► I Got Trolled, Again… – Black Prince, TOG II and E-50M – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Black Prince Gameplay. World of Tanks TOG II Gameplay. World of Tanks E-50-M Gameplay. World of Tanks Troll Tanks. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

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Back with some more action from “You vote, I ” mini-series. This time you guys trolled me hard… the main reason is, of course, “TOG II”, but I believe you did not know that “Black Prince” is actually one of my most hated heavy tanks in this …. So, today is going to be one funny day in World of Tanks! 😛 Oh yeah, going to finish off today’s episode with some crazy “E-50 ausf. M” action, LET’S RAM STUFF!



  1. vote for the ELC, show WG how much is sucks now

  2. Daniel Moulsher

    UE57. PZ 1c PZ V/IV

  3. guys you know what you have to do ….VOTE FOR TOG AGAIN ?? #onlyjoke ?

  4. Hamster- Harald

    which modpack are you using?

  5. i have to say i skipped the BP and togg part sorry but i dont like to watch slow tank games but still i like ut vids man

  6. Sigh, the black prince’s strength isn’t being used by you at all, there is no T7 better at sidescraping, you may not have good alpha but your dpm is pretty good.

  7. KIngdurpy01 durpy

    Black Prince= Hate
    TOG II= Trollz
    E 50M=Thank you guys I love this tank
    This is what I got from this voting Gameplay dislike if you just hate E 50M.

  8. TOG TOG TOG TOG!!!!

  9. phew… i wishi have dat amount of gold ☺

  10. SilentTankAssassin

    @DezGamez what is your FAVORITE Tier 8 PREMIUM tank

  11. 9:35 “I really do not want to waste any time”- stops then reverses to get a shot into a tank

  12. Come on Dez, TOG is love!

  13. Dumba's Channel

    where is dezgamez from? his acsent is weird.

  14. Ammar Abu Al-Haijaa

    im voting kv 4 this time

  15. The Black Prince made me give up on WOT….ok to grind through shit tanks at low tiers, but that gun at T7, against T9s, without the speed to do any flanking shit, arrrrgghhhh!!!!!

  16. Hey Dez.
    Awesome vid as always.
    Quick mention for the loosing girls, nice.

  17. lmao, you should just drive only tog2 from no on

  18. Teus Van Hoogevest

    When you dont need a notification cuze ur already 24/7 on yt anyways 😛

  19. 09blackcobaltss

    Cant wait for your video on the Female crew voices coming in 9.19

  20. Black Prince has amazing side armor, I love to side scrape with it

  21. marc vincent solatorio

    waste d e50m ;( congrtz haha next will be LTP light tank

  22. Black Prince? could be next tier 6 ht. will still be underpowerd

  23. 0:31 Shameless self promotion… nice Dez

  24. Lel. He run for his 3rd mark straight to the river.

  25. Your reaction to the AMX suicide was so perfect.

  26. Where do you get your ww2 dressed woman background from?

  27. @DezGamez I have a mark of excellence on my Black Prince. got first one not too long ago.

  28. The black Prince DID have armor… Until it was needed when it went HD

  29. I really wish I can get the FV215b but damn the line t6-t8 is pure utter shit

  30. Dez. You should make it so when a tank is picked it is locked out of the list for like 5 or 6 votes. So I get a variety.

  31. Dezbeast!

  32. my vote is for the AC4 experimental

  33. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY GAME!!” – my new favorite quote.

  34. next vote VK 20.01 D and DW2 guysss

  35. did you play the bp before the *buff* it could not even kill the kv1

  36. Grinding the E 50 to finally get the 50 M… which is actually quite pleasant! I might just keep the E 50.

  37. tog OP why u no like? 😀

  38. AMX 12 t likes Fuck this shiet im out boi

  39. The Peanut Gallery

    Wait, you listen to Rammstein?

  40. Stern Von Afrika

    this is why we cant have nice things

  41. 15:23 most players sentiment on arty.

  42. next time play with the t10 french med tank the amx 30 b. i have never ever seen any game play of this tank.also compare to it play with the one and only jap t10 med tank the stb 1.

  43. I like bp I got 3 mks in it

  44. i think i aced black.. its armour can troll

  45. Jan Armijn van Dam

    Thanks Dez for having me in your video! I was rhe Guy in the lor 40t that shot you.

  46. Like to save the family of the AMX 13 75

  47. I call it the slow e-25.

  48. Braiden Saville

    Black prince is fucking trash

  49. Hello all together, Dez after the 9.18 patch your top 10 best camo ratings ar not correct maybee an updated camo rating video?`

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