► Interesting Mods #2 – TheFalkonett’s UML Mod – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks Mods – TheFalkonett’s UML Utilization Project. World of Tanks Mod Packs, Interesting Mods Series. and Battle Hits Mod Installation.

► Mods in video:
1) Tornado Battle Hits: http://www.pkmods.com/battle-hits-by-tornado/

2) Hangar Manager:

3) TheFalkonett’s UML Utilization Project: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/644772-thefalkonetts-uup-uml-utilization-project/

You guys took my first in this series with a really nice and warm Welcome… So, let’s make this a series!
In today’s I am going to show off one mod that was recommended by A LOT of You, beautiful people, “TheFalkonett’s UML Utilization Project”.
This mod makes moving parts, that should move in this game, moving… It makes secondary turrets turn and, wait for it… FIRE! Yes, with that mod you can actually fire and move your secondary guns and turrets… I am also going to answer to some of your questions from my previous about “Hangar Manager” mod.

What do you think about that? Let me know about more mods in comments!



  1. First off: I do feel honored Dez. Thanks a lot ^^
    One thing, or rather one person I don’t want people to forget, is Atacms. He made the UML (Universal Model Loader). It’s basically the programming behind this.
    All I do, is to remodel the tanks to use his features. That’s why I’m “utilizing the UML”.
    The M56 Scorpion has the opening travel-lock, a rotating fan, breech operation & a moving steeringwheel btw. I try to do as much as I can with each tank.
    And about miniturrets not firing: That feature wasn’t there when I did those tanks. Atacms is working on his mod aswell after all, improving it whenever possible.

  2. This is so cool, like secondary arty of WoW, it would be amazing!!

  3. The underwater garage should be the default vanilla option for arty players 😀

  4. “cough” “cough” WarThunder ?

  5. Why won’t wargaming make night time maps? Imagine how cool is would be if we had nighttime maps

  6. Even if the secondary guns have no in game damage effect the visualization is still awesome.

    WG should not only adapt this mod, they should pay the developers a wad of cash. Better still, give him a job.

  7. Oh. This is a pretty nice one.

  8. Hello Dez,

    You have said many times “Back Space”. I dont know what is that. What to press? The answer would be lovley.

  9. Super Studios Productions

    It would be awesome if they made some kind of mechanic for the pz sfl IV c where the same happens like in this mod, but you can actually turn the turret 360 degrees like it could in real life. Maybe make it so that it won’t be able to move when it uses that mode, or something like the Swedish TDs?

  10. not going to lie, I’m a huge fan and I’ll always love your videos. but this mod is absolutely boring in my opinion, but srsly, you rock!

  11. DefendingTheFatherland

    I honestly don’t understand why WG didn’t give the Selbstfahrlafette a siege mode. It is such a rubbish tank due to the dreadful gun arc and it looks so nice in this mod.

  12. We have a guy going around in the garage in WoT Blitz so i think wg will add people.?

  13. Is there a mod that shows your wrecked tank in the garage? Just to see all the damaged done to tank.. Even if you survived battle just to see the damages as well. Post battle mod?

  14. Thought you said “anger manager.” That would be a miracle of a mod if it existed for this community.

  15. “i’m going to show you the M3 Lee later”

    i feel scammed

  16. “The Toaster” is what I really wanted to see, *nice*, great mod and vid!.

  17. Hey, the female crew, would the mod work on them , top up, top down, jiggle jiggle bouncy bouncy ?

  18. i offer a 100 eur to see a flying amx 40 duckling , gl hf and pm

  19. wy are mods allways cooler then the game itself cane release ? they should pay those guys who made it and add it , simple and respectfull..anyways nice vid Dezz

  20. So uh dez. When are we gonna see more war thunder videos? Looking forward to you getting your T-64A

  21. try Avalon’s Centurions

  22. How cool would the toaster be, or a mobelwagen opening up to a 360 TD

  23. So its a warthunder like mod, and no I’m not a wt elitist you weebos

  24. do u install each of the folders separately for this mod?

  25. You forgot about doing it upside down!

  26. So… basically it makes WoT a little more like WT.

  27. This is such a cool mod. Something that should have come out with HD tanks.

  28. I would love for this to become a series. I am interested in what mods I can and can’t use. Also, keep up the fantastic work! 😀

  29. Maybe sometime an episode about the underlying UML itself. the animation feature is only a supporting function of UML. the main purpose of UML is to change owntank model without altering anyone else’s.

  30. Conq’s minigun looks like a toy

  31. Load the Skill rounds

    We need this even if it has no effect on the game play it would just be awesome

  32. Try war thunder all the machine guns works there!

  33. I see the toaster as a mobile home without a roof now.

  34. WG didnt fixed their game , I doubt they will another system

  35. WG, take notes

  36. 15 objects 705a vs 15 is4

  37. Dez good vid keep ’em coming…………………!
    Battle On!

  38. Is WG going to implement these for the base game? Hell no, that would require work and there is no money to be made. Unless these would be premium only features.

  39. The OI-Exp to O-Ho would be overpowered with those mini turrets.

  40. Dez seriously…will you make any warthunder movies? This wot is really a joke.

  41. Dez you should definitely make a mod series.

  42. Can someone please find this Hangar mod for WoT Thanks

  43. CAN I GET 1000 SUBS WITH NO Vids

    I want aimbot mod


  45. You should review the WOT MLG Modpack.

  46. It would also be great if the Empty Shell Cases get ejected out of the Back of oscillating Turrets.

  47. They look brillant The Flak Toaster mod is the one i want to see in the game.

  48. As awesome as the mods are, it still wont make me break my strictly mod free game rule

  49. Hey Dez and Viewers can somebody tell me how im installing the Tornado Battle Hits Mod? would be nice 😀

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