► Ikv 90 Typ B Review – Road To STRV 103B – World of Tanks Ikv 90 Typ B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Line. – Tank Destroyers. Road To STRV 103B Series.

update up and running on all servers, finally. was very big patch, it came with a lot of buffs to the premium tanks, new HD models, new features and the main thing of course… New nation! From now on we have full tech tree of Swedish tanks.

Starting from today’s episode, I am going to make separate episode about every tank, up to the “Strv 103B”. I believe starting from tier 7 it is more important to know how one tank plays, what are the weak points and what is strong about it. Today I am going to focus on tier 7 Swedish – “Ikv 90 Typ B”.


Second battle:
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3231683#stats
Player: RagingBull1204


  1. I liked it a lot

  2. Dez, he was firing heat, stop telling him to shoot the t29’s tracks :))

  3. why wot not work today? is it only on my PC? please help me

  4. hey Dez, really been enjoying the content!
    I am not sure if you have already done this, and if so excuse me, but would
    you consider doing a WoT past episode on the old chaffee? i just got my
    second mark on my chaffee and my mate told me the old chaffee was better,
    so now i’m curious.

  5. I can’t find your other lower Swedish tier TD replays.

  6. hi Dez, can u make a face off eppisode between is3 and kv4? thanks it will
    be awesome

  7. A. Brix (Brixmeister)

    Wow that intro driving was amazing!!! xD

  8. Please you need to Subscribe!!! It’s the best channel on Youtube!! Great
    video Dez!! I’m slowly working my way up this line. I’m still working on
    getting my 113. I love my 121 but the 113 seems like a beast.

    Take care, flea1951………the oldman out!

  9. Best light tank in the game!

  10. Marc van den Elzen

    Dez, what is your opinion on that damn Tundra mod? Its showing up
    everywhere suddenly.
    it removes all the bushes from the map so you have clear *Visual* sight.

  11. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    Hi Dez, I can’t find your lower tier vids. Please could you provide a link
    for them?

  12. Good overall game, nicely done

  13. Hahaha, just the same story.
    You need to find tomatoes enemies to have a good/great battle.
    The VK45. 03 didn’t shot back, even blindly.
    The first T29 yoloed like a monkey, and was defending team.
    The second T29 decided to die instead of fighting the Td behind him.
    And the mighty Chaffee! Yes, 56 seconds left, and he stops to die.
    Just had to keep going, avoiding to die and win the match.
    But nope.
    RNG, luck, and always tomatoes,thus is the recipe for WoT.

  14. Help me to chose prem tank: Super Pershing or FV4202 P ??

  15. 0 dislikes thats awsom

  16. anyone else notice how quiet Swedish crew are compared to other nations?

  17. dez the AT-15A has 25/25 gun traverse and the T28 HTC has 30/30 gun

    please don’t hate me

  18. imo, the best tank in the whole line

  19. Can’t wait to get the tier 6 KV65-II, I really don’t like the tier 5, it
    only seems to be best up close and shotgunning the enemy since the shell
    velocity is so slow, reminds me of the T18 before it became an SPG, crap
    shell velocity, but when it hits something dumb enough to sit still it is

  20. Federico Di Liberto

    E25>SU 122-44

  21. Ikea very fun tank in fact. I made the other branch of heavy. Nice to play
    . Next the branch of TD.

  22. I already have UDES and I have to say, on sneaky maps It’s fuckin epic, I
    have better stationary camo than on my E25 xd pen is also epic, just as
    accuracy and aim time, but siege mode can be freakin annoying, you cant
    really do anything useful on city maps sadly, you have to enter it exit it,
    armor doesnt beounce anything, it’s really an epic game then shite game
    tank, not consistent

  23. I don’t skip ads in dez videos just so he can take the income he deserves

  24. HAHAHA!!! That freaking intro though holy shit

  25. In our clan we call this tank “Ikean Kanuuna Vaunu” which means “Ikea’s
    Cannon Vehicle” :)

  26. Nice girls at the end of the battle :)

  27. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Ikea meatballs!

  28. Angelo Soares Giroto

    Those victory girls! =O
    Nice to see that you reached a 100k subs now! Ive been here sinds 30k.
    Congratz! Your video’s never changed, keep doing great work! =)

  29. Hi Dez!! just to know, what’s your modpack ?

  30. Hey dez I have an epic shot with t49, so where do I send it to maybe see it
    in ur chanell?

  31. Vladimir Shogunalfa

    i own this tank and by my opinion, its last one good in swe tds… that
    siege mode make tier 8 – 10 total useless in city maps etc… so i love
    this td :)

  32. How I play World of Tanks

    Loving the IKV 90B – the gun handling is amazing, and the speed great

  33. I like my SU-122-44 as well, had some of my best games in it!

    Dez, can you show some live game play in your SU-122-44?

    (gotcha10 NA)PLEASE

  35. but when i hit tracks all i get is critical hits

  36. the at15a has better gun traverse limits at 25 degrees both ways

  37. DezGames plz watch my strv 74 video my name is 1N54N3_K1ll3R, it’s not the
    highest damage but I was bottom tier and did over 3000 damage I was the
    second highest replay foe the 74 on your channel but mine was a bottom tier

  38. 14:40 – only HEAT and HE left = advises people to shoot tracks with that…

  39. Dreasdful pile of shit, like most of swedish tanks.

  40. Haven’t played this yet, I’m on the Ikv 103 at the moment. My favorite tier
    7 td is the JPanther though. It’s a beast.

  41. The aim for both replays were pretty bad, they chose to fire when they
    shouldn’t have and missed more than several rounds because of it. You can
    win a game and do a lot of damage, but it takes more skill to be efficient
    and cost effective as well.

  42. As far as tier 7 TD’s go most of them seem to be decent and the Ikv 90 Typ
    B seem to fit that mold. Good Speed, High pen, fast fire rate and middle of
    the road damage makes this a nice all-round package and when used right a
    sniping monster.

  43. good luck bud

  44. Looking forward to your review for the UDES 03. Great camo but the siege
    mode is really limiting in many ways. Great for kemping bush but awful for
    aggressive play. The two seconds to actually be able to aim is just game
    breaking on most maps with the corridors and lack of cover or just the fact
    they’re only 600m in size.

  45. dez how come are you so slow grinding these? Even I have the T9 already

  46. Dez what about the T25/2 with the gun traverse limits lol

  47. I think he didn’t go for the tracks because he was firing heat

  48. Crystallia Baggins

    great video my friend

  49. great gameplay !!!

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