► IS-7 The Bully, Casual 10K! – World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. -7, Tier 10 Soviet Russia .

IS-7 might not be the best tier 10 heavy tank in the game, but it sure knows how to bully tanks in the close range fights.
Take a look how our hero today, who is “blacknyte”, was able to get his third gun mark on tier 10 Soviet “IS-7”.

► Player: blacknyte
► Replay: http://dezgamez.-record.com/replay/32077/blacknyte_is_7_102k_damage_3rd_mark_of_excellence



  1. Frederick Burkert

    Russian Number Generator at its best while enemy fk up from the start

  2. “It’s week. Must be buffed.” Casual WG employee

  3. Chris YoonJik Lee

    Dez I love ur vids thx for uploading them everyday! You are now my favorite youtuber 😀

  4. Alexander Agustine

    Dez, a couple of videos ago you said WG buffing the IS7. It that confirmed? In your next patch review, you only mentioned 113 getting the gun depression.

  5. Tomek Szczepański

    Nice intro again Dez. Dat Staliium tank:)

  6. This editing skill at start 😀 Dez you are becoming an unicum editor 😉

  7. but mause is 3 times bigger it deserves hp.I still say is7 doesn’t need buffs.

  8. TheWolfGamer Dude

    Lol hide the body and show the front of turret, bounces like 99%

  9. kinda low but ok i can live with that

  10. Very epic IS-7 play shown here, excellent!

  11. Mom get the camera!!!! I’m famous on youtube on a sexi channel!

  12. is-7not top ? lol . what a joke

  13. vid from a faceroll tank….

  14. If I were to get 1 gold for every time I close youtube right when DezGamez makes a new video, I would’ve been banned from wargaming for hacking the game.

  15. What’s up with your intros? 😀

  16. Intro song name please? 😀

  17. 5:06 look at that aimbot/snap assist or whatever is tho, that is definately not autoaim( from the ingame), look at where he aims and where the reticle( aka aimbot) trys to find the weekspot on the T-10 , the actuall aim point was on the ground. Nice …, how you didn’t notice this Dez, and there are a few more parts in this replay aswell.

  18. Nice choice of a replay. Alot of damage, a lot of action and agressive play, good moves and good teamplay as well, the TVP distracting them and taking one for the team, plus blackrryte taking also 1 or 2 for the team. Full package, nice choise. 🙂

  19. His IS-7 can actually hit stuff, that is suprising!

  20. blyat power *cheeki breeki iv damke*
    greetings from Romania DezNuts 😛

  21. Hi Dez, what modpack do you use?

  22. In NA server, IS-7 is a premium spammer just a few seconds after the engagement started. :/

  23. how possible to pen is7’s frontal turret armor?

  24. Love your content! For some reason your voice makes it so much more enjoyable.

  25. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Needs a buff , too weak…yeah…sure…

  26. man i wish people would sit in front of my gun and let me shoot them like that!

  27. Most of the time i cross sideways like that infront of t30 i get ammoracked 9/10

  28. They need to buff IS-7 big time all these super high penetration tanks makes the armor almost irrelevant and has super low hp for T10 heavy

  29. Video length is 1337.

  30. Great replay but sorry… this accent is horrible. One tausend instead of thousand x)

  31. I shall have to rip BlackNyte on discord tomorrow when I see him.

  32. Hey Dez, any news on whether they are going to buff the IS7 next patch?

  33. is7 or is4? what is better?

  34. thats my clan team mate 🙂 my ign unicumtanker Efe-x clan is the best ever 🙂

  35. Oh, awesome battle in IS-7 when there is no 3 artys on the field, what an surprise.

  36. Personally I don’t mid that HP difference that much, mostly the fact that the gun can’t compete against all the new super heavies and buffed maus as well as IS-4, 113 and what ever.

  37. Hey DezGamez, great video as always but, why always the higher tiers?….There’s lots of players out there that enjoy the lower tiers, including myself. I find them more exciting and fast paced. I love lights and mediums for that reason. Lastly, why don’t you use your personal reserves?…..you have 99+????….wow!!!!….gh out there!

  38. Why you have GAMEZ after you name? You contribute just wot.

  39. Damn Dez, dem intros you be making are FIRE!

  40. 1000th LIKE ! lols

  41. e50m and t30 on green team had 0 damage

  42. 24k credits without premium for 10k dmg. gg, wg. sounds faire

  43. Well Dez. Few weeks to July 4th! Think you could do a Make a video for it on my bday for the 3rd year in a row? 😀

  44. 360 camera spin cancer

  45. Got up to 94.8% and Arty balanced me back to 92% Is7 was the worse tier10 HT, find a nice hull down spot, no one pushes and arty just focus you down. Great Game! not much you can say he did wrong. vk gold round through the turret lol #balancepleaseWG

  46. I do not use my IS 7 much, but I got a pile of rewards, and a Mastery badge last time I ran it, oh, and 6 kills. Great tank, just not a heavy tanker myself anymore. Cheers!

  47. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    tier x vs tier viii no better seal clubbing even more evidence this game should be +-1 mm

  48. Wow. Damn fine match played there. Well played Nyte.

  49. is7 is the best

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