► IS-7 vs IS-4, Which is The Best? – World of Tanks IS-4 & IS-7 Gameplay

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Gameplay Review. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks IS-4 IS-7, Best Soviet Heavy?

Today I am going to answer to one question that a lot of you still keep asking from me – “Which tank is better, is it IS-4 IS-7?” In my opinion, answer to that question is pretty easy and obvious. 🙂

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


  1. Is4’s upper plate turns to cheese when the magical 2 key is pressed, is4 has better gun handling than is7 but is7 has more reliable hull armour

  2. Per Fyrstenborg Stigsen

    Hey Dez 🙂

    If I have a wich – I would wich a German heavy gameplay.. Maus vs E-100 vs Panzerkampfvagen 7 🙂 Hope 2 see it in the future 🙂

  3. I agree that the is7 is better than the is4, but the st-i is one of my favorite tanks.

  4. raaaushhhh B
    raaaaussshhh B
    no scope

  5. Cosmin Mărculescu

    This was really interesting. After I watched this video, I know what IS-7 to pick. lol

  6. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i think IS4 need some love, only a litle to the gun parameters…. the rest is great but the gun stats (dispersion, reload and aim time) sould be a bit better to make it at the same level as others.

  7. The IS-4 would, in my opinion, be an equal to the IS-7 if it had its turret weak spot removed. that bullshit plate completely negates the point of your sidescrpaing because it can be penned by literally any tank that the IS-4 will ever face, with the exception of the M41 and the Bat Chat 12t. Literally every other tank that the IS-4 can see can kill it and there is NOTHING the IS driver can do about it. if they bumped that plate up to 40mm from 30, even if that meant losing a degree of gun depression, that woud still be a massive buff from the current state of the vehicle.

  8. Thanks for posting bro! I’m grinding the IS-7 now!

  9. Both suck ass and so does 268

  10. i find is4 more annoying to pen in tier 8 tank, is7 no problem. is4 also plays better imo.

  11. IS-7 all the way

  12. If wg want’s to buff the is-4 they need to replace it by the IS-4 M which had improved ammorack (could carry more shells), and a better transmission increasing it’s mobility.
    The is4 is my second tier 10, and I’m enjoying it, as long as nobody spams HE shells, or t110 E4s spam gold and pen my gun shield…

  13. Still Wot is World of premium ammo.

  14. OMFG didn’t notice i play against you Dez i was in the RU251 in your last battle and now i understand why your team rekt us like this … GG. Hope next time you could be in my team 🙂 Seeya

  15. I really don’t know why people give the IS-4 so much shit. If you angle the tank well enough and know how to use corners and dead tanks and shit, the IS-4 can get a bunker. I even blocked two Jg.Pz. E100 gold shells with this tank without breaking a sweat. This tank is a beast when driven well and against the right tanks. You have to pick your enemies in this tank, you can’t just roll in and hope to survive.
    About the gun: It could be better, but don’t ask me why. It just feels like it could perform better.
    I’ve got a very nice crew on it, i took it off my KV-4 and ST-I, so it has seen like 1.500 battles.
    All I want to say is, that the IS-4 can still be a competitive tank, if you know how to use it.
    (And you actually can use reversed-sidesrpaing in this tank, but it needs a bit of training.)

    I can understand why some people don’t like the IS-4, it’s a difficult tank. But if you master it, it can be a shit ton of fun.

  16. stronk intro instant like

  17. Is7 is less flexible than the Is4, plus the is4 is a challenging but rewarding tank to play

  18. IS-4 vs IS-7 faceoff

  19. i like is-4 but wg buff is-7 hp……. also the question may be st-1 or is-4, for me st-1 much better tank

  20. TheUnoriginalGamer

    imo any good is7 player can beat any is4 player

  21. is7 even after buff, is pos.

  22. I went up the entire IS4 line and sold all of them. BTW: The IS4 has the same gun as the T10 but does have a lot of HP. The problem is everyone will shoot gold at you and knocking 300-500 damage when they pen, which is more than the IS7 gets penned.

  23. IS4 fell behind the power creep. And the IS7 is officially wargaming gagging on your balls sucking you off. It’s rediculous. 60kph super heavy with pen and alpha. lmao its a dream. I have both and it’s sad to compare. I LOVE the IS4 line kv4 etc but the is7 is pure fluff job to keep russians tanks up there.

  24. IS4 better than IS7 in WoTBlitz

  25. is7 or is4 ? 260 s da best, done..

  26. both are trash tanks…look at the average rating, the lowest 3 are is4 e100 and is7. Pointless to compare 2 trashes to find out which is worse. Don’t know why you made such video

    • lol.. you cant look at the average of the most owned tanks its always going to be lower. is4 is not a player friendly tank it takes a fair amount of skill to do well in.. while the is7 doesn’t require as much skill it still requires skill to play..they are far from trash

    • Boxian Zhou you cant say that to Dez a unicym so unless you have 3000+ rating then to hell with your opinion

    • Megalodon Buster well actually I have 3120 so I think I can say that, apologies for my unfriendly tone but the face is they truly are the top worst heavy tanks

  27. IS7 always get ammorack, how poor.

  28. is4 wins everytime, unless is7 is fully hull down

  29. evemitchellanderson

    I’m getting both

  30. now they put in the multi-turreted/Gun system for the Halloween event im just waiting for them to replace the is4 with the ST-II 😀

  31. word of tanks

  32. Dez please keep that rush b soundtrack as your intro music

  33. Thing is the two tanks have different play styles. is7 is a very aggressive tank while is4 is a defensive tank.. the key to the is4 is to never keep your armor or turret still always be wiggling or moving and try only exposing your hull when you have to. Get behind cover and only expose your side and keep your turret wiggling, aim to take your shot and repeat. Don’t be overly aggressive while playing the is4 and it will give good results

  34. No answer for the question Is7 or Is4? Which is the best?
    But i guess i knew it already. Is7 is now 1 of the best, and is4 was always 1 of the worst heavy X

  35. Hey @DezGamez can you help me with something on world of tanks sandbox server?

  36. IS-7 is better I dint have IS-4 but I have it’s younger brother IS-6 so I think I would be better in is4

  37. Great vid Dez! Great games as well. I had an IS7 but sold it because of the crap gun 🙂 This was a while ago so not sure if they rebuffed the gun or not recently. I mainly play TDs anyway.

  38. Is 7 by far

  39. Hi Dez, love your work buddy!! Would love to see a full review on the object 260 and game play if you can get your hands on a account with that tank as i have got my T55A and would like to see if the 260 is a beast or not. Thanks mate and keep up the great work.

  40. IS-4 Forever. Even if WG never buff him. In reality IS-4 front is 160 not 140. Maybe making 160 be to broken ?

  41. already researched is4

  42. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    *VK 100.01P vs IS-3 please Dez*

  43. i don’t know why but the IS-7 is my highest winning t10 I own at like 73%. Also I don’t have 10 battles in it.. More like 500. It is surprising to even me.

  44. Make the IS-4 glorious again

  45. well explained and thanks

  46. i enjoy ur play style with is-7, its the same kind of play style i handle myself with this russian beast. but ur ammount of dmg in is-4 was epic mate . quick game , nice map awereness as always .

  47. Or just play war thunder and get the t-64

  48. Is7 still too bad amour

  49. “No (papitu?), No penetration, I know”. <3 Dez

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