► Hunter Emil II – Full Derpy Teams!? – World of Tanks Emil II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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In today’s epic battle episode you are going to see some really awesome plays and some really derpy plays… At first “denys34’s” team going to derp a lot and after that enemy team going to make many silly mistakes. So sit back and enjoy some quality entertainment by “denys34” who playing with new tier 9 Swedish “Emil II”.

►Played by: denys34
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3211556#stats

►Music used:

“Ehrling – Tease”
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  1. Omg!! I love you Dez❤

  2. Pls Sweed vs Chech

  3. only american’s pronounce the z as “zee” the rest as “zed” i think.

  4. Brits are dumb so it’s “zed”!
    Having said that zebra was banned in UK for it cannot be pronounced.

  5. these 3 idiots who rush in base and was calling denys34 a camper has beem
    really really triggering me….

  6. i dont find any of these replays particularly amazing when the player is
    one of only 3 tier 9s with 1/3 of the enemy being tier 7. i wanna see a
    tier 7 take down a team of tier 9s!

  7. kristoffer kirkbright

    Please can auto-loaders and artys please please please press their F8
    buttons more, it does help to know :)

  8. So if you dont rush the cap and die there you are a camper and game stealer
    (accorting to is3). Ok, will write that down for future notice

  9. British people call ‘z’ ‘zed’, but it is incorrect, should be wz, as in

  10. I really like the moody intros with the nice tuneage. Nice editing Dez. 🙂

    PS: I’m English and I say “Zed” rather than “Zee”

  11. Well Dez another episode went good.Keep it on going

  12. Videos are getting better by the day 🙂 Keep up the good work dez, much
    better videos than when I first started watching you!

  13. Hey Dez the WZ131 Zee is American pronunciation Zed is the British and
    Canadian pronunciation.

  14. this replay has already been used hasn’t it?

  15. you always seem to post a video just before i wake up. And its a good

  16. Ever tried to reposition in a GW Pig? That thing is almost like a T95

  17. It sounds like you are saying ‘Tennis”

  18. Dez- Z is pronounced “zee” in America and “zed” in the UK.

  19. like

  20. Came, Liked, Watched the whole video, Left a comment, Left

  21. Dez 150k subs hype before February :)

  22. Dez, honestly you’ve outdone your self with theese intros well done m8. For
    the past few vids you could notice that they were made rly well and the
    quality of em…. man… AMAZING!! rly I mean it congratz and keep on doin
    what u do dez coz you deserve more than u get for shore. Intros are amazing
    keep on doin em

  23. quickybaby reviewed this video a couple days ago XD

  24. Thx DEZGAMEZ for uploading my replay and u guys for nice words .

  25. I’m from Arkansas and I say z as z

  26. Zee for the yanks and Zed for the poms, kiwis and skippies. That Swedish
    Heavy trio look so strong!

  27. I call it “double you zee one thirty one”. (phonetically)

  28. flipsix3 aka Dave Solomon

    ‘weezee’ for the Chinese tanks ☺

  29. Hey Dez, I’d just like to say I love the new battle start up with the clear
    screen and music in the background. keep the good work up.

  30. love the new intro’s, so pretty, keep up the great work Dez!

  31. Amazing turret armor with -12 depression, decent mobility and an
    autoloader…hmmm… This thing will be nerfed into oblivion soon.

  32. Zed.

  33. Dez, I would like to make a suggestion, at the start of the replay your
    showing, can you place your cursor on each type of shell so we(the
    viewers)can see the possible pen/damage they should get? Thank you!

  34. wee zet een-drie-een its dutch goodluck xd

  35. He damaged all 15 enemy tanks.

  36. I call it 131 ;)

  37. holy shit. that was awesome. RNGesus delivered!

  38. because of emil II, now i do nightmare every night! 🙁 im in a T29, and a
    platoon of emill II start to rape me again and again :(

  39. Nice game, although that is-3 is an unfortunate example of idiots in wot,
    denys seems like a rare example of a polite & good player, even apologizing
    for driving in front of the is-3, but that is-3 just moaned about him for
    the rest of the game after driving right into a killzone.

  40. I call it “double-u zee” because I play on the NA server and would sound
    pretentious to most if I used “zed.” Sorry, zedders.

  41. Of course the derp teams always happen in Derpenberg!
    The WT was an idiot btw. shooting the turret of the emil with the 150mm.

    Oh and GG Denys34! :)

  42. Loving the style of the recent intros

  43. Muidugi pead mu kehva lahingut näitama kõigile :D


  45. really liking the new intros dez good work

  46. I call it was”zed” because that’s how I hear alot of people call it so
    that’s sort of what it became to me. I normally pronounce the letter z as a
    “zee” sound….
    why…. because murica

  47. God if only the T54E1 and T57 were as flexible as the Emil 2 and Krangvan.
    If he had tried to do those moves in THOSE tanks he would have died before
    the halfgame mark :/

    Also Dez I also tend to just say “W-Z” as well 😛

    Bonus comment for Devvan here who blocked me from posting on his crybaby
    thread about the T26E5.

    Cry me a fucking river. Do you REALLY think anyone gives a rats ass if
    RUSSIAN tanks have to suffer somewhat in this game? Where they DOMINATE at
    almost EVERY tier? Fuck the Russians. No other tech line in the whole game
    is as retardproof as the USSR are. Now THEY can get a taste of what it’s
    like to get stomped.

  48. How you say the letter Z depends on if you’re speaking american english or
    british english. Americans say “zee” and brits say “zed”. Since you’re
    european technically “zed” would probably be correct.

  49. That right there is a replay many people need to take a note from.. Not
    yolo’ing at the beginning, repositioning, charging in when u need to,
    taking chances when u have no choice. This replay shows why he has those
    marks on the barrel. Well played buddy.

  50. really nice battel butt It’s to really good that he has 2 marks of exelince
    and the tank is really New so gj :D

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