► ITALIAN Top Mediums First Details + No Defender For EU! – World of Tanks 2018 Update News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Italian Medium Tanks, Tier 8, 9, 10 First Early Details – New Auto-Reloader Gun System. World of Tanks 2018 News.

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2018 is going to be one big year World of Tanks. World of Tanks 1.0 should go live on and now Italian tech tree was announced with no Auto-Reloader gun system.
In my previous episode about Italian tanks I introduced this nation and that new gun system, together with first details about tier 8 medium tank “ Mod 46”. This time I have some super early details about Italian nation’s higher tier vehicles, about tier 8, tier 9 and tier 10.
Keep in mind, everything is subject to change, but we are at least able to see what WG is thinking about doing!
And also, kind of a good/bad news about Defender… This is not coming back to EU server, now…



  1. Thanx for the info dezz i cant wait for the next video?

  2. Defender is really shitty…

  3. WG has already said the Defender will be sold in NA for one weekend this month.

  4. Your video’s are like cocaine… A shot everyday and I still can’t get enough

  5. “keep in mind everything is subject to change”

    Yes. As in those tank stats after you grind them.

  6. EU guys will just have to deal with it 😛

  7. 268 pen for a T9 medium? are you kidding me?
    meanwhile in a T-54 or an E-50….

  8. @DezGamez what crosshair mod are you using?

  9. I bought the Defender right after I saw Jingles’s video, and it’s OP, when it doesn’t meet T10 games. Even then I bounced S.Conq. premium ammo, frontally. It’s balans comrade, but needs a bit more armor .

  10. Uploaded a nice gameplay of myself in my T29 Tier 7 American Heavy Tank. 5k dmg, go check it out at the replay site. I hope it’ll be shown here soon.

  11. Dez! What happened to the RNGesus series?

  12. Sad about Defender news

  13. How do I play on another server? Which one should I choose from eu? Want to maybe buy a defender there… xD

  14. Am i the only one who hasn’t understand the new loading sh*t?

  15. Everything is subject to CHAINS 🙂 Classic Dez 🙂

  16. Do you know the “aim time” is the time it takes the aiming circle to shrink by 60%?? So 2.3 sec aiming time would mean about 3 sec ACTUAL aiming time (also depends on the dispersion values of course)

  17. Damn the first battle with the Bat was insane (•-•)

  18. Željko Kovačević

    “We understand that some of you might not agree with this decision, and we will continue to pay particular attention to reading your feedback about this topic. Please continue to share your thoughts about the Defender, we will be listening.”

    Acctually they want us to approve defender so when they see many ” I want it now” posts they will sell it again.

  19. With current gun stats i feel like these italian tanks will be terrible due to the stupid low dpm

  20. I wonder whether we will be able to put a gun rammer on these Italian tanks with their autoloading system since you can’t mount a gun rammer on “traditional” autoloaders.

  21. im defo buying the italian prem tank

  22. what do i think of those new italian vehicles ? it was a nice faddin’s medal 😀

    i’d really consider cut into my food expenses to get that italian premium T8 to have a good crew, so i can get those new amazing scouts on the battlefield at day one (yeah, 390 view range with 65 top speed is a good scouting combo). It all depends on their stats later on (and also if i can get a job in the mean time)

  23. The Italian tanks could have a lot of potential…. If done right.

  24. Tier 9 and 10 remember me skoda TVP and TVP 50/51

  25. Dear Dez, I had trouble listening to your explanation while watching Beastmode action in the background.

  26. Eu is pretty much the best server for what i could see.

  27. Damn, I’m late

  28. CasuallyPlayingGames

    Can’t wait to see and play Italian tanks because of the new mechanics and I’ve mainly played heavy armour tanks so light armour fast ones with new mechanics is cool. Like I’m not that good but I like to make videos and stuff as well just struggled to get enough tanks for it but got a m4 rev now for credits and think 1.0 and upcoming changes seem good. Hope Italian tanks aren’t like the new Russians though and just break the game. Keep up the great work on getting the news and presenting in these videos, they’re really engaging to watch .

  29. TVP at tier 10 is my current favorite…looks like that has a possibility of changing

  30. i think you switced the shell reload time, first shell needs 8 sec 2. 10nd then the thrd 12

  31. Tier 8 reload is to long. 8 second minimum for 240 alpha 6 seconds is almost the worst

  32. Wargaming keeps pushing armor so they can make people shoot more premium. Pen arms race against armor

  33. I think 3 shells is not enough because it has long reload time and if you fire it will need more time to reload,for tier 8 you have 720 damage and After that wait 30 seconds..

  34. Honestly I’m scared of these Italian medium tanks, because done improperly they can have far too much potential. Especially with that pretty meaty alpha for a medium. Thankfully they have already put a balancing measure in, as in the reload resetting if interrupted. If that wasn’t the case they would already be over powered to hell. I hope they go about it correctly.

  35. Im so happy i did the right thing and deleted this game. Every patch bigger bullcrap .

  36. The dpm of the tier 8 tank is quite different depending on how you play it. If you fire each shell by it self like a normal tank, it will have 1800 dpm. If you fire the gun like an autoloader, you are doing 720 damage in 5 seconds, and only have about 1235 dpm. the reason i guess for the low single shot dpm is the ability to use the autoloader like capacity of the gun, therefore it being more a more flexible tank. the same idea will apply to the others i guess

  37. I wish LATAM server had the players of US server =/
    Started to play LATAM because of the ping, but I’m realizing i better play with 180 ms instead of horrible players. Less of a pain.

  38. TheFunnyPart Gaming

    The flag you have in the thumbnail i the Irish flag

  39. What mods you use (not garage mods only effect in battle)

  40. If defenders armor becomes average im going to quit playing

  41. Best Dez 🙂

  42. awesome batchat game in the background!

  43. I did some research on the first tiers for ya. I looked at the developers developing the tank on the video and took a few screenshots from a few different perspectives.
    Tier I: Fiat 4000
    Tier II: Fiat Ansaldo L6/40
    Tier III: Carro Armato M13/40 OR M15/42
    Tier IV: Potentially a Carro Armato P26/40
    Tier V: The successor of the P26 is the P43 which the developers showed one with a similar turret.
    I’m just guessing the tiers but I did do some investigative work on the tanks

  44. If they’re thinking about bringing the defender back when it would be considered “average” i just shuddered at thinking how much more fucked up Tier 8 would be at that point. There would have to be some serious balance changes on most tech trees.

  45. When a tier 9 tanks completely clips and kills tier 8s.

  46. what a useless tree … every type 4 and british TD one shot you… in my opinion, wargaming did so many wrong in the last year

  47. Reload times are the other way around, first shell loads in the least amount of time

  48. Great news

  49. I can not believe you did not try to find pictures that are written in English and not in a fucking Russian

  50. Thanks Dez. I know others say it as well but again thanks for all the effort you put in to make these videos and keep us up to date on the game and it’s changes. It does kinda chap my ass that yet another new tier 9 med will have 268mm of pen while the Patton is still stuck with 218mm and the E50 gets 220mm.

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