► ITALIAN TANKS + New Gun System! – World of Tanks 2018 News

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Source: DezGamez

New Italian Medium Tanks Ó New Auto-Reloader Gun System. MOD. 46, New Tier Italian Premium . World of Tanks 201 Update News.

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► Information:
– WarGaming Europe Dev.
2018 going to be one big year for World of Tanks. World of Tanks 1.0 Update should go live on March 2018 and now Italian tech tree was announced with no Auto-Reloader gun system.
Well this is the name at the moment at least. 😛

►Tanks in action:
– Italy/Italian Progetto M35 Mod.


  1. FIRS… Oh, never mind… #notificationsquadislife
    2018 has more exciting stuff, besides new HD maps… Can’t wait! 🙂
    What do you think?
    Enjoy your weekend, Beasts! #muchlove

    • dez you could have said it reloads a gun after the first shot fired end of conversation I came to that conclusion after I heared autoreloader I guess WG doesnt know that doesnt work like that but whatever plus the italian higher tier tanks if equiped wont have a loader if they put them in game they are idiots.But as they fucked up this game they will fuck up them

    • Dezgames, exactcly like some tanks in armored warfare, who has this autoreload..ex tier 7 prem. makava or something.

    • DezGamez, oh fuck, do you think all italians are from Naples or Sicily? Fuck off

    • Wood1155 Oh ya… Italiano perfecto!!

    • Dez, this mechanic Is already featured in armored warfare!
      Play the stingray and you‘ll see it

  2. Italians tanks were referred to as Mobile Coffins in WW2

  3. FIAT 3000 XD .. insta buy just for the name..

  4. kenneth wiinberg olesen


  5. WWII Italian tanks had 1 forward gear and 6 reverse gear transmissions.

  6. Can you reload magazines in wot? Autoloader mags? If so, is there an unloading time? (I’m a Wot Blitz player. You can reload mags, don’t know if you can on WOT)

  7. Good video. Claus says hi.

  8. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    What if you wanted to load premium round then return to regular round? Will this be like the autoloader ?

  9. Trazor Bitter - Clash of Clans & More

    Mario we have a Italian tank

  10. how to sum up this video ? 2+2 is 4 , minus is 3

  11. Where is ”motovlog dez pls” guy ? :'(

  12. came over from Claus kellermans side,hi to all

  13. Wow Dez, again I heard it first right here, I didnt think there were enought Italian tanks to fill a tech tree, course I know nothing about them, that reload mechanic will be interesting!!

  14. ABout time

  15. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    they never showed them on test server. but i thought we were getting polish tanks. since they usually add the first prem tank before they add the line. with czech tanks and swedish they added the prem right before the line got put in. we never got em then now italian. kind of weird unless like the panzer czech was added way before the line was added. but that was a czech tank in the german line up.

  16. Da best review video Dez!! Everybody knows dat! Claus K. Says Hi!

  17. oh no the pasta has rebelled RUN THE FOODS ARE GONNA MURDER US XD

  18. Lol more bs tanks ! Hey wot give us more maps instead you idiots !

  19. Great video

  20. T49 owners cant wait for that italian prem tank:D

  21. Yet no Polish TT SMH WG SMG

  22. Claus Kellerman let us know about this video and says “Hi”!

    Interesting concept… But does this mean we’re not getting a full Polish tech tree? While some previews seen to show lower tiers if we don’t get a full Polish line what are the chances this becomes another ‘one off’ tank useless as a crew trainer?

    • You should probably watch the video above for more information, but there will be a full medium line from tier 1 to 10 for the Italian tech tree – this video was not solely about the tier 8 premium.

      It is interesting to have the Pudel, but no Polish tech tree announced…

  23. Like cause of family guy meme
    Is it gonna be a pmm tier 8. Cause the base pen is on lots of pmm tier 8 meds
    Seems kinda worse than just a drum magazine.
    For full magazine it could take at least 40 seconds

  24. Thank you Dez, and Claus Kellerman says more than Hi (it’s a shout-out) ?

  25. outo loader

  26. PickelJars ForHillary

    Prosciutto 46


  28. Welp Claus said ‘hi’ ??

  29. Eminem gonna eat spaghetti in auto-re-re-reloading manner

  30. If I’m not wrong, the right name of the loading system is ready rack.
    If N is the number of shells the rack contains, will be loaded in sequence shells, like on a conveyor belt. And you can choose the sequence of shells (irl).
    More you shoot more you spend time to load.

    It is a modern system, i don’t know if it is historically correct / compatible with the Italian tanks, but seems is going to offer an interesting tactic

  31. Thanks for the great work , CLAUS SAYS HI!! Et salute de Quebec.

  32. Anyone that knows a bit about history would know Italian tanks were pure trash in WW2

  33. Super excited about this new tech tree, been waiting for this ever sense the Japanese tech tree came out.

  34. Well now that is indeed a rather new mechanic. This new Spagoot tank seems to at least be interesting.

  35. Claus sent me so it better be good lol

  36. Claus Says Hello

  37. Claus says Vah Fongu!


  39. It’s interesting to see design features of American and German tanks in that tier eight premium.

  40. TheMightyCongueror

    Weren’t Italian tanks the worst designed tanks of WWII? Not really exciting for early tiers.

  41. Dez, easiest comparison is the Merkava V in Armored Warfare. First thing that came too my mind when i saw WG’s vid about this tank

  42. Meanwhile tier 8 prem wz111 pen is way low

  43. Claus Kellerman said you had an excellent video explaining the new line and, as expected, your vid is awesome. Thanks! Looks like something Tier X’s will absolutely FEAST on. If WG ever fixed tier 8 gaming that new premium looks like it would be super fun to play. I do like the idea behind the new reload mechanic. Nice job on that WG!

  44. thank you Dez and Claus Kellerman is high !

  45. Claus says Hi!!!

  46. OMFG this is the loading design I’ve been thinking about!!! I didn’t think there was an auto/manual design with it. The balancing mechanic of the reload speed differences between the varied capacity doesn’t seem to make sense; have these actually existed to help explain why it is the way it is, or are there technical blueprints that explain how it works?

  47. Claus says Hi, mamma mia, penetrazione, carica cazzo..:-)

  48. Thank you dez , klaus kellerman says hello

  49. just call it the Prosciutto m35 🙂

  50. Dez being a bit racist in the start, no biggie…

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