► Interesting Mods #1 – Battle Hits & Hangar Manager – World of Tanks [NEW SERIES?]

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Source: DezGamez

– Tornado Battles Hits and “HangMan” Hangar Manager Mod. Mod Packs, Interesting Mods Series.

► Mods in the video:
Tornado Battle Hits from “Protanki” modpack:

Just the mod: http://www.pkmods.com/battle-hits-by-tornado/

https://protanki.tv/ : This the modpack I am using for all of my mods, but “Tornado Battle Hits” also over there. Just download the smaller (89mb) version.

2) Hangar Manager:
For me, putting that file into res_mods/9.xx did not work, I had to put it into mods/9.xx folder as well. Maybe just my problem, try it out. Forum posts are really helpful as well.

New series about interesting or awesome mods in World of Tanks. Let me know what you think about it, would you like to see more? If you have any awesome mods that I can check out, let me know!



  1. So, what do you say… Want to see more?
    And MAYBE this is not going to be my only episode for you today… Maybe! 😉

  2. In my opinio the 1.mod was better but it’s just my personal opinion.. Waiting patiently for the next episode…

  3. A mod series is really cool. It gives you more content to cover, publicity for the mods, and it’ll help out people that want to find mods
    Edit: if nothing else, keep the HangMan mod. It gives such a nice cinematic view using the actual battle maps

  4. Thanks Dez, was looking for something like this. Can I still say I play on a vinilla acount though? With no in game effect just the garage, I don’t wan’t 1st one, just a question that came to mind. Keep up the good work man.

  5. WOW can you make your Garage when your tank is in mid jump or falling???

  6. Dez,try using Girls und Panzer mod. I know it is cancerous but i like to know your reaction to that mod 🙂

  7. you’ll see QB doing this soon he copies all of Dez games content

  8. You need to make a garage as you are flying in the air and tumbling in a small light tank. Makes for the funniest garages for your big heavies… Especially if you screenshot it and post it on forums, people will ask how did you manage to flip your Maus etc like that.

  9. Try going under water

  10. Hey dez, can you show us how to install mods. Some of us still don’t know how to do that nowadays (me).

  11. I had that mod but i did not know what it is ! Thanks to you, i ll use it now !

  12. Well, Hello! Over here 😀

  13. Those are some awesome mods. Great idea for a series!

  14. Toy mode is the best ??

  15. I have stumbled upon star wars mod for wot. Pz I C reworked (only for you ofcourse, and only cosmetic hitboxes are still same) as BB-8. Worth a look maybe?

  16. The screen saver is just like armored warfare

  17. I like this, good job dez

  18. is the Hangar Manager Legal mods?

  19. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Cool idea. Nice video

  20. N.H.I. Nik's.Hellenic.Indutries

    Awesome ! But will they work ? Cause last time i used Aslains mod it f*!&@ my laptop and the game….

  21. Great content!

  22. DEZ: look for a mod where you can look at the planes flying ovehead, maybe a ride along (or even the birds).

  23. Wow, everyone shot your T110E3 with standard ammunition.

  24. I got a little time…

  25. I really like the look of battle hits. I might get that mod.

  26. Can you please next time show us how to download them?

  27. Love it! Would love to see more!

  28. Make a hangar of the premium store!

  29. Love this start of a possible new series, always amazed at the ideas you have for videos. Keep up the amazing work for us! 😀

  30. Midair garage, flying tank

  31. The tanks are cute :v

  32. Very cool Dez!

  33. Dez, nice idea for a serie. Can you also comment/analyze how much computer resurs they take because many of us has a old computer…

  34. Garage In mid air?

  35. Ummm I’m most definitely getting this mod this mod. Dez can u save ur garage place it while u jump in the air???

  36. Everybody can tap 2 key, there new lyrics for that song in E3 game.

  37. I wonder how super heavys like maus, e100, or japanese heavys looks likes on top of the train

  38. Freddie Lettegaard

    Hey Dez (or anyone with an answer) – How do I turn my Tornado Battle Hits into English? As of right now, it’s in russian.. :-/

  39. Those toy tanks are a classic…. awesome mod for the hangar 😀

  40. Maybe they could mod that other hangar setup to make the hangar the location where you last died on a game :P. Might keep people’s ego in check and inspire some of the scrubs to get better 😛

  41. I like it matey as long as the mods are legal in the game I’m in.

  42. Nice mods….but Can it do this ?? * reclines chair *

  43. Hea töö , jätka samas vaimus.

  44. A_Certain_Derpy_Pz.Kpfw._KV-II_754_r

    What if you drown your tank?

  45. good idea Dez nice to see different content, to be honest I have stopped playing tanks after 6 years but I still like watching your videos, thanks

  46. going to instal it 🙂

  47. As usual you are the best Dez…

  48. cool vid but we get nothing less with Dez 🙂

    could you tell the modders, it’d be quite cool if you could assign a particular garage to a particular tank…

    just saying…;)

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