► IT IS RAINING MONEY! – World of Tanks Tier 8 Premium Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

Mod. 1 (First Prototype) Gameplay . -6 Gameplay Review. -3 Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review.

I have only 22 hours left to liveæ I mean 22 hours premium time left on my WoT account, which pretty much equals the same, sadly, in now-a-days WoT economics. 🙁
So I am going to take the maximum out of it with some premium tank credit grind. I try to hit 15,000,000 credits today, because this is a good number to be at and it gets me closer to my 20,000,000 credit goal.

I hope you Enjoy!

► Music used:
– Galantis – No Money


  1. Working on my car while watching a second daily DezGamez video. Can it get any better than this?

  2. What is that mod you using?

  3. Wait until christmas before spending the money. I expect discounts as always

  4. Match making certainly helped you out there 3/4 games as top tier. Wish I could replicate that.

  5. Make Wot Great again.

  6. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    but i dont see not single shot of your gun on T34-3 that goes to the average 390Hp the best was 380’s…what means “average” to WG?!?!?!? lol

  7. T-34-3 made in China, no Soviet bias installed, no average rolls possible.

    All joking aside, I do like that tank, when the gun decides to behave itself (read: doesn’t derp every shot into the ground, regardless if it’s fully aimed or not). I need to start playing with it more often now that it got the HD model (which looks awesome) and the armor buff that came with it.

  8. hkhgkchgjcgjcfjcyg jhfdkfhjfyjfhmxhf

    Can Someone send me some prem tanks?

  9. The lowest roll belongs to me.. 286 dmg with IS-3, standard ammunition

  10. nem mondom meg barni

    i really like that you only had low damage rolls with t34-3. i fell sorry for you :'(

  11. Dez, you could made much more if you had added some personal reserve things at the same time

  12. who loves the new campaingn soundtrack?????? epic!!!!!!!

  13. I have some premium tanks like T26E4, Patriot or Pilot, but anyone of this is not money beast like Skorpion G .


  15. How did you managed to get mm like that with mod 1??? Sometimes I dont understand it…

  16. Please DEZ please man say to this crazy wg to give some is3 pen to is6 and 112 or I’m going to sell them the most useless tanks.

  17. Dez can you make videos when you buy new tanks like the video of T57 HT?

  18. Multiple Different Aliases

    Anyone else notice all of the top tier tier 8 matches?…

  19. “670 assistance to my assistance” ~ Dez 2k17

  20. Your second shot on the VK was very fast, on the reload to premium rounds, just watching the green bar loading indicator, was a few seconds edited ?

  21. Meanwhile, I need to play a full week to get 1 million credits without premium tanks and premium account… man, this is depressive. 🙁

  22. Angus Donald Smith

    I have two questions
    1)If I had to buy one premium tank (for credits) what should I get?
    2) what is the best value for money premium tank?


  23. Thank you for the quick reply, thinking now , of course it is obvious, plus I watched it a few more times, Dez , love your work 🙂

  24. Angus Donald Smith

    Loved the video, do this with more premium tanks next time. It would be nice to see the post match screen as well just to see the profits

  25. Dez, You crack me up.
    BTW, I watched some old replays of yours, and your English has gotten so much better!

  26. Artillery can platoon with other arty? I thought this was made impossible.

  27. IS 6 and KV 5 need some love from WG

  28. Loving the new Intro :P.

  29. Dez, your premium account is almost in the end, give wg some love 😀

  30. that 110 in the last vid was really competent he realized what you were focus firing and also took part hero of the day

  31. You’re going to extend your premium. Who are you trying to kid? 🙂

  32. how can I get a free IS6? :c

  33. What’s the most any of you made in a day on WoT?

  34. Thanks for this 2º Upload Dez! I always have a great time watching your vids pal! 😀

  35. Still waiting for Super Pershing mobility buff..

  36. What is the name of the mod that shows you angles of all the shells that damaged you when you’re dead?

  37. don’t know how you play tier 8, id rather buy warchest than play that shit

  38. dez I have to ask, do you still enjoy WOT? is it something you want to keep playing or force yourself to? I’ve been playing almost since the beginning, collected over 150 tanks, spent thousands of dollars and hours, even got to unicum WN8 (in recent at least) for a good month or so, and while the game was never perfect, in my mind it’s never been worse than it is now. I *want* to enjoy it but every time I start it, i play 3 or 4 games and then quit in disgust and then don’t touch it for another week. a lot of people have the same opinion at least from the forums and reddit. do you think there’s any salvation for it? I play on the NA server and the fact that they merged the servers speaks volumes. I used to see total players online getting close to 40k, now it’s lucky to hit 20k. i’m genuinely considering selling my acct and never touching a WG product again. it’s becoming more and more clear they had a fluke and have no ability to maintain a healthy and balanced game anymore. they just keep spamming more and more overpowered premiums every month and arbitrarily rebalancing lines that don’t need rebalancing in order to force powergrinds out of people.

  39. 3 marked is6? 3 mark and fv 4202 and we will talk. XD nice video dez (the fv is such a bad tank, still my most played tho)

  40. Thanks for doing this… It’s always humbling to see how many credits you consistently earn. All four games were completed within an hour.

  41. lol,never tier 10 wtf DEz?

  42. Oh look a shitpershing!

  43. Taking out Is6 and not knowing weakspots of T32? lol… says enough about the influence of premium ammo.. :/

    “Let’s take out something old.. T26E4 SuperPershing” T-34-3 is waaaay older XD

  44. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Lol dont you realize the Mod 1 can load more shells

  45. What kind of mod is Dez using?

  46. This 25% RNG is ridiculous in this game. Those low rolls on T 34-1 lol.

  47. Hi,can you tell me how it’s called that dmg mod?or what mods do you use?thank you

  48. U estonian?

  49. Dez i have noticed that you have flag of estonia on some tanks (are you from estonia or do you use that flag for style reasons)

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