► I AM ALLERGIC TO BS! – World of Tanks: RNGesus #55

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► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

RNGesus is finally back after few months break… Sorry for taking so long, but sometimes you simply can not do EVERYTHING! 🙂
But I am feeling super exited, that I can bring you yet another today, 55! 🙂



  1. RNGesus is back boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!
    It only took me couple of months, no worries! And I have a lot of catching up to do, those clips were 1 year old, oh damn… 😀
    I HOPE… you are enjoying your weekend and I try to make it even better with this episode!

  2. KV-2 The Ultra Big Super Omega Derp Gun lvl 99999


  4. So f.. annoying the music.

  5. must have a kv2 segment lol 😛

  6. To all the tomato noobs saying that KV-2 had some kind of aimbot cheat, At least play the game enough to know that ”autoaim” is in the game. If you are too dumb to realise what was happening I’ll go through the steps.
    He used autoaim, It aimed at the centre of the AMX.
    He turned off the autoaim (Hence the Russian voice saying ”target unlocked”)
    As he turns off the autoaim he moves his cursor to the *well* *known* *weak* *side* *armor* and fires.
    Is it really that complicated?

  7. 1:07 Beautiful times.

  8. what modpack do u use

  9. Anirban Chakrabarti

    When Bert hits a shot, I cringe, I cringe really hard, dirty berty is an irritating bugger

  10. RANDOM SHIT … love it

  11. Can you put updated versiond of the game?

  12. Love the metal… the kind i love to play ….YAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! great video!

  13. KV 2 dont have problem with rng ?… keep up the good work man !!

  14. Old Mountain Hermit

    0:55 omg XDDDD

  15. Did you have free camera activated for the arty 3rd person view blindshot?

  16. OMG, where, where is the “notification squad” ?

  17. I miss old matchmaking. And I never thought that I will say this, but I miss old arty.

  18. 5’42 KV2 use AIMbot …auto aim weakspot ….

  19. Haleluya… I’m really happy with that RNGesus is back…

  20. Am I the only one that has entire days where you feel RNG is constantly fucking you over? Like 4 fully aimed shots in a row that all miss?
    Like checking the winrates of your team and the (of course winning) enemy team after the battle you just lost to find out that the top 10 enemy players are all well over 50% winrate and that the majority of your own team is way, waaaaaay under 50%?
    In Tier fucking VIII ??????

  21. the Kv2 vs AMX 45 clip…100% aimbot, the reticule jumps from the lower plate to side plate instantly when it comes green.

  22. This should be named: EPICsode(R)!!! 😉

  23. Ok…when i saw that Bounce kill on ruinberg…i thought…that’s the most fucked up thing i ever seen…but then the fuking ammoracked turret kill on lakeville came around, bitch slapped me and said:”bitch, please, I’m the most fucked up thing you have ever seen and that you will ever see in your entire life”

  24. I got a sick blindshot in kv2 today

  25. Love it!! Keep it up!!

  26. Shout out to the B.C. Arty that took the game into his own hands while the rest of his asshat team killed each other.

  27. FinalLY !!!!! 😀 y it takes u so long to create next epizode? 😀

  28. Great video…..good to see rngesus back ?

  29. You have restored my faith in humanity with another episode of RNG.
    Well done and thank you Dez.

  30. niceweee keep it up boy!!

  31. Load the Skill rounds

    That step up jump to the roof of the jpz E100 though…

  32. that fv knew how to use his warpack.

  33. OMG IT’S BACK!!!! ???????

  34. 155 58 piece of battle play.

  35. The best RNGesus ever!!! Nice work Dez

  36. If what happened to the 50t happened to me, not sure if I wpuld rage quit the game forever or just die from laughing hysterically…

  37. T1TAN - World of Tanks

    I’m trying to figure out what the hell is going on in chat at 1:35

  38. I’ve had that first clip happens top me a few times, for some reason if you land on your side with a very short fall, you die :/

  39. RIP all chat 🙁 why you gotta bring back those memories? ?

  40. I love this series, woohoo go Dez!

  41. At 545 that kv was using a aimbot

  42. I woulld like to play at least 1 time in the prenerfed bc 155 58. Now it is so insipid.l

  43. That French arty….

  44. All that vodka in the MT-25 broke and exploded.

  45. WG logic :
    If you cant pen get on top of it

  46. I’m glad to see me in your episode❤ guy in kv2 1vs3


  48. Love the aimbot on the kv2

  49. You know it’s been a while when go panther still has his cape

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