► IS-4 – The Forgotten, Too… – World of Tanks IS-4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks -4 and Review. World of Tanks IS-4, 10 Soviet Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Live Gameplay.

Couple days ago I made a video about 113, “The Forgotten One” and a lot of you said that IS-4 is actually even more forgotten… Well


  1. Churchill GC

  2. IS-4 and IS-7 are arguably some of the worst heavies in the game…

    • is 7 is ok. WZ1115A is overpowered.

    • The 5A is a beast for sure. Im hoping the new tier 10 heavy that will follow the T-10 will be a 5A clone thats Russian.
      IS-7 just lacks on so many different fronts now. Bad gun, bad DPM, bad ground pressure, bad hull armor. Its only saving grace is a good turret.

    • yeah but at least it has speed and excelent turret and that is a lot. Still used in CW and SH. IS 4 has bad gun, bad dpm, slow, not great turret, and terrible hull.

    • SectumSempra IS-7 has terrible ground resistance values that make the T-10, 5A, 113 actually faster even though on paper they are slower. And IS-7 in use in SH and CW makes lol…???

  3. When you realize Object 430U and IS-4 have same caliber gun yet the 430U gets an extra 20 shells. #russianmediumbias

  4. You was gangbang by some tities? 😀

  5. at this right moment, i was honour to get killed byDez with his wz1321 at ranked battle.?

  6. btw, im the camper patton. its not me, the team sucks.

  7. Forgotten…hmm…maybe China mediums too?

    (Jap mediums need some love too, I won’t forget you guys)

  8. Prety shity crew for tier 10 😀

  9. You know you’re watching a good player when he swears @ getting killed after doing 7000 dmg -_-

  10. So Dez, do you think IS4 needs buffing?

  11. Would still like to see a few battles with the IS-4 is in all-tier-10 battles.

  12. Easy Peeezy Lemon Squezzy… lmao

  13. PanzerSpanking _

    I hate this tank. I play on console don’t know if it’s worse on there but, seriously it’s so shit.

  14. obj 430 U>Is4

  15. This was actually calculated because since the IS4 is the true forgotten one he first had to forget about it before making a video.

  16. are you from estonia? Tere 🙂

  17. always kill the autoloader first and loading HE would have two shotted the ru let alone the module damage he would get.

  18. Maybe E5 ? 😉

  19. When the IS-4 was a T9, it was the original Deathstar.

  20. Do the tiger 2 please

  21. aboubakr benafla

    i need 90k exp to get my IS-4
    i do not know why people are not playing it, maybe a cause of the new tack tree hts, or what?

  22. This is not Epic like Claus Kellerman s epic kills!

  23. The IS-4 should stay forgotten. If WG ever remembers that it exists, they will give it 20 hp/t and 3000 DPM, and they’ll remove all the weakspots too while they’re at it.

  24. I see a lot more IS-4s than 113s

  25. the gun on the IS 4 is just awful in my experience.

  26. J. Always Gaming For Fun

    Dez that music you had playing during the gangbang was fantastic!

  27. live my ass 😀 skips reload times lol

  28. I think that they should make the IS4 better than the IS7 in regards of gun handling, dpm and maybe gun depression

  29. Dez: You are too nervous for a penetration
    Grille 15: Ping!

  30. My all time favorite ht tank next is is7 third t57 and e5

  31. Jean-Philippe Morin

    IS4, my favorite heavy in the game…

  32. This tank is super crap for ranked and grand battles. For random, it is ok

  33. *”STA-TIC-TACS”*

  34. Hi everyone, nice vid DeZ!

  35. the tank that flew

    nah that was a bukkake

  36. Dez, we want 60 fps 🙂

  37. “static techs” hahaha

  38. Great ad

  39. Look at gold and days of prem.. Omg..

  40. I LOVE the “gg retards” comment from the ZERO damage done WZ-120-1 FT…..

  41. Mohammed Aldarwish

    What IS-4 needs imo is a slight turret rotation buff, and, if they want to be more generous, an ammo increase to make you feel confident while playing this tank since it is likely to low role very often.

  42. That full HE IS7 in the second game……….

  43. the 121 is also forgotten because the obj 430u

  44. The IS-4 is so shitty, first tier 10 and I already regret it, I would prefer the buffed IS-7 any day, hull down in that and it’s basically impenetrable but if you hull down in a IS-4 the roof gets overmatch almost 100% of the time

  45. “Stat-tict-tacs” lol.

  46. Is-4 is one of the rare balanced tanks ^^ No need to change much about it. Maybe some better reload speed would be nice.

  47. i Allways thought the IS-4 looks way cooler then the IS-7

  48. Dellinger the fighting fish

    too many forgotten tank


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