► IS-M First Details – New Soviet Heavy Tanks – World of Tanks IS-M Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks IS-M, New Tier 8 Soviet Heavy Tank Preview – New Soviet Heavy Tank Line. World of Tanks 430 Version II Gameplay, Epic Battle.

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– https://wot.express
– https://thedailybounce.net/
– https://tanks.gg

I am back with some more news, because while I was on my vacation, WG announce a lot interesting stuff. This time I will briefly show you new Soviet Russian heavy tank branch, with back turreted heavy tanks. Let’s start from tier 8, where we can find “IS-M”. This line is special because of its back turreted tanks, with really armor punchy guns… Sounds Russian enough, I believe. 🙂
Stay tuned for and tier 10 preview video as well – 705 and Object 705A first details coming up soon!

Let’s see!


  1. So what is happening now with obj. 416?

  2. A russian Chrysler K

  3. Dez, thank you for the great info I appreciate it very much. Merry Christmas my friend and take care, Vern ……….the old man!

  4. Lol wg srs going to put backturreted soviet heavy in the game? Its going to be so broken if it reaches the current tier 8 soviet heavy “stantards”.

  5. In the mobile version of WoT (World Of Tanks Blitz ), the IS -M is called the IS-2SH due to the fact it has the look of the IS-2 front and turret

  6. Hey i think its named IS2-m on blitz

  7. Side-scraping in 2018

    Type 5 Heavy: Hold my beer
    E3/E4 HE shells: Hold by beer
    Jagaru HE shells: Hold my beer

  8. Object 430 II is a face hug tank

  9. In my opinion the tank looks pretty OK. (I mean well balanced.) The armor might be good (frontally doesn’t seems too trollish) but only for sidescraping. And since it doesn’t have the gun depression it is going to be a struggle to play it. (You can’t always sidescrape everywhere.) So it definiately won’t be OP. The only thing bothering me: why another Russian heavy… Why not a Polish tank… But whatever. I love new tanks so just keep coming.

  10. Its IS2 H on wotb

  11. Yay we need more russian tanks! Da komrade! More russian stronk tonks!

  12. dez do a bit on the box set teir 3 mtls-1g14 medium tank i believe this tank is the pinnicle of rarest tanks i bet theres more super test kv1 varients rolling around then the mtls-1g14 also being the 1 and only oddity tank that carries an active double barrel autoloader.

  13. This game is getting dumber and dumber… I just sold all my tier X tanks and replaced them with tier IX. At tier X there is only gold spamming, HE / HESH spamming and of course broken BC auto loader clickers in every game. Tier VIII is broken as well due to the MM and the powercreep heavys. Only tier IX is now enjoyable as well as tier IV. All other tiers have become obsolete.

    Also that WG adds even more Russian heavys… who would have thought… -.-*

    WOT meta atm: play russian med or heavy, play big derp TDs or play auto loader meds or clicker… all other tanks… sell them or let them dust in the garage… SO SAD!

  14. Great info Klaus! Now where is Pierre? I hope we hear from him soon cuz everbuddee nose french tanks is beiiist!

  15. Oh damn bigger number = Ra-shia! hahaha

  16. So it’s Chrysler in russia style?

  17. Still anxiously waiting for more news on T-10, feels unlikely for another mini heavy tank branch now that this one has been announced, most people would prefer to keep T-10 in the game so hopefully W.G listens and cancels it.

  18. Wtf that ain’t no is-m that’s an is2-h, we have one in world of tanks blitz, and that looks identical

  19. Just what the game needs !!! More Russian bias !!

  20. Had to immediately stop playing WoT after transfer to central server in US, just can’t play with the lag anymore.

  21. I hope it’s going to be available from the KV3! That would be awesome!

  22. Maybe they will have the KV-13 actually lead somewhere as part of that line.

  23. WG logic, imagine this conversation how they do tanks

    Dimitry, I need money like before
    you mean when we release defender
    da Dimitry same like deffender
    but they knew about deffender its overpower tank and we get F*** from people
    blaaad Dimity dorak its easy take IS-6 change the turret from front to back I saw many people reverse side scraping in IS -3 now no need we have a premium tank ready to do it without taking time, and we don’t have enough time the tank design
    ok, sir, I will do it today and I’m thinking to make a artilary premium tanks its good idea
    good good Dimitry you get a promotion

    that’s how WG thinking really

  24. Meh, whatever for new tanks. How about replacing the maps and adding about ten or fifteen new ones that are bigger and not full of lanes or alleys. I started playing WoT in closed beta, I stopped because I’m fed up with the maps. War thunder and Armored Warfare do it better in the map department.

  25. Goldie Plays everything

    Hey deez the IS-M looks like IS-2H in Blitz

  26. This tank is already in WoT Blitz it’s called the IS-2Sh

  27. keep up the great work dez i love your videos and will always always watch :):)

  28. Wish It would be an Op premium tank

    From: spoiled brat in our area

  29. its nice that they do new thanks but I would like to see less developped countrys having new tech trees like tchekoslovakia or maybe finally polish lines 🙂

  30. Dez can read Cyrillic text?

    Huh. The more you know.

  31. Lovw your videos. Oh yes fuck Wot Blitz and its UN FAIR CHRISTMAS EVENT.

  32. I really hope WG doesn’t remove OBJ 416 with the medium changes

  33. The IS-M is already in world of tanks blitz… it’s called the IS-2sh. It’s pretty good, weak turret though

  34. Looks like that Chrysler sh*t all over again?

  35. Is2 SH on wotb

  36. For all the people wondering, YES!!! The IS-2SH in blitz IS the IS-M!!!

  37. my favourite tier 9 <3 Obj 430 II sadly they going to ruin the whole line 🙁

  38. Classic Russian soviet tank design , shity crap Gun depression

  39. More heavy tanks…..I hate playing heavy tanks so this new line and the new French line it’s just bs

  40. Is the T-10 still gonna be replaced?

  41. There should be an entire seperate national tech tree just dedicated to Russian heavy tanks.

  42. it looks very nice if someday is going to live i deffenetly grindt for it

  43. IS-M is in the wot Blitz IS-2SH

  44. Another great video. Thank you!

  45. What the Russian tree desperately needs … more heavy tanks?!?!?!

  46. The Obj. 705A is the only Russian Heavy I wanny play too. I hope it has the same crew loadout like my IS-6 and Obj. heavy premium..

  47. Do WW2 veteran tankers do sidescraping maneuvers?

  48. Is-2Sh from Blitz

  49. Ou wait, let s buff it suka, kos premium tenks hef to be op

  50. Merry Christmas Dez. You don’t stream much but I’m tossing you your Birthday/Christmas gift from your Twitch link. Let’s hope it still works!

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