► Honey Badger FV217 Doesn’t Care – World of Tanks FV217 Badger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks 217 Badger, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Live Gameplay.

I remembered something… You haven’t see any FV217 Badger action on my channel after it was released on live server, hmmm… Let’s fix that mistake today and let’s roll on with British “Honey Badger”!



  1. Honey Badger simply doesn’t give a daaaaamn… Look at this bad@ss! 🙂
    Enjoy the video, Beasts! 🙂

  2. man that fukin faggot voice over made me want to delete my sub’….

  3. Sexy bounce honey badger lol

  4. 2:16 3:30 7:54 10:01 that voice ? wtf was that? freaking awesome ? Great video Dez

  5. A world of tanks game where the British commanders are just passive aggressive old men. XD

  6. lol. Funny episode.

  7. Disliked only cuz that annoiying bitchboy talking shit about honeybadgers -.-

    But good vid

  8. Im a td player and i like so much!

  9. Do a Badger verses a Version 4 comparision.

  10. Laughted with that (honey badger edit) xD. lovely

  11. Goofy AF!lol

  12. Kristupas Gudziauskas

    Wow amazing video so funny and u played rly good

  13. Is the badger different of the EU server? because mine doesn’t bounce anything, I had a T44 put a regular shell through the mantle of the gun let alone trying to bounce anything tier9 or 10. I’m not a fan of it at all. Time to grind Russia blyat

  14. The honey badger…lkaalksdlfk;aksdf ljl LMAO
    Epic video again Dez!!!

  15. Prince of Hyrule

    that voice that u put in is SUPER annoying. I had to dislike this vid. Sorry, I just couldn’t take that voice

  16. Not bad…

  17. Long live the Honey Badger…

  18. best light saber sound effect …… ever !!!

  19. Dez if I could give this two thumbs up instead of only one I would.
    Excellent use of the classic Honey Badger video meme!
    I wonder how many of your viewers have seen the original meme video – that was one of the earliest YouTube viral videos.
    Damn that was good.

  20. Dez, please never fucking use that gay ass voice montage, ever.


  21. Lol that intro????

  22. 6:33 Good old British sarcasm 😀

  23. Crotch shot?? 🙂 🙂

  24. Lachlan Wentworth

    This video has given me a fear of honey badgers…

  25. TheMightyCongueror

    The voice of the badger guy is ear cancer.

  26. Ship the TD Weapon on the Road. I Love you and your Channel

  27. Slowly working my way towards this. still need another 100K to go :p

  28. the tranny voice was so annoying its insane!!! unsubbed!

  29. Mohamed H. Attallah

    Hey dez I like your channel and want to know please what is the name of the mod you use for free cam in replays

  30. The hell with that voice den?

  31. this thing is OP as fuckin fuck.

  32. I STILL haven’t played mine…after that mad scramble t get it I just lost my way. I will play it tomorrow thanks to Dez and his replay

  33. Duck you commander 😀

  34. The gay voice is really akward and anoiing

  35. Hi Dez, did you sell your Honey Tortoise?
    I sold mine, not realizing that it got some buff when the Badger was released.
    is it worth re-buying it?

  36. nice ace (w)ankers dezerinho ! but why u left ur clan bzd ? didnt like it there anymore ??? even tho nice vidzzzzz , Keep buzzin

  37. Awesome, Dez, just awesome!! 😀
    Was laughing my butt off! Going to look for it now.

  38. Your editing is sooo good. Defs deserves more subs. Keep it up

  39. What voice mod is that for the game ?

  40. Really bad way of cutting ur hardwork dez by introducing the commentary.

  41. Is it a dream? I saw an ad! :O
    Not dezmonetized? ;D

  42. Michael Mcdermott

    Episode good effeminate honey badger dude annoying

  43. wtf is with this gay comentator about badgers

  44. Plz do jg pzE100 next plz?????

  45. hahahahah THIS IS so FUNNY,

  46. Who’s that annoying faggot yapping about honey badgers? Why did you have to include his ear-scraping voice? Damn soyboy has a higher voice than most females.

  47. That gay dude’s annoying as fuck. Be who you are and love who you love but do you have to affect that grating voice fs?

  48. dont put that gay voice it is annoying

  49. Why are you clanless? What happened to BZD :O

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