► How Did I Get This Tank? :D – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Review. World of Tanks SU-85I Gameplay Review. Review.

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Today I have yet another live gameplay episode from the “You Vote, I Play” series… I really do love it, because I can play with some of those tanks that I did not even know I have, like that SU-85I.. 😀
So, let’s see what I was able to do with your votes this time.

Sit back and enjoy! 🙂


  1. Arvin Dave Velasco

    Dez can you also feature SU 101 not sure if it gets a new gun. Thanks.

  2. You play the RAM wrong.
    You have to say “I’m sorry!” after every shot.

  3. Do you plan on getting a Pudel, Dez? I don’t see Poland on your tank poll. (I voted for WZ-120 btw)

  4. Didnt know that ram II has this godlike rate of Fire. You lern things, Even in its 12.08 pm 🙂

  5. I just want to take a little time to say. Fuck you Grammerly. <---yes. Fuck you and no I wont correct this shit.

  6. M4- noob protection activated 😀

  7. when will be discount -50% on tier 5 premium tanks

  8. That’s the new style. Heavies sit in the back and cry. :/

  9. Really the m5a1 stuart tier 4 light tank has more hitpoint than the elc amx bis tier 5 light tank

  10. I used to have the su-76I, but for some unexplained reason I sold it 🙁 I only played about 1k battles up to that point
    Edit: I meant su-85i

  11. Yeah ram2 is from ??,lol

  12. What nationality is Dez?

  13. WoT hates me playing my SU-85i. It either gives me shells with all the accuracy and pen of throwing over ripe bananas at the enemy or a team with the combined IQ of one of the bananas. Not forgetting the joy of always being bottom tier….

  14. Haven’t played Wot since early 2012, how is it now Dez?

  15. dez, move you mic from your desk i can hear you pressing the keyboard keys and it is annoying as fuck, nice vids btw.

  16. stewart mcallister

    Always happy vibes. Love your work dez. Keep up the good work boss

  17. 2:05 look at the captions it said “this has to be the AIDS”

  18. I got a good vote play world of warplanes

  19. Ram II was a Canadian trainer tank for the M4 and was based on the modified chassis of an M3 Lee.

  20. Respect for you Dez!!!Give me some love (no homo) !

  21. JacobPlayGames JPG

    Subbed and liked i was looking for chnnel like this.
    Love your videos keep it up

  22. Type 64 still not among available choice to vote in Tank Poll?

  23. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    give us more fv215b love

  24. Kugelpanzer Studios

    OK… Let’s try dis bush for camo. Nope. Proxy spotter. Lucky!

  25. wow. A poll video where Dez WASN’T trolled? What dark sorcery is this!?

  26. I like this 416 thx for playing 😉

  27. That Bulldog didn’t cause you any problems, you were playing your tank wrong and not allowing him to play his tank right. He’s a light tank, you’re a medium tank, you needed to let him spot the middle road and assist him, not hog his job. It was a good game, but it could have been better with appropriate teamwork. E25 players tend to do this too, the Light tank class just needs to disappear, nobody allows them to actually do their job. I digress.

  28. You got the SU-85I from the same time the SU-76I was on sale. I think they were both removed within a day or two because they were pretty OP (Or at least the SU-76I was)

  29. Sergio González Torres

    Could you do a video on the most uncommon tanks? I don’t really mean the ones that are now impossible to get in game, but the ones that are in-game but are just not used.

  30. anyone else getting the War Thunder add of *”Tired of RNG? Choose War Thunder!”*

  31. No one is going to mention the 3 kills on the enemy team within 1 second?

  32. I have the Su 85i and it can be frustrating but it can be rewarding sometimes as well

  33. Funny to see you playing in Abbey when I 2-marked my SU-85 in that map today lol

  34. i would really like to hear you saying 0burek….

  35. Sometimes i shoot and the round never shows up

  36. Where can I get that victory banner with the lady’s ?

  37. The_black_Frank_White

    Is there not a Su TD with amazing camou which will be never to buy in the store?

  38. 7:11 you could buy this tank in the premium shop 2 years ago

  39. Do a SU-76i video next please 😀

  40. Ghost shells are real and still happen. It’s BS that WarGaming won’t fix that issue.

  41. Ram II is exceptionally powerful for a tier 5 tank, so much I’d say it has all-round tier 6 stats. This thing would demolish M4 Sherman 10/10 times o.O

  42. Christian Rautjärvi

    How do I get those victory girls in the post game stats 😀 ?

  43. Hey Dez, here are some informations on Ram Mk. II, if you’re interested:

    Canada was the only state of the Commonwealth to have the necessary heavy industry to mass produce war materials (besides the UK), so they started to work on a heavy tank (YES, this tank is a heavy) on the base of M3 Lee/Grant.
    The outcome of those works were the Ram Mk. I in 1941 with a 40mm main cannon. And even though it was very similar to the M4 Sherman, the production of the advanced Ram Mk. II started at the end of 1941.
    Due to the large availability of the Sherman, the Ram never took part in war. But it was further developed and was the base for other projects, e.g. the Sexton SPG and the Ram Kangaroo, an armored personnel carrier.

  44. Dez, you’re a magician… You can shoot THROUGH enemy tanks 🙂

  45. Everyone please vote for the WZ-120 so that dez has to play the tank he grinded and spent free xp on only to realise he researched the wrong tank

  46. Hey DezGamez, can you do some more climbing?
    Very mutch guys enjoy it …
    It will be very nice! ?

  47. There’s a trick to using the RAM II….you have to let the reticle settle down after every shot, or else you can forget about hitting anything. It somewhat nerfs the epic rate of fire, but if you let it fully aim between shots you get far better accuracy.

  48. SU85 ghost shell…

  49. The shot on the M4 could also be a grazing shot on the outer edge of the turret, hard to see.

  50. That ghost shell capture is awesome. Something we complained about for a long time but WG of course has no idea what we’re talking about (hint: they know). Everything’s fine. Seriously. Buy tanks and gold.

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