► Idiot-Proof Russian Badger – World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Object 268 Version 4, New Tier 10 Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

Today I am going to show you why I think ( a lot of others), that Object 268 Version 4 aka “Russian Badger” is the most idiot proof vehicle in World of Tanks after patch update was released. Take a look how easy it is to bounce over 20,000 damage in this Beast…



  1. How are you all doing in this beautiful Monday?
    Hopefully my today’s episode makes it even better, for at least 20 minutes. 🙂
    What do you think about this Russian Badger… Honey Badger…

    • @akimatis What are you even talking about? 268 v4 can do good and bounce 90% of the shots in any kind of match, beeing tier 8’s or tier 10’s shooting at it doesn’t change anything because even tier 10’s with premium rounds will struggle to penetrate this thing… Weakspot on top? Yeah, 3 pixels with 250mm that you need to shot perfectly into the middle of it or you will magically bounce on invisible spaced armor. The E3 at least is slow and has an actual weak lower plate. Good luck flanking this one, or finding its invisible lower plate.

    • DezGamez It’s a tier 10 Defender… OP ? DPM doesn’t matter if no one can pen you anyways. Youre the Best WOT You tuber out there btw.

    • you all say this tank armour is crazy but i see noone actually complaining about it requesting an actual nerf, but you all got crazy mad about the OBJ 267 side armour because it was too good….get your shits together, how come you let this monstruosity be almost invulnerable but you make a finally decent tier 9 heavy tank get super hardbuffed…

    • DezGamez This tank is totally OP, is a big mistake of WG. The badger has a good frontal armour… but… is slow and has an easy penetrable lower plate.

  2. This tank and this patch was complete bullshit

  3. wot is such an ass game. just give up on it already. stopped playin that dumpster-fire of a game 2 years ago.

  4. More gold farmers

  5. Fucking ?WG and WoT? ??

  6. I use super heavy spall liner just becuz people are going to start shooting HE. And if they hit the mid plate even the type5 heavies 15cm gold will do 0dmg 😛

  7. i dont think its op at all doe lol if u dont angle right ur screwed

  8. Awsome tank! I can’t wait for a buff in accuracy and reload!

  9. The worst thing about something being “Idiot proof” is that it just creates a bigger, dumber idiot.

  10. This patch made me to not want to play this game anymore after a lot of years. Haven’t play for a week+ and I don’t see myself opening this game anytime soon. I just can’t afford to spam gold and not even pen. I will try this game again when/if they rebalance armor and stupid premium ammo. I will continue to watch your videos because you are very honest and legit unlike some idiots like QB who says that these tanks are balanced and game is fine.

  11. That “mid” plate armor is so Russian. Stalinium 2

  12. Too small weak point. Need to nerf this tank ASAP

  13. if there is a british tank with good armor there must be a russian tank with better armor and better speed!

  14. gunner needs to be sent to gulag

  15. Send gunner to johhny sins…???

  16. This thing’s armor is fucking ridiculous, it’s armor is better than all the tier 10 heavies and it’s “weakspot” is as weak as other tank’s strongest points

  17. I remember reading about a Tiger II in WWII Eastern Front that received about 70 hits, I forget what the mix was between AP and HE, and also hit 3 AT mines before being forced to stop. The Russian Badger of WOT seems to have beaten that record

  18. WOT right now
    lets just play OP tank with full loadout is gold and dont need skills

  19. beautiful video !

  20. Just got my first tier 10 today! T110E4

  21. Dat bat hat brain fart at the end omg

  22. Dezpacito!!

  23. Ridiculous tank.

  24. My biggest record was 21k damage blocked with my Jagdpanzer E-100, and it was 3-4 years ago. This Obj is dumb as shit.

  25. the first match you got lucky to be droped into a tier 9 battle… those guys just cant pen you with standard shells..
    Let’s see when you get into a tier X match with “unicun” throwing that gold shit into your armor..

  26. Nguyễn Hồng Hải

    This is BS, not even T95 is this tough and it is way slower.

  27. Russian patch = Russian bias.

  28. Well, while 268 is no doubt very strong tank. You can bounce this many shots in many other heavily armored tanks when the enemy are retards and keep sniping your weak spots across half of the map. Just track the 268 and flank it. Dont just sit in front of it and expect to easily pen it.

  29. A bit unfair to blame the gunner for all those shots in the last game tbh

  30. Yep, another OP tank. WG f***** up when they start to removing weak points on front of tanks. Of course, reason was spending more gold. They say you should circle him 🙂 Only problem is we have corridor maps, there is usually more than just one tank and in case of this tank he is extreamly mobile. Another great job WG (just kidding).

  31. Lord, this is like the original Waffle but with Armor instead….. I don’t understand Wargaming…. Actually, I do…. It’s greed. They make tanks good at first to milk the money, and then nerf them to shit screwing their customers. Instead of just making enjoyable tanks in the first place, and we spend money cause we enjoy the game. Wargaming are assholes to the tenth degree.

  32. In the first game the player was indeed an idiot. He lost the game for his team. He wasted Heat on those tier 8-9 tanks instead on focusing them on the Badger. Also when he was already out of Heat he should at least try kill the Badger with those 2 HE since Badger was on 590 hp. The 2nd battle was good example how today players play. One AP bounce (bad aimed shot, he hit the mantlet on the E-100) and Heat goes in. 293 pen is more than enough to pen E-100 everywhere (you will pen turret on E-100 4 out of 5).

  33. Finally a decent Russian td. Not so OP. It has lot of cons, and great results only if there are dumbs enemies.

    And, ok, the first videoclip… Blocked 22k dmg, nice. Count how much DMG did he missed! I think that Badger, in that same position, with the same enemies and shots would have done better!
    For the accuracy and the DPM.

    Sincerely? I think it is balanced and soon people will get used to the new tank and his weaknesses.

  34. I am a casual player who started 2yrs ago and way back then decided my first tier 10 would be the E4 but after getting the T30 a few months ago i am not even trying to get the E4 anymore because its one of the worst tier 10s with all the newest buffs and its old nerf. I have just started my way to a ton of new tier 8s… This tank (obj) is a great example of a newer tank that discourages the play of certain tanks (E4)

  35. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Stronk russian tenk it is for you comrade!

  36. When a hero loses 22k credits if he weren’t a premium! That’s WoT 4u!

  37. AP bounce, load the gold, good for WOT. That’s the problem of the current policy of the game.

  38. For me this is not that op, the gun os garbage and against meds or lights dont have nathing to do. Nice video.

  39. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Oh no dez… you said biatch and idiot, youtube will demonitize you again.

  40. Typical WG balance…

  41. Type 5 Heavy enough said

  42. What kind of cammo that t44 use, i cant see him before

  43. Typical french gameplay, useless af
    At least the blocked dmg is important for your team… not!

  44. “Extremely hard to penetrate”
    Yet a Panther II with the long 75mm pens with AP

  45. Seems like a balanced t8 premium

  46. DezGamez please do 15 vs 15 including crusader with OQF-3 inch Howitzer Mk. I, i would like to see some funny game with those superslow shells

  47. how the fuck did panther pen him frontaly??

  48. I`m too late for commenting 😉
    ljubi brat
    hope the special vid will be on torrents or something 😛

  49. And yet they said the type 5 has armour issues, armour becomes shyt with gold, but this and badger gives 0 fcks about gold, 🙂

  50. Sounds like the perfect tank for me! :-p

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