► IT IS BACK… Nice Memez! – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Object 252U Defender Gameplay . Review. Gameplay Review.

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This not how it works guys… No “You Vote, I Play” episodes for over 2 months! :O
Sorry, I hope it is not too late to say sorry. 😛
Anyway, it is back with quite nice variety of vehicles, so it should be interesting!

Enjoy your weekend and the video!


  1. That misclick in the first battle tho… This is not how to make credits! 😛
    But Beasts, enjoy your weekend! #muchlove

    • test sever v2 NOW

    • Dez, you gotta play the T28 Tier 8 American TD, brudda, and test you skills in the Doom Turtle Jr..

    • About the ELC AMX:
      If you have a tank if this size with a 90mm it is pretty much impossible to have a rotating turret due to the lack of space inside. I think I would have still been able to turn the turret by 360° but the gunner (I think) would have gotten in the way, so I suppose he would have had to halfway leave the tank to rotate the turret, but then he couldnt really use the gun (dunno how that was supposed to work out).
      Well I dont wont to imagine what would happen to such a small vehicle when I would fire a long 90mm sideways anyway. I wouldnt be surprised if the recoil could flip the tank sideways.
      (The crew of Scorpion had to step off the tank in order to fire their 90mm because of the extreme recoil)

    • DezGamez , Nice Defender game, we should rename tank to “Attacker” or “Killer” when you play it, you play Very Good, I liked it ; )

    • DezGamez how about the
      GW tiger (P) with 170mm

  2. SU-18 is fun!

  3. Super Studios Productions

    How did you fix the Westfield bridge?

  4. thanks 😉

  5. The MEME of Pain!

  6. RNG editing in a normal gameplay vid as I like! 🙂 🙂 So continue the good work dez ;);)

    The last month was December or DEZember as it is write in German 😉

  7. Well, if i were you, i would turn back and hit that Cromwell… I cannot say i am patient man ; )

  8. Finally! I’ve been waiting or this fucking episode for two months! Thank you!

  9. Why do we vote for weird tanks? Everyone wants to see what a virtuoso does with a POS that gave us nightmares.

  10. no skill? use p2w ammo

  11. defender is the only tier 8 prem i dont got and i have ben wanting for so long to get one lol also what happened to BZD clan dez???

  12. so funny how hes screaming out 66 DAMAGE DONE xD

  13. I feel like I can smell ur breath

  14. Haha … SU-18… where is the splash? … I was laughing at that one. Its a small pew pew

  15. Dez why did you leave your clan TELL US!!!!!!!!!

  16. People were trying to make you suffer XD I pressed the like button because I feel bad.

  17. Plz remove arty from game, it is not fixable

    • oo7killer1 It is already basically fixed so why remove it? Removing arty wouldnt atract new players, it would be a ridiculously stupid move from wg

  18. By the time the Defender is put back up for sale I will either most likely miss it or die of old age, unless they nerf it, then I will be able to find it. Such is my luck.

  19. Alexander Stoyanov

    “I play with those vehicles alive” – well obviously you can’t play with them if you are dead dez :))

  20. Face revealing

  21. Lol that first elc battle. Exactly the same i had in my ru251 yesterday

  22. Guys, since the series is back, let’s all vote for the TOG II*!

  23. Your Gunner needed more vodka

  24. Dat arty on Cliff…..OMG

  25. He Dez, could you do a video about the now confirmed Italian Tanks and their new Auto-Reloader mechanic?

    Love your channel by the way, keep up the good work!

  26. Plz no intros with sorry lol

  27. Is that a mod for the data readout in the reticle? If so what is it?

  28. You play too defensive in Defender. Artillery is a well deserved counter to this piece of shit premium tank. You reaped what you sowed by being a pussy. Also, fuck this tank.

  29. Defender is so balanced…Kappa

    • it’s not that OP if you are good at this game. compare it to caernvaron, lorraine, skorp g, S! etc.. you are able to get more damage, winrate, kills etc out of them

  30. Radioactive Turtle

    Are you disrespecting the t-34-1

  31. A TEAM. nice to meet you.

  32. T34 needs a buff

  33. I also “accidentally” click the 2 also. Seems to happen more in the T54

  34. youre dumb there is no splash…

  35. dont like elc no more after nerf

  36. Oscar Francisco Torres Scarpellini

    hahaha good video like always Dez, greetings from Paraguay, i love your videos men!!!

  37. When’s the ‘hang man’ experiment 😉

  38. Arty was balanced by the fact that their accuracy was trash their reload sucked their armor sucked their hp sucked their pen sucked compared to fv 215 183 hesh shells 230 pen and now wargaming nerfed the one thing good about arty….. damage per shot

  39. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain

    That Defender miss was beautiful. Dez is best tanker on youtube.

  40. Rng. Russian number generator

  41. Just got the OBJ 430. 3 words- it is SHIT. Shit gun shit speed shit armor shit view range shit soft stats shit accuracy shit everything! Shit matchmaking shit shit shit! P.S. Before you say it’s because I’m bad, 3k wn8 isn’t bad

  42. Rat Patrol !!!

  43. Why did u left ur clan ?

  44. That SU-14-1… That was predictable. ?
    The long reload and long aiming time of SU-14-1… I ALWAYS aim at the trail for the Lighthouse on Cliff. ?
    And I LOVED the SU-18 part. Well done, Dez. ?

  45. Dez i love you but that arty crap, dont do it again 😉 we all know what we think about arty… 😉

  46. Dezgamez u can penetrate the matilda in the elc easily

  47. defender, im definitely gonna get myself one – is-6 just doesnt cut it anymore…

  48. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    SU 18 has no splash.

  49. I love you vidéo

  50. Oğuzhan akova wanted

    Gold noob 😀

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