► I AM BACK… teach me, Senpai! – War Thunder: KV-2 Derph…

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War Thunder Gameplay. War Thunder Ground Forces, Tank Gameplay Commentary.

Aaaaand after more than 2 years, I am back in War Thunder… I am going focus on tank gameplay, but that doesn’t mean I am going to say NO to planes.
Now, let’s move on from where we left… Let’s continue our grind towards T-54. I have been away fro so long, that T-54 is no longer top tier tank in Soviet tech tree, I have T-62 and T-55A as well, which is even better!
I am at 3 at moment, playing with T-34-85 (D-5T).

But and War Thunder are two super different games. only thing they have in common are is tanks. I have a lot learn and I need your help!
If you can, try answer to my questions in video. 🙂



  1. Whaaaaaaat is up, Ladies and Gentlemen… Sorry, forgot to say that! 😀
    But something else today, feels good to try something different, hopefully you like it!
    Now, enjoy the video, enjoy your weekend and stay awesome! #muchlove

  2. one tip dez, dont take full ammo load. the less ammo you take the less your ammo racks are filled, therefor less ammo to be hit. you can refill your ammo when you reach a base/cap zone and yes in warthunder the trick is to kill crew so knowing where ammo is or where the crew are helps you win. i used to be a WoT fanboy but with all the changes *cough* arty nerf *cough* chrysler gf *cough* i gave it up for warthunder and have been loving it. but thanks dez for giving warthunder a go. i hope to see more of it on your channel


  4. TNT equivalent
    Penetration value

  5. Apples are better than potatoes.

  6. I thought War thunder didn’t have KV-2?

  7. Hey Dez i recently put up a video on my channel about what to look for in a shell. Check it out it will help you a lot

    Also hit me up on twitter @ManyMiles_Away if you want some in personal help. Since I love helping new people

  8. I thought this is phlydaily video lol

  9. Hey Dez ! I really would like to see you playing world of warships. Seen you in the game already, so you are playing it. Some videos maby , would be great to see you in action there !

  10. yes.. WT and WOT really are 2 different games and both have their own charms

    though i prefer WT

  11. The crew system is alot “better” than WoT, in that you can’t make mistakes. In WoT once you chose something it can be the wrong thing later on. In WT, you could lose Silver Lions by training your tanks on e.g. more than one crew which would be a waste, but otherwise it’s pretty intuitive. Spend your crew points where you want, nothing matters too much, and if you chose something which was a bit useless it doesn’t matter, and still helps to level up your crew to allow it to be “experted” on higher tier vehicles.

  12. Hey Dez whats up with Armored Warfare? Are u going to make something from it?

  13. I cant believe Dez would stoop so low as to play War Thunder what a shit game

  14. HE filler and pen

  15. I have 5 tier 10 tanks in WoT but I got a little bit bored with it so I switched over to warthunder.I like how they are going to tier 6 and making semi modern tanks for their game. I wish wargaming would make tier 11 and continue to tier 15 to add in all modern tanks like armored warfare. Its just a rinse and repeat process at this point.

  16. I think you need to do some gardening and remove that bush that is growing from the KV-2 turret. I assume it got chance to take root given the long reload time

  17. I dont really mind you uploading war thunder… dont really like the game so i just dont watch it ans skip to the next video…. whoever hates on you just because you play a different game should really get off the channel

  18. Best tank in any game:

    M3 Lee.

  19. I like both games because they are very different. War Thunder is a simulator and WoT is an arcade game. But I have 15k battles in wot but… really… I can’t play WT 😀
    EDIT: but I wanna see some WT features in WoT. For example the entire WT ammo system, night maps and weather, better graphics 😛

  20. I’m happy you are playing this game 😀

  21. I remember how you’re old war thunder series was called road to t54, now there’s the t62 and t64

  22. He in war thunder is just like if you would throw Paper at the Tanks

  23. over here

  24. I haven’t played this game, but if tanks are really hard to spot, doesn’t it really slow the game down and make slowly creeping forward necessary? What good is a medium tank over a heavy tank if the pace of the game is so slow? Or is this footage not indicative or normal gameplay? I couldn’t see 90 percent of what he was shooting at in this game!

  25. World of Tanks and War Thunder are completely different. I tried WT and found it too realistic, I prefer more arcade style games, but that does not make War Thunder bad, just not to my preference.

