► Italian Tech Tree From Tier 1 To 10 First Look – World of Tanks Italian Tanks

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World of Tanks Full Italian Tech Tree First Look. World of Tanks 1.0 Update News – New Italian Nation Medium Tanks.

I try make your weekend even better with today’s news episode covering new, upcoming Italian medium tanks from tier 1 to 10. I am able to share some first details about tier 1 to 7 vehicles and HD pictures + some background information about top tier tank as well.
New auto-reloader drum gun is going to be available starting from tier 8 and high tier medium tanks go as followed:
Tier 8: P.44 Pantera
Tier 9: Prototipo Standard B
Tier 10: Progetto M40 65

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Mikhail T.K. Reid

    I bet there will be ferrari engines for them

  2. I guess the best one is the tier 9, not only because it looks like a leopard but with current mm tier 9 is the best tier.

  3. Proto-tea-po its the best way to say prototipo, greetings from Argentina.

  4. That tier 7 is all about the HE

  5. I think the tier X looks awesome! I see that front and I thought STRV too! Great video

  6. It somewhat upsets me that wg decided to make the p26 a medium because historically it was a heavy tank not a medium but whatever it’s not the first time the have done this Matilda I’m looking at you

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      TWS HIOMEAP The P.40 and P.43 series were medium tanks only by designation. Their armour and armament match those nearly all ww2 MTs. WG made the correct choice. Without these tanks in the MT branch, we wouldn’t even have a branch to start with… Italy can’t have a full MT and a full HT branch.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz errmmm I said p 26

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      TWS HIOMEAP The tank full name is P.26/40, in case you didn’t know…

  7. I need to comment on how you pronounce model as “mow-del”

  8. Time to grind some meat!

  9. In italian “i” is pronounced like the english “e”. Keep up the good job!

  10. i love the historical pictures keep it up.

  11. That tier 9 reminds me more of Japanese STA-1. And by looking how high the bupper is, its rear gun depression will be +2° XD. Gosh, bad jokes on Italians tanks are going to fly around so hard.

  12. Tier V Medium with 80 mm frontal armor is not bad though

  13. Tier 10 looks dope as hell

  14. Tier 10 looks beast

  15. anotherrandomtexan25

    I wanna get the T10 just because it looks cool!

  16. teir 10 if has any real thickness to that armor is going to bounce a lot

  17. I really LOVE the Design of the Tier 10

  18. The t10 turret looks like a big cookie

  19. Thank you Dez ,

  20. It looks like the tier 9 doesn’t have a fully traversable turret… can ya find out?

    • craw0808 it most likely will be, don’t forget the sta 1, that is its twin if ya look at that ass

    • okigojuryu 1979 man this one got a fatter ass than the sta 1…. it could change….. it just looks like the barrel won’t make it over that ass!!

    • If I remember correctly there is tanks in AW with the best ass gun depresion being +2 degrees( not -2, positive 2) so WoT might do that.

  21. Really, after this WG will struggle to make up any more make believe lines….

  22. Eyup! Pantera means Panther. That tank project is inspired from the german tank

  23. I really love that tier 10 looks tho, its very beautiful

  24. Clarence Sumagang

    How to play 1.0?

  25. Now I see why wot balancing sucks dick.. WG is testing with PREMIUM ammo as well 4Headdddddddd


  26. what is the release date?

  27. you mixed up tier 6 and tier 7 tanks while talking about tier 7 a lot 🙂

  28. I’m sure you know by now but the tier 7 HE pen is incorrect. I just hope that tier 4 one isn’t incorrect, that shit looks fun!

  29. was that 154pen on HE for the tier7 :O

  30. Looking at the Progetto M40… it’s like looking at a big BT-SV

  31. Everything tier 7 and up are fake.

    Tier 9… Is actually German, not Italian at all and its not surprise it resembles the Leopard Prototyp A since it was an alternative design to it (Leopard Prototyp B)

    Tier 10 is based on something apparently, shitty flimsy concept drawing. The gun is clearly a 105mm L7 of which half the mediums in this game carry.

    Tier 8 premium is completely fake, just based off some requirements.

  32. Why WG not made italian Tds?

  33. I think I like the look of the tier. 10. With camouflage it could look more like a modern main battle tank

  34. Yousuf Hasan - YH World

    Not interesting 🙁 There are already better tanks in tech tree

  35. Tier 10 looks like a chimera of various tanks…

  36. hmm, that tier 6 looks like it could have bouncy armour

  37. Tier 10 duck woohooo

  38. Have the tier VII Really more Penetration with HE as with AP?

  39. Can we get a Pantera band skin for the Pantera tank

  40. Clasic t7 medium tank : it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to play

  41. We need more Russian meds

  42. So, no OF-40 for tier10… 🙁

  43. More Leopards….

  44. I personally love the look of the tier 10 but it looks like it might not have the best gun depression

  45. yes it does mean panther

  46. I swear to God if the premium food for these tanks is not Spaghetti and Meatballs…

  47. As italian, hearing you read “Prototipo” made me lmao 😛 (and insta-like)

  48. Wow that tier 10 looks super cool

  49. I think from what I remember the tier 4 was the best tank that Italy actually made in WW2

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