► I Can Not Believe I Survi… – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks TOG II Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FV215b Gameplay Review.

Aaaaand once again, let’s kick off new week with yet another “You Vote, I Play” episode. And damn you guys… TOG II made it in once again! 😀

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  1. That battle with FV215b tho… What a way to start off this week! 😀
    I hope you enjoy today’s dose of Derp!

  2. Dez, you need to reset the vote!

  3. Anthony Kosztadinov

    I sold my TOG II. It’s a piece of shit.

  4. Yeah playing the TOG alone is AIDS. And that last battle is the reason why I just switch right to APCR when I see a TYPE heavy because you would have still had ammo to spare if you had not wasted so much against that joke of a tank.

  5. I love how Tog is winning the poll after this vid

  6. ROFL , you ok Des? You sound like the tog did you in.

  7. GG Dezgamez!!! Here’s what I hear when you say certain phrases 🙂

    TD’s = Titties
    Isn’t it = is in Tit

    Just saying, makes me laugh every time!!

  8. Okay, Dez, you know that everyone is going to vote for TOG II from now on? 🙂 I love you man, but you should’t have shown any kind of weakness, you know that interwebz loves it and exploits it xD

  9. German Ball Beer Hotdog?

    The 1-4 battle sums up my entire WoT experience

  10. do t34-2 review

  11. Your reaction with losses in the TOG II is the same as mine. “WHO WOULD BUY THIS PIECE OF TRASH?! IT’S A NOVELTY ITEM SO THAT WG CAN TAKE YOUR MONIES!”

  12. Dez…. mate…. where did that EPIC self made intro go????? ?

  13. What The Heck! The VK30.01D isn’t in your tank poll! It’s the best tier 6 medium tank in the game. I thought you would enjoy playing it.

  14. 2:16, every single JPanther driver in a nutshell.

  15. On the third battle why didn’t you push around that corner?

  16. Tog 2 fun tank,Maybe in dream:)
    Next Type 5 heavy!

  17. Δημητρης Λαγγης

    You had me for good at the fidget spinner part..keep up! 😀

  18. Lets vote for TOG once again ??

  19. That last TOG game had me laughing my ass off! “Thank you so much guys! I love you” *Throws coffee across the room*

  20. Hello Dez , I was wondering do you have the T-34-85M and forgot to add it in the pool or it’s not in your garage at all ?

  21. Sorry Dez for chuckling all the way through that those first games set me off and i couldn’t stop. I feel your pain buddy but its so funny..lol

  22. I want a Kanonenjagdpanzer so badly :d

  23. Dez is starting to use meme editing

  24. Where are the beautyfull victorygirls???

  25. *gazes at TOG II ace tanker medal*

  26. The worst thing about this game is they screwed British vehicles they gave them weak gun with no pen at all and call them dpm monsters, what will you do woth dpm without being able to pen enemy tanks fuck wargaming.

  27. Darren Adams-Beutel

    Awesome FV replay Dez – and go easy on the fidget spinner mate – it could lead to more serious things – like yo-yos.

  28. i believe it Dez ..always got that defeat defeat defeat thing!! Believe It Or Leave It !! xD

  29. you’d better sell that Tog thing

  30. Awesome fight with 215, I play this game for moments like this.

  31. very nice video.

  32. Sir_Dreadlord_on_Blitz

    Hey im sure some of you know how to post past game stats on some blitz websites like blitzstars. I made 7k damage on my jgpzE100 and Wana post game stats. It’s quite funny although cause enemy t57 made 4-5k dmg and was standing 30 meters away from me in cap area on falls creek and we didn’t shot each other and stand there shooting at other people behind for 2 minutes or so. So please help me:)

  33. I just had to like this video for the TOG II epicness alone!

  34. Jingles loves British tanks (wel duh….) and he even likes the Tog II.
    As he referrede to it once: “nom nom nom – a huge XP pinata”.
    Which is exactly what it is, when it’s on its own.
    You played it waaaaaay to agressively.

  35. Tog tank was good back in the day right now it too slow and it a huge target you guys vote for him to used this tank loland on my E 100 heavy I always bounce BC- 25 t shots and it funny when they try to ram me and die lol.

  36. really epic battle episode at the end , not because u named it that but it was that. thumbs up dezerinho !!! real bo$$

  37. tog and money ?. very bad tank

  38. This is why i dont like BC players. Sometimes they are too unreliable lol.

  39. Darn, I’d love to get the 215b, so unfortunate that I’m at tier 1 in that line.

  40. HMS TOG, the finest tank to sail the seas…

  41. everyones voting tog2 again, DEZ i just want to see you play the UDES something new please 🙂

  42. dez why do you heff to be so med? xD

  43. Next time, vote for M3lee, then PzIIJ, then birch gun. All massively slow, low camo and undergunned, so you have to wait ages for the games.

  44. Tog II reminds me of a massive penis

  45. Im gona vote tog II every week,just so that Dez can have some epic gametime.

  46. rushing in tog is oxymoron

  47. Oh my god. Dez Gun xD Deeez Guun

  48. Type 5 balance

  49. So Tog it is :))

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