► IS-7 Blyat… Slav Squat FTW! – World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Epic Battles / Replays Series.

In today’s episode I am going to show you one of my better battles in the trusty . We go way back with , as this was my very first tier 10 vehicle in this game… In 2011. :O

Let’s take a look what happens, when -7 goes HAM… What happens a Carry, Blyat!



  1. Good evening, doing good as always? 🙂
    What else would you like to see from the test server?

  2. You have luck with rng because you hitted and pen your shots.I would miss 80% of shots because od rng

  3. Love the new design Dez, T-shirt and mug ordered. Hopefully they should arrive in time for my birthday. That would be sweet.

  4. *Da comrade, cyka blyat!*
    Eni Slav ken not klik on vidio whean zere is cyka blyat in z description.

  5. You’re IS- 7 years old tank carrier !

  6. very nice game

  7. Verry well played! Where can i send u my gameplay in my obj 140?

  8. Come on dez dude face reveal

  9. More $olitaire!

  10. For some reason my bell notification was canceled and i dont know why

  11. i would buy it but it would make me look like a furry kind of but gl i love ur channel and ur vids keep it up

  12. if I have a game like that .. I’ll get my 260 .. but nooooo i hate you a little bit :V

  13. Сука Блять Россия ??

  14. Good job Dez good job

  15. haha DEZ me as RUS guy i like this videos so much! 1. IS7 is a best tank! 2. i like your russian 3. you r cool person 😉

    btw: still trying to get you better “HESHgasm” 183 video ;P

    wop wop! cya!

  16. 2011! Get a life! Or give us another video.

  17. Yes this map, below team has 90% chance to lose in random battle

  18. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I’ve been playing WoT for like 14months now – plays 2 to 3hrs every other day – and i still dont know what this “Goes ham” means lol

  19. Yo dez why don’t u upload this replay to the mighty jingles or quickly baby ! Could get some more viewers from it 😉

  20. You know what…. I will buy that Beast tanker on a hoodie…. Once I have some spare money of course

  21. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    But can you do this?! Lol ?

  22. LOVE the new beast gear!!!

  23. henry bob swillikers

    Last night I got my first tier 10,the IS-7, this video was a perfect timing for me. It looks like I’ll need my Dez T-shirt or coffee cup. Thank’s Dez!!

  24. No I dodn’t understand

  25. “I Wanted to derp” ofc m8, sure you wanted to derp, When its 2v1 and low HP.

  26. the subtle knock at pewdiepie was pretty funny at the end it has to be said

  27. Remove the orange around it and it will be gucci :).
    I legit at first thought that you were going to create a clan and that would be your clan logo : )!

  28. IS/7 is only good if you are willing to spam gold ammo in it…Otherwise it is a disappointment.

  29. That was a great game Dez.

  30. Hey Dez! I love your content but a few people including me have been wondering what the name of the song is in your STRv 1 vs 9 battle. If you could tell us or actually if anyone else knows that would be great! as always love the videos. keep up the great work.

  31. Serbian Highlander

    Dezzzzz Q&A video ever?

  32. Your design is cool. *_But can it do THIS ?!_*

  33. Can you do reviews?

  34. Yes Yes man , beast mode tanker Black Tiger is the Bitches I’ve ever seen, that should sell world wide !!!!!

  35. Aaaaand, that’s it, I’m now visualising an IS-7 with an ADIDAS Paint Job ….

  36. God game DEZ congratz

  37. What’s causing the demonetizing? You figured it out yet?

  38. Time to buy the IS7, have had it unlocked for almost a year….

  39. It must be true,on every map is a spot for IS-7! God damn WG.

  40. Great match! Bring back face off series! I need to know the answer to those questions that nobody is asking… :S

  41. Very nice gameplay, sir 🙂 I like how you only used APCR rounds when needed, not like many other IS-7 drivers who have APCR one 1 key.

  42. I recently got IS-7 and its my first tier x too

  43. But can you do this? xD

  44. Monster carry! Drmonitization is an issue regardless if you swear or not!

  45. I would love a cap with that design tho ?

  46. How is your reload so low?

  47. What we learned today? Never autoaim on IS-7 side with bad accuracy gun like T-57 etc.

  48. Can I get a sweatshirt with one of those models in it. Hubba Hubba.

  49. Liked it til you loaded gold (“cause I had to!”)- be part of the solution, not the problem 😉

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