► How Good Are Tier 10 LTs? – World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 13 105 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Patch , New Tier 10 Tanks. World of Tanks AMX 13 105, Tier 10 French Light Tank.

Thank You!

Patch update is finally available for EU players as well! After spending some free experience after playing more than just few battles with my first tier 10 light tank, “AMX 13 105”, I have quite a nice idea, what I think about them on live server.

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551
– China/Chinese -1
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105


  1. How are you doing, in this super nasty Saturday… at least over here it is bloody snowing…. IN APRIL! :O
    But hey, glass is half full not half empty, it gives you time to stay home and watch my episode. 🙂
    Stay awesome!

  2. Meanwhile T9 lights are killing it.

  3. 70% only X tanks, sometimes good sometimes bad

  4. How “Good”?

    Gut joke mang.

  5. Thay allready start loosing players. 110k at prime time. Im happy.

  6. Nice MM dez. 7 light tanks.

  7. 6:45 MYSOGYNIST

  8. Why you didn’t give “Top Gun” to Tortoise?

  9. I really dislike the new MM just gives the big T10s a chance to hit on the little guys like really what T8 can pen a maus 🙁 also there is alot of light tank spam with auto loaders Heavy tanks are useless at lower Tier 🙁

  10. in t10 light in 3/5/7 mm i feel weaker than before in t7 light vs t10 🙁
    most lights look like underleveled, like 1 tier too much

  11. nobody has mentioned the BatChat 12t in tier 8. It’s lethal.

  12. Wow the udes is a bad player, who would have guessed?

  13. makes no sense to have a med tank have better view range than a scout tank of it’s same tier but I do think scouts should be significantly less combat capable than meds(if they fix this view range nerf)

  14. I decided to go for German tier X light. Still has 420 meters view range and a decent gun.

  15. Sorry for this german dickhad that say so bad words at the end

  16. Enemy T30 firing HE…well done sir, well done!

  17. Dez??? Why you no give the Tortoise its top gun on the T54????

  18. 0:29 comments that everyone is retarded… 1:55 crashes :} gj

  19. Lol, I thought he said he had 500k credits..

  20. When are you going to offer in 60 fps

  21. GG nice aimbot bru!

  22. 4:23 wtf aim bot

  23. T49, lightweight, Sheridan and chinese lights Are good the rest of them are shit.

  24. tortilla Is beast 😛

  25. so they got nerfed right? but nerf what? armor? gun?

  26. Dez, have you tried the ELC yet? it’s now the slowest tier 5 light and is appalling. The only reason for not selling it is the hope that WG will buff it.

  27. Dez laughs it 😀

  28. Guys what to do when i missing wotlauncher.exe?


  30. Hmm. Really with the gutting of the tier X lights I’ve slowed way down on grinding for the Sheridan. None of them are really worth it at this point beside’s the WZ-132-2.

  31. the way high tier lights are right now they can’t be played in their intended role as scouts. in order to do well in the current lts you have to snipe from bushes over at least 300m in order to not get spotted or the meds with better dpm and bigger hp pool will just rek you. to support my point I played 3 battles in a row in the now tier 9 t-54lt. and did nothing but sniping from accross the map and all 3 rounds resulted in 4k dmg. playing an semi aggressive spot style got me killed each time with usually only 1000-1500 dmg and not that much assist dmg either. go figure what makes more sense to play for the light tank driver….

  32. Anyone know if console will be getting these matchmaking changes soon? I wouldnt expect it, but I would think theyd add it if its such an important change

  33. who else hate this patch :/

  34. Shit top tier lights. Srew it

  35. MrSmithwayne Smith

    they destroyed the lights from what they were on test. Not worth the grind. Get a russian med, US med, German Med, French Med instead as scouts. You will live far longer, do more dmg and have same or better view range.

  36. MrSmithwayne Smith

    I dont know how that light tank spotted you when you were headed to help the Tort out but he was already pointing at you before you crossed out from behind that building. Just weird.

  37. starfighter112 DeltaForce

    why has T-54 research price increased from 192 000 to 225 000 ?????????????

  38. That HP bar is new interface or mod? Very cool

  39. I know that it would be a suicide mission, but since the T10 LTs are so fast, is going for the ram a viable last resort?

  40. bud get clutch braking on that thing, it struggles turning around.

  41. just wait for the big maps what is caming

  42. Freshwater Spaceman

    Cheers for the vid as per usual Dez, great content (aren’t we spoilt?)! 😀

  43. WG really should add one more shell to the AMX 13 105

  44. wargaming really should have given the the new t10 lights the same viewrange as the current t10 mediums have and also lowered the viewrange that the current mediums and heavies have to what the new t10 lights got… so woth other words, the meds and heavies should excvange view range with lights

  45. i feel the fremch is actually the worst off with that autoloader, rest can play pretty well if played smart.

  46. I love the amx 13 105

  47. The Mighty Trenthan

    So, what you’re saying in this video is… WGs attempts to nerf t10 lights didn’t work and they are still being used as little combat tanks scoring high damage numbers?

  48. i just want the autoloader back on my sp1c

  49. social3ngin33rin

    Ace tanker must be fucking insane @_@

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