► It Feels So Damn Good! – What’s Up? – World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay

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of Tanks FV215b 183 and AMX 13 105 Gameplay Review. Update, News, Plans, Future.

I am finally back from my vacation, that means today’s episode is going to be kind of a recap episode. Let’s talk about my vacation, Christmas events in of Tanks and some other events/topics as well.
I felt good to stay away from PC for 2 weeks, but it feels even better to be back in action!

Let’s GO!

►Music used:
– Ehrling – Tease
– Ehrling – sommar
– Ehrling – Mood
Check out Ehrling from SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling


  1. Should this be a series, update & stuff series? 🙂
    Anyway, it feel so daaaamn good to be back in action… Now I can continue reading comments, non-stop! 😛
    #muchlove #letskeepitbeastmode

  2. i woulda bought you a mutant if i knew you wanted one 🙁 sorry for you dez

  3. Great stuff Dez, you have a real professional quality of videos as always – happy holidays!

  4. Da Dez is back !

  5. Dude!!! Write “DeZmonetized” on those T-shirts and everyone will buy them!!! 🙂

  6. love the shirt design

  7. Wow I made almost exactly the same trip this summer ?

  8. Maybe it doesn’t like your “victory girls”

  9. You were right next to my home country!!

  10. Welcome back Dez, did the 100$ gift box and this was the haul…
    55 days prem.
    31k gold.
    3.8 mil silver
    Lorraine 40T
    A.C. 1
    P.s.. something.
    10 garage slots.
    It was worth it for me.

  11. Dont buy 11x Christmas boxes – most probably the lowest chance for profit… (even not saying about 8tiers)

  12. Welcome back Dez! Glad you enjoyed your break!

  13. Why do pack so much heat dez?
    Dez: man’s not hot

  14. You can buy most tanks on the phone. I bought most of my tanks on my phone lol

  15. got 11 boxes 4k gold 4 days prem and a T28-F30 tank but no type 59 feels bad 🙁

  16. so glad you had a nice vacation! awesome pictures, keep up the great work!

  17. Yes, welcome back Dez!
    Great photos and I am glad it was more than you hoped for. While you were gone I bought the 75 boxes in the NA server for $99.00
    I got $44,000.00 Gold; $2.5 million credits; 3 months of premium time a bunch of decorations to get to level 10 in the decorating scene, so I got my 4 female crew and all the other gifts plus I got the;
    Type 59, Lorraine 40t, and Т26Е5, T28 with F30, AC 1 Sentinel and the PzKpfw B2 and 16 garage slots. Awesome!
    I wish you and your friends and family a very Merry Christmas.

  18. Yay he’s back

  19. omg, I can tell which two of the girls are the dezylicious “victory girls” wearing the newest emblem on variety of hoodies and tee shirt type apparel

  20. Funny how the YouTube demonetizing bot doesn’t strike big official channels like BBC or Wargaming ? it’s almost like they don’t care about the content creators

  21. Dez, I think Loot boxes are worth it if you need gold. As a bonus you get decorations and a chance for tanks. I was happy with my purchase.

  22. What? You went to Singapore and Thailand? I live here in KL Malaysia ??! I wish I can meet you ??

  23. Wha?? At the start of the video… Was that a DokiDoki reference? Would love to see you play that lol

  24. Lucky you getting to go to Singapore. I was going to go there with my class but it was cancelled because of the mountain here :p

  25. Was that a doki doki literature clue reference (your reality ost)

  26. So if I send you an 8.5k damage done and 4.3k damage blocked game in badger would you feature it, because I think it would show how to play the badger to its strengths and how to hide its weaknesses

  27. Dez! you’re amazing guy. super fun, super friendly. Best of the WoT streamers. Keep it up bud.

  28. Dez I stole the Fv215b 183 Statue you had while you were on vacation and It’s a nice statue ??

  29. Gold shells and over 100k gold in the boxes.. and P2W tanks.. and its GAMBLING


  31. Nice. Wellcome back! Now you have full battery for wot ?

  32. Hey Dez, glad to hear you had a good holiday 🙂 Happy Christmas and the very best of luck for the new year. I love your content and always look forward to the next video. You always say dislike if we don’t like the video but I haven’t seen one yet I didn’t fully enjoy. Thanks for being you man and I cant wait to see where you go in the future 🙂

  33. Who the hell buys these *ugly* shirts? No joke…

  34. Get the boxes….u get your money back in gold, credits, premiumtime and premium tanks at least i did 🙂 i got 75 boxes at 60% discount ( i had a 30% special discount )

  35. I know i’m late but
    Great to see you back dez and that chair got some action going on

  36. Hey, Dez. Glad you had a good vacation. Are you a Formula 1 fan? Who is your favorite driver?

  37. I would like to invite you to travel in northern of Thailand.

  38. Well honestly. Im Thai ppl but i never visited south before XD. Anyway .. welcome

  39. Nani Dezgamez came to Singapore?!?! Why not meetups? D:

  40. That brunette though ?

  41. How many more YouTubers must be negatively affected by this bot in order for it to work,function properly?I understand it will take time but this bot flags the most random unecessary crap compared to what really should get flaged!But this is just my opinion,and I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season more so hopefully being able to spend time with those they care about the most 🙂

  42. Boxes were worth it first days…25 chinees Boxes Type+Patriot 😉 10k Gold 15Days of Prem,….

  43. Dude do you even Patron? Fuck YouTube demonitizing demons!

  44. Just watched a commercial for PlayStation VR system. So they are still showing advertising before this video started, it been here for a little over 16 hours ; )

  45. Ehrling is one of the best composer ever *-*

  46. Should have come to malaysia dude 🙂

  47. @Daz
    Dude I don’t usually comment
    And am sorry for that
    But dude u know gamers usually are introverts. Soo ain’t good with expressing them self’s
    But dude
    I watched every video u ever made
    And I keep up with what u do by the clock
    Just coz u are great and freaken nice just mega cool and nice
    Your English is fine AF and YouTube Can F them self’s
    Dude… Daz YOU DA MAN!!!!!

    Keep doing what your doing and we will support you all the way

    And I will personally go back and like every video u made 😉

  48. Omg I lived in Singapore, Why didnt you told us? ;-;

  49. Hey Dez, hope you enjoyed Singapore! Was there any food that you tried out and really liked?

  50. I thought this was going to be an ASMR video with that intro…

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