  26. This game sucks, that game is good.

  27. my favorite lower tier tank is the zis 30, not many tanks have a gun that’s almost to big for it XD

  28. Sándor Ottó Pleskó

    Hi! if you need some company in warthunder I would be really happy if I can play with you, My nickname is psanyi89.

  29. No lollipops for you!

  30. I like both games but I have low fps while playing tanks in WT 🙁

  31. The aphe has more penn in the kv2 than the concrete round you were using ( last time I checked )

  32. I’m pretty much a beginner myself as well, but basically: if AP has enough penetration, go for it and use only it. if the gun is 140mm or more, shrapnel effect is big enough that you can use HE as well, it’s a good choice with big shell’s. APCR only against heavily armored targets, that you can’t pen otherwise. HEAT is good choice at extreme ranges.

    That’s pretty much it, at least that’s how it kinda work in real life, and as war thunder is pretty realistic, you can’t go too wrong.

  33. Dez did you know that you can kill the maus with he of kv2

  34. war thunder!!! best tank game i dont understand why people stuck in the fucking money crap world of tanks! i guess people like to spamming money and no sense thinks like world of tanks! war thunder is realistick wot is just an arcade shit

  35. simulator battle is basically realistic battle except your camera is positioned in the commanders spot and there are no markers for friendlies so you need to know how the tanks of different nation looks

  36. You have to look towards the APHE/APHEBC type of amunition because it does the most damage.

  37. Glad to see you getting into another game. WoT is getting lame with all the premium tanks and broken MM

  38. So, form what I understand rounds have two big things on paper that mater. The first is penetration, the second is explosive filler. Higher penetration rounds do not do as much damage upon penetration as they are more solid metal with less filler. Lower penetration rounds with more filler tend to do lots more damage upon penetration. However, the penetration mechanics vary from round to round.

    I like watching war thunder (WT), I don’t think I would like playing it though. If you thought World of Tanks (WoT) armor was useless then you haven’t see high tier WT tanks. Although, that isn’t my biggest gripe. The biggest thing that puts me off is how easily your game can be ended without you being able to fight back. It’s very possible to get one shot right at the beginning of a game in WT, it’s much more rare in WoT with the artillery changes. Oh, and believe it or not but WT balancing and “up tiering” is quite arguably worse than WoT’s match making.

    Edit: Also, WT suffers from it’s own version of WoT tier 8 premium spam. They just keep adding more new tanks before they can balance what is already in the game and so the game is never balanced.

  39. I haven’t playing WT since 2 years because my computer is too bad so idk if they do big changes :
    For ammunition type i look the pennetration and the “explosive capacity”
    My favorite tank was the Tiger H1 is simulator battle he was just amazing ! Just camp in a bush, see some russians and americans rush into the point and boom ! one shot everyone that was sooo funny

  40. In war thunder you don’t wanna use APCR becuase it sucks. APHE and other he fillers

  41. Peeps, correlation It is deeply jreav public ..

  42. I would love to see an intro tutorial for War Thunder from you!

  43. 152 mm shell hits the front viewport instead of the front armour plate -> no damage (except a damaged viewport). Because this is the more realistic tank game 😀

  44. so ok dez you can watch phlydaily he knows much more than i know

    But ready, it’s so much fun

  46. Oh shit, a WarThunder video? Absolutely based, Dez.

  47. hey dez, glad to see ur going into warthunder. yeah warthunder in my opinion is much more challenging than wot. u should learn the different ammo types from each country cause their play styles will differ, such as Britain will only have apcr at low tiers and will start using pass and yeah at higher tiers which are very useful but it makes grinding up to the top tiers hard since u only have apcr, which is useless. u should keep with that t-34-85, at its tier it’s very good at one shots. so u should stick on the Russian line. keep in mind that their is both aviation that can help win or lose a game, it’s not so much useful in arcade but in realistic and simulator it makes a difference. if your looking to do air support then Russia won’t be ur best. america, germany, and Britain are much better in air since more of their planes and jets have rockets. but that might change a little in this next patch. anyway keep up the good videos 😀

  48. I just wish this was available for console, Id play the fuck outta that

  49. If you shoot apcr ammo at lightly armored tanks they will over penetrate and deal less damage to it, and if you hit that same tank with he(if it’s lightly armored) he will tend to cause more damage

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