► Interesting Reworks… Very Interesting… – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Review – Tank Rework/Rebalancing, New Chinese Tank Destroyers, New 30 vs 30 Grand Battle Game Mode, Features and More. World of Tanks AMX 30B Gameplay. Gameplay. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay.

World of Tanks patch 9.20 test server is up and running and as promised, I am already there, to provide you some HOT content about all the new things that are going to be here with this update. are getting a lot of reworks or rebalancing, new Chinese tank destroyer, new features and game mode and a lot more…

In this episode I decided to bring you some more battle-, gameplay action… I am going to pick 3 most interesting reworks or rebalances with this upcoming patch 9.20.
That said, this is not MY TOP 3 of most interesting reworks, there are a lot more actually, I just wanted to test out those tanks, because quite a lot of things changed on them.
Would you like to see some more gameplay action about other interesting reworks as well?

Stay tuned for more videos and information about World of Tanks 9.20!

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  1. The regular e50 has the best accuracy in the game with the 8.8 l100 with 0.29 stock accuracy

  2. The_black_Frank_White

    248pen?! Thats bullshit

  3. Why the hell are those total tards spamming gold,?????it’s a test server…. I really hope they duo the same what done in blitz and nerf the damage on those prems,, so some idiots might learn to aim or suffer a great DPM loss

  4. Most stupid changes to the
    AMX 30 B. What’s the point of playing the tank when the while point of playing the tank was the pen and accuracy

  5. I teamkilled 5 teammates with my deathstar so I got 3 month ban so I can’t play this forsaken game anymore. I am free. Warthunder is far better. Still watching Dez though. Keep up good work Dez.

  6. 5:48 Actually Strv 103 B has the highest dpm :3

  7. That low roll on the last shot of the t57 heavy in the first 30b replay

  8. Those bounces were off your hull Dez I think. Patton has always had troll armour because of all slopes and curves.

  9. Dez IS7 has better gun handling now than the 113, WZ-111-5A and about the same as the Obj. 260, it has better armour than all those tanks, more HP than those tanks now, is almost as mobile as those tanks and has 490 alpha which is more than the 260 and 113. More buffs to it would make those tanks completely reduntant. IS7 was always strong, these little buffs are just about right IMO, anything more and you have a Maus/Type 5 situation where you overbuff it and it becomes OP.

  10. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    I just want a new Czech premium tank or something. It’s like they don’t care about them anymore :c

  11. so i guess leo1 was too good and needed to be downgraded to the worst tierX med. oh wait, IT WAS THE WORSE. great. id like to hear one reason why you should play it 😀

    it would be ballanced if they removed the fuckin hidden stats and increased the dpm by higher rof. fuck sakes.

  12. The Tortoise still has the best DPM, and Strv 103B also has a better DPM than AMX 30B

  13. Because of the so called “buff” to the 30b, i will never grind them untill they take this “buff” away

  14. onemanpaintballarmy

    What about the type 59? 🙁

  15. More buff for the IS-7. #MAKEIS7GREATAGAIN.

  16. listen to your playback, always there is a pounding sound from mouse or keyboard – please separate the microphone from the table

  17. but they are not the most accurate, Russian meds are. its soft stats that matter, nothing else, same on Grille, Leopard, you aim and you miss in a Russian med just point and snap. Also its too much like the Leopard, so they make it like the STB-1 instead?

  18. Dez what M48 model is that?

  19. all the people mentioning STB-1 has a good turret, u don’t know that the weak spot on the turret is around the gun? and with that accuracy if u dont want to aim ur shot (to avoid getting shot in the gun) how many shots can actually deal dmg with? 50%-60%? so whats the point of saying it has good dpm when only some shots can even hit the target (not to mention to pen the target)

  20. Dez, AMX 30B or Batchat 25T?

  21. Uhhh what about the Tortoise now? Can it also get a mobility buff like the T95, yes?

  22. Daz whats your nationality again im just curious with your accent

  23. Great video (as always), Dez 🙂

  24. Holy hell I’m gonna have to grind my and along with my stb1, basically all they did was buff the and, because with crew Skillz Android a stabilizer you can get that accuracy down to about .33 .32 so really the tank got a massive buff and is now on par with best DPM in the game

  25. This is really making me wanna reinstall to grind these

  26. -we didn’t want another leopard.
    -So we balanced the amx 30b to be another m48, centurion ax, or stb1.
    why not have another thin tank with sniper gun? Because now it’s just another Western 105 mm mid range tank.

  27. PranksterGangster #bakefast and moose milk

    do 3 leopard 1 against an maus

  28. Foch B stands for Foch Balanced

  29. Dez, your the one stop shop for info on all the latest changes to wot!!! Best gameplay as always and greatest videos!! Thank you, flea

  30. dezgamez…i wish you can stop talk bulshit….but understend…WG pay you to talk shit….i have AMX 30b and my almost every game is more than 3k dmg…amx 30b dont need this dpm buff shit…i play amx 30b on test server…you can play only like a 8 tier vs heavis…can pen only meds and lts…AMx 30b rest in piece….tnx for delete my coment….i hope WG pay you enough…

  31. 2400 hp on is 7 is ONE SHOT MORE IN GAME evrtng else is SAMEeeee
    ‘sunce ti kalajisano

  32. Does the M48 buff going to affect my sweet M60?.. 😀

  33. Maybe it’s not as smart an idea as I think, but let’s put it out anyway
    Wouldn’t it have been better if they just buffed the IS-7s alpha to 550 and increased the reload by 1s? Dpm would stay almost exactly the same but the tank would be much more playable. (Dpm is really overrated nowadays)

  34. Rip stb 1

  35. I need to c obj140 real bad!

  36. Anyone noticed how gold ammo are overused and how heavy armor completly lost interest ?

  37. 1:32 did he just say “wow dat shot doe” that’s a first Dez, your coming along with your English man!!

  38. U know that tortoise have the Best dpm, no?

  39. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Who cares about japs meds now? I think I give up WoT for another 6 months

  40. so the obj 430 has worse gun depression than the 30B and I think maybe that’s it?
    the M48 turret looks very nice but I worry about the trend of meds all being given super turrets that can bounce Tier X heavies.
    we also need more excuses for Dez to say “wun wun wun”.

  41. The 30b was designed to have no armor m, but an epic gun woth epic penetration and accuracy.
    Wg is shitting on the 30b designers….

  42. WG are not balancing tanks, they are buffing one tier X after the other. Bunch of drunken, retarded Russian cunts!

  43. M48A5 has the wrong hull. FFS WG give it the correct M48A3 hull with raised engine deck and diesel powerplant.

  44. So sadly my sexy STB-1 is outclassed by the ugly ass french man in every aspect #feelsbadman.

  45. Well there is not that much of a different in ts and ls if we talk abou premrounds sadly at least not in t10

  46. nice they finally cut loose with the M48A5 with the Israeli cupola modification, cant wait to play it, also up gunned from 90mm to 105mm l7/m68 cannon
    bullet launching at its best, Now I hope they get the ammo right with SABOT ammo for the armor piercing

  47. It IS not enough!!!

  48. How do you have so much credits let Dez

  49. How about IS-4 ffs!

  50. The Tortoise actually has higher dpm 😛 Just thought I’d let you know

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