLSHIT!

  42. @DezGamez spiele_spieler means game_gamer 😛 it is a German guy i think

  43. that Jtiger talks like a 10 years old kid, that Borsig have some camping
    issues and artys are stupidly OP…….

  44. m46 winner over. that fcking clicker…

  45. PickelJars ForHillary

    The RHM was the star of the show.

  46. Obvious rhm carry

  47. we need more replays like theese

  48. the in game chat is lit lmao

  49. Omg nooooo so sad for m46 patton 11k damage 8 kills and defeat via snapshot
    arty :'(

  50. Face of:
    British TDs vs. Russian Heavys (IS4 line)

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